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Colmic Parpa
Japanese コルミック・パーパ
Romanization korumikku pāpa
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Manager
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth, Free Cities Alliance
Level limit 12
Skill levels Management Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Rance VI


Kormick posing in the beauty magazine.

Colmic Parpa is a woman that lives in the Kingdom of Zeth that works in the administrative affairs of a Bank. She comes from Red in Free Cities Alliance. Despite the poor treatment of non-mages within the Magic Kingdom, she's immensely popular due to her absolutely stunning ability as a manager, being extremely proficient at office work and bureaucratic business. Combined with her remarkable beauty and her mature and adult appeal, she's a very beloved individual that many men long for. Despite this, she's still single and the number of people desperate to win her heart is certainly not low. In appearance, she boasts long black hair with a formal office suit. She was recognized for her high appeal enough to pose in the Zeth Beauty Magazine, which boosted her popularity even further. She was born in GI0994, making her 27 years old by the year LP0006, and the magazine further details about her. She's 168 cm tall, weights 53 kg, and her three measures are B88-W60-H86. Her prefered type of man is guys who never give up.