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Japanese クレイン
Romanization kurein
Race Human
Age / Birth 22 / GI1000
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 164cm / ??kg
Status Alive
Class Spy
World The Continent
Affiliation Rance Castle
Level limit 38
Skill levels Espionage Lv2 (?), Thief Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance Quest, Rance X



Crane is a woman famous all over the world for knowing too much, earning the nickname of the "Eavesdropping Witch".

A terrifying spy, she knows all sorts of secrets from countless people, including head of states, bussinessmen, and various important people all around, which results in her receiving a bounty as high as 1,000,000 GOLD if captured alive, or 200,000 if captured dead. Due to this she's always being chased by those that want to kill her before she reveals their secrets, or simply adventurers and mercenaries that want to earn the striking reward. Her fame stretches all over the land and she's chased in every kingdom, be it Leazas, Zeth, Helman and even the Free Cities Alliance

During the events of Rance Quest, Rance heard about her from Keith and he coincidentally runs across her when doing a different quest, where he finds her caught by a trapping device unable to move. Naturally, since she's an attractive woman, Rance disarms the trap and frees Crane immediately, asking her why she spies so many people and steals their secrets if it brings her so much danger. She claims that she's not the one that searches for secrets, but the other way around. She has a strange "ability", wherever she is, there's always someone nearby who will spill secrets of others, even if she doesn't want to hear them. After the short conversation with Rance, she's forced to run away using her invisibility suit after they were attacked by pursuers going after her head.

Crane immobilized by a trap.

On that night, Crane visits a sleeping Rance on his room to thank him for saving her from the trap, as she's never found anyone that shows her compassion like that, but she is interrupted by Kanami Kentou, who's close to Rance as his bodyguard, and attacks her because she knows national secrets of Leazas as well. Rance wakes up on the spot just in time to stop Kanami, ordering her to tell Lia to remove Crane's bounty and forcing Kanami to leave the room, who reluctantly accepts. While his intention was to have sex with her, due to the Morurun Curse that was placed upon Rance at that time, they were unable to have sex and he's satisfied with just examining her body for the time being. Crane asks Rance if he's not scared that she would reveal his secrets, but he claims that he has nothing to hide and that he's not scared at all, which makes Crane really happy as she leaves the room. The two meet again in an abandoned castle where Crane was almost captured by Lia's troops, which led him to intervene and kicks them out. He realizes that she's going to be in constant danger and would be terrible if she was captured, so he convinces her to stay with him under his protection, claiming that he's the strongest and coolest in the world, claim that manages to convince Crane to trust in him and join his party, seeing that he already selflessly saved her twice.

After joining him, Rance is able to use Crane's ability to find out many secrets, like spying the Kalars to find a way to safely infiltrate on their village in order to contact Queen Pastel, and assists him in many of his quests. At some point when she hits Level 35, Rance is able to finally have sex with her where it is revealed that she lost her virginity after she was captured by an organization some time ago, though she's still vastly inexperienced in the bed, as it is only her second time. Once the Rance Castle is finished, she starts residing on it under Rance's protection, where she still remains at present.

Personality and Appearance


Crane is an incredibly attractive woman, boasting a long pure white hair and a serene disposition at all times. She has a very developed body that is furtherly remarked due to the Invisibility Suit she wears for the sake of survival, which is very tight and greatly showcases her voluptuous figure. The suit is mostly gray with some white parts and red glowing orbs on key locations, and is just slightly transparent as well.

Due to being constantly chased for many years by countless pursuers, Crane is a persecuted person that hardly trusts people and is very cautious at all times. She's incredibly composed and serene, as even when she was captured by the trapping device, she didn't show any external sign of panic or anxiety whatsoever, despite being well aware of her fate if she were to be captured. She's a very calm person that acts with foresight and discretion, with a collected exterior that rarely shows emotion. She's extremely grateful to those that help her, which is a very rare occurence, and would always do whatever they desire to pay back her debt. Upon meeting Rance, she was glad of finding someone that wouldn't be scared of her nature and was willing to trust in his promise that he would protect her, doing everything in her power by using her "ability" to assist him with anything he needs.


Wherever she is, Crane naturally hears other people's secrets.

Crane is a woman famous in the underworld thanks to the strange "ability" she possesses. Wherever she is, there's always someone nearby spilling their secrets. It doesn't matter what the situation is, how, or why, secrets just naturally gravitate towards her and she has no control over this power. This rare abnormality comes from her extremely rare Espionage Lv2 Skill Level, which naturally makes her an outstanding and genius spy which influences of her to the point she's able to spy others even without desiring to do so. Due to this ability, Crane is highly knowledgeable of many secrets from important people all around The Continent, and she can be used with unbelievably good results for gathering information.

Since she's been chased after for many years, Crane has developed a great skill and instinct for escaping and hiding, as she's been able to outwit many pursuers for years and she was only caught once, where she was still able to successfully run away after being raped. She's a master infiltrator and an extraordinarily capable secret agent thanks to her spying skills, and also carries a Thief Lv1 skill that allows her to rob others while remaining undetected. A lot of her merit for surviving for so long, however, goes to the special suit she wears, which she stole from a research institute of futuristic devices long ago. This equipment has the unique property of granting its user with invisibility, furtherly empowering her stealthing abilities and allowing her to escape from countless scenarios. She's never seen without this suit, as it is what has allowed her to survive for so many years.

Crane's weapon.

In battle, Crane is pretty unimpressive as she's mostly relied on escaping for most of her life. She's able to fend herself from weak enemies, but due to not engaging in battle often, she was only level 15 prior to meeting Rance, and her suit is not an armor designed for combat so it grants little protection against enemies attacks. When adventuring, most of her abilities are focused on dodging battles by lowering encounter rate and escaping from combat, though she's also highly capable at disarming and evading traps. If forced to engage in combat, she fights by using a gun with a boxing glove at the tip, a rare weapon that only Crane possesses. While not particularly powerful, its strength allows her to briefly stun her opponents when used correctly, granting her with an opportunity to run away. Her most notorious ability in battle is granted by her impressive stealth, which allows her to assassinate her targets on the spot. However, the efficiency of this skill is greatly reduced by Crane's lack of natural fighting skills, which leads her to require a longer and more careful time to employ it.


  • Crane is merely a pseudonym and not her real name, which remains unknown.
  • She's the only individual known to have an Espionage Lv2 skill.
  • Interestingly, JAPAN is the only country where she isn't wanted.