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Chenezale do Ragarl
Japanese チェネザリ・ド・ラガール
Romanization chenezari do ragāru
Race Human
Sex Male
Class Wizard
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth
Level limit 50
Skill levels Magic Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI


Chenezale do Ragarl was a powerful mage that lived in the magic kingdom of Zeth as the father of one of the Four Lords, Nagi su Ragarl. Originally a noble man, he went crazy from his rivalry with Souzou MasouShizuka's father, and his unrequited love for her mother. He's the man Shizuka wants to kill the most out of vengeance over her father's death.

He's a deplorable man with no sense of morality and that has long since been lost to insanity, yet he still remains a very powerful and talented mage. As the father of one of the Four Lords of Zeth, he held a tremendous political power prior to an incident with his daughter.

Personal History[]

Chenezale was Born in the year GI0967.

In GI0995, the great magician Mysteria Tou opened the Mysteria Magic School and starts training 10 individuals in the magic arts, including secret types of forbidden magic. 

Among these group, there's Souzou Masou, a woman called Athmaze, Ragishss Cryhausen, and Chenezale. Souzou and Chenezale were the most powerful and talented of the group and had a very fierce yet still friendly rivalry. None of the two was able to defeat the other and all their matches ended in draws. Over the years, Chenezale fell in love with Athmaze, however, a romantic relationship flowers between Athmaze and Souzou. They got married in GI0998, but Chenezale goes crazy with jealousy and begins an abnormal stalking behaviour. Worried over the situation, Souzou leaves the school and flees with Athmaze.

The following year GI0999, the year when Shizuka Masou was born between the couple, Chenezale finds them living in a remote village. He secretly contacts Souzou and challenges him to a duel for Athmaze, who reluctantly accepts and leaves to the location of the duel. However, Chenezale quickly killed Souzou in a surprise attack without giving him the chance to fight back. An oblivious Athmaze leaves worried to searchs for her missing husband, only to find Chenezale next to Souzou's dead body. Chenezale claims victory over his rival and forces Athmaze into submission, raping her right next to Souzou's corpse, and taking her with him right after. Shizuka, who was a newborn, is left alone in the house and taken in by the village's orphanage.

The following year in GI1000, Athmaze, who had been consequently raped by Chenezale countless times, gives to birth to Nagi Su Ragarl. At some point a few years later, an insane Athmaze can't take it anymore and takes her own life. This comes off as a tremendous tragedy for Chenezale who loved her immensely within his insanity and was incapable of realising how bad he was doing to her.

Ten years later in GI1010, Chenezale drops by in the village where he murdered Souzou having a feeling of emptiness without the man who once was his greatest rival. During his visit he finds out about Shizuka's birth. He's hysterically happy over the fact that Souzou's bloodline still lives, but also enraged and jealous of the fact that Athmaze gave birth to someone else as well. In an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, Chenezale attempts to find and kill Shizuka in a proper duel between her and his own daughter Nagi, showing that the child born from the union between himself and Athmaze is a more skilled mage that Souzou's daughter. Also, if he managed to make Nagi a more powerful mage, he would be able to finally prove his superiority over Masou, that could never really prove due to the surprise attack he employed. From that point onwards, he starts training heavily and intensely his daughter Nagi to become the strongest mage. He inscribes various magic catalyst symbols in her body, trains her constantly to improve her abilities, strengthen her magic power with drugs and other magic items, and even rapes her to imbued her with his own magic by using the symbols engraved in her body, which absorb magic power through the sexual intercourse.

When they start living in the magic kingdom of Zeth, Nagi easily passed the test to become a first-class citizen with flying colors. In the year GI1015 Nagi, who's studying at an academy in Zeth, is noticed by one of her teachers, who realizes she's going through heavy abuse and managed to found out about her strengthening processes, but disappears mysteriously immediately after without being able to tell anyone. It is implied that Chenezale either sent someone to kill him, or did it himself. 

Over time, Chenezale continues training and empowering his daughter as if possessed, getting completely obsessed with the idea of killing Masou's daughter. However, the cost for the materials and drugs are so high that he goes into huge debts and starts living in poverty. To make a living, he forces Nagi to become a prostitute. He's proud of coming up with this idea, since he can make money while using mages to improve her magic power from the sexual intercourse.

The following year, he makes Nagi participate in a test to fill an empty position of the Four Lords of Zeth and passes with an overwhelming display of power. Due to her new political position she begins to obtain high incomes and stops selling herself, but Chenezale thinks it's a good method to strengthen her so occasionally brings a powerful mage for it. 

Later on in LP0002, Nagi forms a stretch friendship with an assistant of the Four Lords and the two even fall in love with each other. The man's been helping her and worried about her and the two decide to escape so that Nagi can be free. However, Chenezale found out about this and quickly casts a spell on the assistant to manipulate him and force him to attack Nagi, who ends up killing him as a result. Feeling betrayed, she decides to only trust her father from that point on. 

In LP0003, Chenezale finds out about someone called Masou in the Helman Empire and, excited that the time has finally come, travels with Nagi and makes Nagi duel the unwilling opponent, killing her as a result. However, he later realized that this was an unrelated individual named Masou Kanako.

The following year LP0004, Chenezale manages to get hold of a picture of the daughter of his rival Masou, Shizuka Masou. In one glimpse, he notices the stunning resemblance she holds with Athmaze. He comes to the conclusion that he's incapable of hurting someone who's looks are so similar to his beloved Athmaze, and decides to give up on revenge and adopt her instead, ordering Nagi to never hurt her in any way. Refusing to lose her only purpose of existence and what has driven her so many years, she's incapable of accepting it and blows Chenezale up with her magic, reducing him to just his torso and head.

He appears in Rance VI preserved in a huge cylinder with half of his body gone. Nagi still holds one-sided conversations with him, but he's eventually killed for good by Rance during the chaotic events of the Fall of Zeth.


  • He shares a few similarities with Ragishss Cryhausen, both being former students of Mysteria Tou that raised mages for their own selfish goals and making use of forbidden magic items in the process. Both were intensely hated by Shizuka Masou as well.