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Now go!!! Go and use me to carve her up! Bathe me with her blood! Give me the pleasure of slaying a Dark Lord!

—Chaos, eager to slaughter a Dark Lord.


Japanese カオス
Romanization kaosu
Race Human (formerly), Sword
Age / Birth 1527 / GL0498
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Legendary swords
World Rance World
Affiliation The Legendary Five, Rance
Skill levels Thief Lv2(former) (?), Short Sword Combat Lv1(former) (?)
Appeared in Rance III, Rance 03, Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Sengoku Rance, Rance Quest, Rance IX, Rance X
Mentioned in Rance IV


Chaos sealing Demon King Gele.

Chaos is one of the only two swords on The Continent that can harm Dark Lords and the Demon King by going through their invincibility fields. He used to be a human thief from the GL era, and was originally a member of The Legendary Five, but after a certain quest he was transformed into a sword along with the samurai Nikkou.

Chaos was used by Gi to pierce Demon King Gele's heart and seal her in a void dimension. Chaos remained hidden in the depths of the former Demon King Castle of that time, that would later be used by Gross Leazas to make the Leazas Castle and establish the capital of his new Kingdom of Leazas.

As a result, for centuries, Chaos remained hidden in the Leazas Castle sealing Gele and only the royal family knows about his real whereabouts. During the events of Rance 03, Chaos was removed by Dark Lord Noce in order to release Gele and Rance wielded him in order to defeat the Dark Lords and the re-awakened Demon King.

He is currently Rance's partner, and a counterpart to his old comrade the Holy Sword Nikkou.

Personality and Appearance[]

Although he is referred to as "The Black Sword", his blade is actually a silver color. He's far more lightweight than you'd expect. He has three yellow eyes, two near the base of the hilt and one at the pommel, and a decorative jewel between his eyes.

Despite being a sword, he retained the ability to speak. His character is very similar to Rance's, they both get along and considers Rance to be his soulmate. He refers to Rance as "partner" and, while they get along really well, Rance usually tells him to keep quiet because a talking sword is creepy and weird, and it's something that drives away many people. Like Rance, he's mostly motivated by a desire to smite evil and perverted thoughts. He claims that he preferred rough sex and that his favorite kind of woman is a naive westerner under the age of 20. He also likes virgins better. 

He's often silent and obedient most of the time, although this is only with Rance since most of his wielders end up throwing him away due to being unable to put up with him. However, he seems to have a soft spot for Café Artul, another member of The Legendary Five, and is rather protective and caring with her in particular.

He had a crush on Nikkou, but it ended badly for him and he has abstained from being with JAPANese women ever since. He envies the fact that she can become human while he can't.

His relationship with Ho-Raga was a very poor one, as they both had an intense dislike for the other. Ho-Raga saw him as a rude brute without any redeemable traits beyond his abilities as a thief, while Chaos utterly despised his overall personality and for the way he raped his enemies, something he found disgusting.

He has an abnormal lust for slicing and killing Dark Lords, going into short excited speeches about it if given the chance. His goal is to defeat the Dark Lords and become human again.


Rance wields Chaos to defeat the Dark Lord Kamilla.

Since Chaos, like Nikkou, is now nothing more than a talking sword, in order to fight the dark lords and the demon king, he needs a wielder. He's one of the only three swords that can neutralize the Invincibility Field and damage Dark Lords. Unlike the Sword of Heroes Escude, Chaos and Nikkou can temporarily shatter the invincibility field, rendering the Dark Lord vulnerable to any attack from other sources, rather than just piercing through said field.

Even without that, he is a powerful sword. He has the ability to gauge the power of enemies on the battlefield.

He can summon spiritual hands, a kind of aura he generates to interact with the world, although he doesn't do it too often, and when he does it's mostly for erotic purposes, but eitherway these hands are barely tangible and he can't really do much with them.

He can be wielded by anyone as long as they have a strong will, if the wielder of Chaos has a weaker ego than him, their mind would be overwritten and Chaos would be able to control them. This is the reason why Chaos is considered a "curse blade" and no-one wants to wield it, since legend says that anyone that tries to use him would be corrupted by Chaos.

When he was a human he was a famous thief and assassin that gave him the nickname of Chaos, his real name remains unknown. While his former levels were never revealed, he had Thief Lv2 and Short Sword Combat Lv1 skills, which were lost upon his transformation into a sword.

Personal History[]

Chaos' original human form.

GL0498 - He's born as ahuman, quickly gaining a reputation as a cunning thief and a master infiltrator. For the confusion he caused when stealing a high priority target, he's nicknamed "Chaos".

GL05?? - Chaos's lover, Gina, is murdered in front of him by a Dark Lord, he's driven into a deep depression. Soon after, he meets British. He joins his party "on a whim", telling nobody that his true purpose is vengeance.

GL0533 - The end of his humanity, Supreme God Planner grants his wish for "the power to defeat the Dark Lords", and he becomes a sword that can pierce the Invincibility Field.

GL0??? - A human spellblader named Gi somehow obtains Chaos, and uses him in a battle against Demon King Gele. His split personality surfaces mid-fight and Gele turns Gi into a Dark Lord. Chaos's location is unknown after the battle ends.

GL1000 - Hundreds of years later, supreme Dark Lord Gi intends to defeat Gele after he found out she made arrangements to reign as an Eternal Demon King. Gi wields Chaos once again in a war against Gele.

GL1004 - Demon King Gele is successfully sealed away by Gi, Chaos is the tool that kept her trapped.

LP0002 - 1017 years later, Rance unseals Chaos and uses him to defeat many Dark Lords and Gele, but Sel Catchgolf decided that he was much too dangerous and confiscated him from Rance.

LP0004 - Sel the nun decides to throw away Chaos into the disposal labyrinth, Rance finds him and brings the sword with him. He's wielded to defeat Dark Lords La Saizel, Sieg, Kamilla and Abert, although only two of those are killed.

LP0005 - Rance takes Chaos to JAPAN with him, Chaos senses the presence of Dark Lord Xavier. After 1500 years of separation, he is reunited with Nikkou at Honnouji temple. They defeat Xavier alongside Rance and Kentarou. He also helped slay the holy beast Orochi.

LP0006 - He is reunited with Café Artful and helps lift her curse. He's also used to defeat Dark Lord Kite and Masuzoe, and wielded by Rance in the Helman Revolution. Stolen by the Shepards in order to make a weapon to kill the Gods.


  • He's one of the most popular male characters, despite not having too many lines in the games he made appearance.
  • Chaos and Karma Atranger are the only characters known with a Thief Lv2 skill, although he doesn't have it anymore, for obvious reasons.
  • His former Short Sword skill level is somewhat ironic, given his current condition.


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