Claude Montgomery
Japanese クルード・モントゴメリー
Romanization Kurūdo Montogomerī
Race Human
Sex Male
World Daiteikoku
Affiliation The Empire of Aeris

Claude Montgomery is one of the Knight Generals serving The Empire of Aeris. Montgomery has a great deal of experience in Africa, and it's neighboring Star Systems. Montgomery is also very close with The Empire of Aeris' retired leader, Eliza Britain. After The Empire of Aeris enters war and is required to defend it's colonies, Montgomery volunteers for the task, due to his experience.


Recruitment: Capture Eliza in Suez. After that he will be stationed in North Africa. Occupy North Africa to capture him. Talk to him twice during the event phase. Not recruit-able unless you get Eliza Britain in Suez.

Command Point: 450

Skill: None inherently.

Skill: 妨害 "Interference": Comes from his flagship, -300 damage taken from missile attacks.

All stats +20% Fixed Slot for flagship "Knight Ship Orc"
All attack +20%
  • Growth Rate +2%


  • Claude Montgomery is very likely based on Bernard Montgomery, a British Military commander famed for his success in Africa against German and Italian forces in World War II.
  • If events featuring Parupuna Gekleurde have begun to appear, Claude Montgomery will speak to her. Gekleurde has the ability to control space monsters, and Montgomery will enlist her to control one for The Empire of Aeris. (This occurred for me when The Empire of Aeris had taken control of one of my Star Systems. The Star System that was taken from me was currently under attack by Eazauna, though I am unsure whether or not this affected the situation directly - it attacked me while under The Empire of Aeris' control the turn following). Shortly after the attack from Eazauna, Montgomery stopped appearing in the game.
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