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Gahahahaha! Quite courageous of you to stand against me! You have earned my praise!

—Cordoba Burn, boisterous in the heat of battle.

Cordoba Burn
Japanese コルドバ・バーン
Romanization korudoba bān
Race Human
Age / Birth 38 / GI0984
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 206cm / 188kg
Status Alive
Class Knight
World The Continent
Affiliation Leazas, Leazas Blue Corps
Level limit 44
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Hammer Combat Lv1 (?), Leadership Lv1 (?), Guard Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance 01, Rance III, Rance 03, Sengoku Rance


Cordoba Burn is the General of the Leazas Blue Corps. He is known as "The Blue Wall of Leazas" due to his exceptional defensive abilities.

As the leader of the Blue Corps, Cordoba is charged with maintaining national security, and regularly patrols across the country in order to keep the peace. During one of these routine patrols, he encountered a young girl named Fururu, whose family was being harassed by debt collectors. Cordoba intervened and personally payed off the collectors, earning the admiration of Fururu and her family. Cordoba quickly became smitten with Fururu and the two were married soon after.

Cordoba was briefly mentioned during the events of Rance 01 while Rance was investigating the bar of Bobza Flanders. While searching the bar, Rance found a large shelf covered in bottles of alcohol that had been privately reserved for Cordoba's use.

During the 7th Helman-Leazas War, Cordoba, along with the majority of the Leazas Army, was put under mind control by the Apostle Sapphire. This caused him to turn against his own country and fight alongside the Helman army. Following Sapphire's defeat at the hands of Rance, Cordoba regained control over his own mind and immediately joined the Leazas Liberation Army. While serving in the Liberation Army, Cordoba expressed a desire to work alongside Rance as thanks for freeing him and his men, and made several attempts at meeting him, but was refused each time due to Rance's disinterest in meeting a man. Following this, he assisted his colleague Ex Banquet in retaking the Leazas Capital.

Cordoba is very briefly mentioned in Sengoku Rance by Leila Grecni, who tells Rance that Lia Parapara Leazas intended to send him alongside the rest of the Leazas Army to aid Rance in his conquest of JAPAN until Maris Amaryllis managed to persuade her to only send Leila.

Cordoba makes his most prominent appearance in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance, where he loyally serves Rance as a general after he becomes the King of Leazas. While Ex Banquet makes an attempt at recruiting him into his rebellion, he refuses out of loyalty to the royal family. Even though Rance is largely indifferent to Cordoba, he takes special interest in him after learning of his wife's beauty. Should Cordoba fall in battle, Rance will attend his funeral and steal Fururu's virginity by lying to her that it was Cordoba's dying wish for her to know the pleasures of sex.

Personality and Appearance[]

Cordoba is a fiery, passionate man.

Cordoba is unusually tall for a Leazas-born man, standing at a towering 206 cm, making him even taller than the average Helmanian male. In addition to his great height, he possesses a broad and muscular figure, giving him a very imposing presence. He has dark pink-colored hair kept in a short cropped style and large, bushy eyebrows. His clothing consists of a sleeveless variation of the standard Blue Corps armor that includes a chin guard and a small cape. To match his passionate personality, he generally makes intense and fiery expressions.

A very hotblooded man, Cordoba handles his duties as general of the Blue Corps with extreme vigor and dedication. He is incredibly vigilant, and patrols the countryside when off duty to ensure that Leazas remains peaceful even when he isn't working. Despite this, he is also known for possessing a jovial and fun-loving attitude and enjoys having a good time whenever he can. He is a regular at Bobza Flanders' tavern, where he holds the record for the most alcohol consumed in a single sitting.

Along with being a dedicated soldier, Cordoba is also a devoted husband. He is deeply in love with his wife Fururu and will take any opportunity he can to declare his love for her. He is very respectful towards Fururu, and honored her wish to not sleep together until she turned 20. Despite the considerable age difference between the two of them, few people question the honesty of their relationship, with most describing them as the perfect couple. Cordoba thinks of Fururu at all times, with even his dying words asking for her forgiveness.

Because of his dutiful-yet-friendly demeanor, Cordoba is very well-respected by both his colleagues and subordinates, earning high praise from both Leila Grecni and Maris Amaryllis. During his funeral in Kichikuou Rance, all of the Leazas Army expresses deep regret at his passing, further showing their admiration of him.


Cordoba is a sturdy, formidable fighter and a talented leader.

As the general of the Leazas Blue Corps, Cordoba is a very strong and versatile soldier. While his talents are frequently overlooked when compared to his more famous colleagues, he is nonetheless one of the most important members of the Leazas military and has the skills to prove it.

Cordoba possesses a high Level Cap of 44, the second highest of the Leazas generals after Rick Addison, giving him excellent combat potential. His large size gives him fantastic defensive capabilities, allowing him to sustain massive amounts of damage while still standing, making him a highly effective guard. Cordoba's physical sturdiness and skill at defending his allies are regarded as some of the best on The Continent, and are what earned him both his position as the General of the Blue Corps and his nickname of "The Blue Wall of Leazas".

Along with his defensive capabilities, Cordoba is also skilled with a large variety of weapons, including swords, axes and hammers. While his swordsmanship pales in comparison to the likes of Rick Addison and Leila Grecni, his massive build grants him excellent physical strength, allowing for him to make up for what he lacks in skill with sheer muscle.

Besides his physical skills, Cordoba is also a talented field commander who is capable of effectively leading the entirety of the Blue Corps, the second largest military unit in Leazas after the Black Corps. Though his leadership skills are greatly overshadowed by those of Barres Province, his ability to lead a unit of 1000 soldiers at once is vital to efficiently utilizing the Blue Corps.

A lesser-known talent of Cordoba's is his skill at playing the harmonica. He knows how to play over 500 songs and enjoys playing whenever he can, preferably with his wife accompanying him on piano. While he is recognized as highly skilled by those who have heard his harmonica playing, his love for the instrument often causes him to play through all of the songs in his repertoire without stopping whenever he begins playing it, making it more obnoxious than impressive.


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  • Cordoba is the tallest known character from Leazas by a very wide margin.
  • Cordoba has made the fewest appearances of any Leazas General and is the last to physically appear in canon.