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—Patton Misnarge, when using the Chaotic War Dance.



The Chaotic War Dance is the signature technique of Patton Misnarge, which he discovered while training during the events of Nise Naguri Makuri Tower.

The move consists of Patton relentlessly rushing at his opponent with a barrage of punches at blistering speeds. There is seemingly no hard limit to the number of times Patton can attack while performing this technique, and it covers a very wide range when used. There is no delay between the punches, meaning that once an enemy is caught in them there is no way of escaping. As Patton is already incredibly strong physically, he can destroy entire armies single-handedly when using this technique. The Chaotic War Dance is dangerous to use, however, as there is a powerful recoil to it that causes Patton to receive a portion of the damage he deals to his opponent. As the recoil damage increases with each additional attack Patton makes when performing the technique, he risks dying whenever he uses it excessively. Because of this, Patton considers the move to be a suicide attack, and only uses it as a last resort.

During the final battle of Rance IX, Patton, who up til that point had refused to use it throughout the revolution, utilized this technique to overcome the instantaneous regenerative properties of Toushin MM. As Patton had to deal damage to Rune faster than Rune could recover from it, he was required to push himself beyond his limits and was expected to die in the process. However, through sheer willpower, Patton survived the attack, if only barely, and lived to see Helman liberated.

Interestingly, while the move was previously considered to be a product of Patton's Unarmed Combat Lv2 skill, it was retroactively made to be a Pro Wrestling Lv2 skill, as Patton now only has Unarmed Combat Lv1. As Patton is unaware of his talent for wrestling, it is quite possible that the instability of this technique is due to Patton incorrectly using it as a martial arts move rather than a wrestling one.

In Rance X: Part 2, the move is taught to Lelikov Helman.