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Who's Chochoman?
A civilian, but one with plenty of experience with government and economics.
Weird name, but is she cute?
He's a 57-year-old man.
....Don't care then.

Rance and Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi discussing Chochoman.

Chochoman Public
Japanese チョチョマン・パブリ
Romanization Chochoman paburi
Race Human
Age / Birth 57 / GI0964
59 / GI0962 (Rance VI)
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 138cm / 25kg
Status Alive
Class Civilian
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 13+
Skill levels Government Lv1 (?), Calligraphy Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Rance X
Mentioned in Rance VI


Chochoman Public is one of the two non-magic using members of the Four Lords of Zeth who were appointed shortly after the reactivation of the Maginot Line following the collapse of Zeth, along with Urza Pranaice.

Prior to becoming one of the Four Lords, Chochoman acted as a leadership figure amongst the second class citizens of Zeth, utilizing his talents for administration and public affairs to create a more stable society for them. As the actual government of Zeth was generally neglectful and at times outright abusive towards non-magic users, it was through Chochoman's guidance, alongside the community service efforts of organizations such as the AL Church and Ice Flame, that the second class areas of the nation managed to avoid falling into total destitution. He was a close friend and colleague of Urza Pranaice, the leader of Ice Flame, and supported and assisted the group with arranging most of its major operations.

During the invasion of the Monster forces led by the Dark Lord Camilla in the year LP0004, Chochoman assisted in leading the large scale evacuation of the country. Following the evacuation, he played a major role in providing supplies and shelter to the evacuees, and quickly became one of the most important people within the remnants of Zeth. His help during this dark period did not go unnoticed, as King Ragnarokarc Super Gandhi went on to appoint him as one of the Four Lords of Zeth after the eradication of the monster army, taking the place of Nagi su Ragarl. Chochoman is briefly mentioned by Gandhi during the events of Rance VI in a conversation with the warrior Rance, where he informs him of Urza and Chochoman's status as the newest members of the Four Lords following the monster army's defeat. Having never met Chochoman before, Rance assumes that he is a woman and asks Gandhi whether he is cute or not, only to lose all interest in talking about him after learning his true gender.

Chochoman's skill as an administrator has since proven to be vital to rebuilding the fallen nation, as while it is still at a fraction of its previous power, it has recovered substantially in a very short period of time thanks to his guidance.

Personality and Appearance[]

Chochoman is an extremely small elderly man with a plump body, a round nose and small, beady eyes. He has three large white tufts of hair across his scalp along with a matching large white mustache. His clothing consists of a green sweater vest along with an ornate red robe with purple and gold lining. Strangely, he wears a large cross-shaped bandage across his stomach.

Chochoman seems to be a man who cares deeply for the people, as he spent the majority of his life attempting to provide as much stability and comfort as he possibly could to the impoverished areas of Zeth. He is deeply respected and trusted by both Urza Pranaice and King Gandhi, who relied on his abilities to push Zeth back from the near complete annihilation it suffered at the hands of the monster hoards. Chochoman also seems to be extremely generous, as he is willing to take on the exhausting workloads of both Urza and Chizuko Yamada at the same time in order to allow them time off from work.


Chochoman is revered by his colleagues as an excellent administrator who possesses an innate talent for managing large groups of people. His assistance in organizing the large scale evacuation of Zeth showcases that he is highly capable of organizing complex initiatives in a very short amount of time, which is further proven by the amazing results produced in just a few years by his efforts to help his nation return from complete ruin. Chochoman's administrative skills are so outstanding that he is able to cover the duties of both of Chizuko and Urza while continuing to perform his own without a problem. This is especially impressive, as while Chizuko is heavily reliant on her mastery of information magic in order to properly monitor the country, Chochoman is able to do the same without any magic power at all.


  • Chochoman shares his design with the character of Old Man Item from the Alicesoft game Persiom.
  • Chochoman's last name is likely a reference to both his talent for leading and assisting the public, as well as his complete and total devotion to improving the circumstances of it.
  • Chochoman is currently the only male member of the Four Lords of Zeth, as well as the only known male to ever be a part of the group, and one of its two first non-magic users, partly as a bid to change the old mentalities of the country.