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Cream Ganoblade
Japanese クリーム・ガノブレード
Romanization kurīmu ganoburēdo
Race Human
Age / Birth 23 / GI0999
26 / GI0996 (Kichikuou Rance)
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 170cm / 53kg
Status Alive
Class Tactician
World The Continent
Affiliation Helman
Level limit 23
Skill levels Strategy Lv1 (?), Computing Lv1 (?), Confectionary Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance IX, Rance X


Cream Ganoblade was the Second in Command of the Helman 4th Army, right under the command of the General Nero Chapet VII. She views her boss as an incompetent, simpleminded and useless fool (and she's not wrong), but she's always discredited by him, who looks down on her for being a woman. Cream is not a strong fighter at all, and due to how prevalent sexism towards women is in Helman(especially in the military) she's gone through a lot of hardships in her military career.

Men tend to look down on her and treat her very poorly for her gender and her lack of combat ability, but she makes up for it by being one of the country's greatest tacticians. She can come up with quick and efficient tactics in the middle of the battlefield, she's resourceful and very skilled at the art of war, but these are talents that she can't show to her best due to her boss, who constantly ignores her plans or recommendations. She's greatly annoyed and irritated by the way she's treated, but she's still loyal to her country. It is her greatest wish to prove that a woman can contribute to the country's military strength just as much as men can, using her gifted intellect to change the outcomes of war. 

During Rance IX, she appeared at first as an enemy belonging to the Helman 4th Army, but when the Army fell, she joined the Revolutionary Army as the Second Flag Leader, aiding in the revolution to take down Stessel from the Government and turn Patton into the new Emperor. When the Revolution ended, she was given the position of Supreme Commander of the Military.

While her role is unknown, she is confirmed to appear in Rance X.

Personality and Appearance

Cream in Rance IX.

Cream is quite an attractive woman, boasting a long blonde hair and a pretty well developed body. She wears glasses and has deep blue eyes.

Personality-wise, Cream is a very smart and calmed person. She is very proud of her skills and is extremely irritated for not being able to show the extent of her skills. She usually formulates complex and eloquent tactics that are just tossed aside by her boss, who deems them as worthless. While there are many that aknowledge her skills in Helman, this is not the case in the 4th Army where she's forced to operate. She likes war, since it gives her the chance to test her skills at her best and she feels the greatest satisfaction from seeing one of her strategies take effect and work properly. While she gets very mad from being underestimated and looked down, she has an amazing patience and self-control that are truly remarkable. When not in the battlefield, she's a polite and pretty nice woman, at least to those she likes, although she usually comes off as pretty grumpy within the 4th Army.

She hates men that act sexist towards her, but not men in general. After meeting Sanada Tourin, she holds a deep respect for the fellow tactician, who she considers an ideal tactician and a true master. She trusts completely in Patton and wants him to become to emperor to change Helman for the better. She also gets along pretty well with Hubert of the Patton Faction and they both work together rather well. She is also on good terms with Bodu, whom she convinced to join the army. He eventually developed feelings for her and she blushed when he confessed his feelings for her, hinting she might return those feelings as well. 


Like stated earlier, Cream's fighting ability is nothing worth nothing. She's seen carrying a sword and, has some level of aptitude with it, but she's weaker than almost every other Helman soldier.

Cream is a valuable ally thanks to her tactical skill.

Her greatest talent relies on her tactical ability. Boasting a Strategy Lv1 skill and an outstanding intellect, Cream is one of the best tacticians of the current era. Her ability to come up with plans and use the environment to her advantage is superb, and she has amazing management skills to make the best of resources and lead an army like in a chessboard. The only tactician in Helman greater than she is was probably Lelyukov Berkov, due to his much larger experience in the battlefield. 

After the Helman Revolution ended, her skills were recognized as good enough to be granted the position of the Chief of Staff of the Helman army.


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  • In the Rance IX popularity poll, she was ranked 6th.
  • She is, most likely, the smartest woman in Helman.
  • She has some similarities with Amitos Armitage. Both are female commanders of the Helman Army that had a very hostile standce towards their superior, joined the Helman Revolutionary Army during the events of Rance IX, and got higher ranks after the Revolution due to their devotion and competency.