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Basic InfoEdit

The land currently inhabited by the Central Empire is the original human homeland in the World of Eve. Following the death of Archfiend Adan, the climate grew dramatically colder, sealing the coasts of the continent during winter months and complicating life as food supplies began to dwindle. This was the impetus for the mass exodus led by King Arthur to other continents, resulting in the bridge that now connects it to the neighboring continent that contains the City-State of Hamlet.  The inhabitants that remained behind would later unite to make up the current Central Empire, which has to risen to power through its economic importance as a source of crystal goods.

It was one of the key players during the Arthur Tragedy, before which Central was under the rule of Emperor Viaries. He had invested a significant budget into hiring the poppins of Humpty for the construction of Battleship Digamma, the greatest sailing ship the world had ever seen. After the tragedy, the battleship was lost and Viaries disappeared into isolation. His son, Prince Felton, has been the nation's de facto ruler since.

Central is still one of the world's great powers, alongside the Kingdoms of Eden and of El Quixote. Beside their prominent military, the nation has business in the market for crystal products, which are used for magic and assorted luxuries.

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Major Cities and SitesEdit

The Central Empire is home to four major cities: Central, Leftest, Lightning and Aubade. The first three cities are each close to a major ruin from the days of Mother Eve. Central is not far from the Mirror Labyrinth, a ruin that plays a key role in the history of Mother Eve and the First Ancestor. The labyrinth is now guarded by a mysterious creature.

The towns of Leftest and Lightning are both close to one of the three famous towers created by Mother Eve. Leftest is close to Ancestor's Tower, where the First Ancestor was imprisoned for an extended time. The town of Lightning is home to Bride's Tower, where Eve and the First Ancestor were married. The tower underwent a good deal of decay over the ages, but was recently restored in preparation for the marriage between Prince Felton and Princess Croix of Eden. The final town of Central, Aubade, is a simple coastal town.

The third tower created by Mother Eve - Humanity's Tower, the birthplace of humankind - once existed on the continent of Central, but has since been lost. It is believed to have sunken into the sea.


  • Central's towns are mostly named for their locations, with the city of Leftest being the "left-most" and Central lying directly in the middle. Lightning is stated by an NPC to be a now-unrecognizable corruption of "Right"; a reference to a common ambiguity between the letters "L" and "R" in Japanese-to-English localization. The names allegedly predate the recognition of North/South/East/West as geographical concepts.
    • The town of Aubade does not match this theme. An aubade is a song or poem that relates to lovers parting at daybreak. There is no stated reason for the name, however it does fit into the world's general theme of European literature, suggesting that the town was founded much later in history.


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