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Japanese チェロキー
Romanization cherokī
Level God Cherokee
Race Gods
Sex Female
Class Level God
World The Continent
Affiliation Gods, Patton Misnarge
Appeared in Nise Naguri Makuri Tower


Cherokee is the personal Level God of Patton Misnarge.

She is a surly woman who acts in a lackadaisical and unfeminine fashion. She dislikes doing her job and instead prefers drinking and playing video games.

She initially enjoyed working as the Level God for Patton, as his selfish reliance on others to do his work for him resulted in him barely gaining any experience of his own and allowed her to rarely have to do her job. Following Patton's vow to become a better man that resulted in him continuously vigorously training himself, she has become annoyed with the large amount of work she has had to do. Because of this, she is very dismissive of Patton and attempts to convince him to return to his old ways whenever he summons her. While this poor and unsupportive treatment of her summoner would normally make her lose her job, Patton is instead motivated even more by her constant reminders of the kind of person he used to be and works even harder as a result.

As Patton's preferred type of woman is a rowdy tomboy, he takes Cherokee's acidic and sarcastic personality in stride and isn't bothered by her behavior.