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Feel free to read it as much as you please. this is the capital of Leazas. As expected from the wealthiest country in the world.

—Rance, on his first visit to the Leazas Castle.


The Castle of Leazas is a large city located on the center of the territory belonging to the Kingdom of Leazas, serving as the main capital of the prosperous nation. It is an important city, with a strong economy and rich in opportunities, as well as being one of the safest spots in the country thanks to the headquarters of the Leazas Army. The city is also surrounded by large mountains, making access to it limited and easily regulated.

It is named after the glorious and majestic Leazas Royal Castle where the Royal Family has lived for generations, effectively making it the most important city in the country and it was on this very spot that Gross Leazas founded the Kingdom from scratch in GI0534. After abandoning his former country Helman, Gross decided to conquer the fertile soil to the east of The Continent, and he came across the forsaken Demon King Castle that Gi had left behind upon forming the Monster Realm. He then decided to use this abandoned structure as the basis for his new capital, rebuilding it to his own liking. With the Royal Castle finished, a city was formed around it and expanded more and more over time with the country's prosperous economy.



The City is divided into two major sectors, the main commercial and residential district, and the surrounding area of the Royal Palace where access is restricted and limited to the upper-class.

The Royal Castle section is normally inaccessible unless one has a special permission, and is separated from the rest of city with a big wall guarded by the local garrison to prevent anyone from passing. Aside from the Palace and noble residential area, there are also other establishments such as a casino and the coliseum, a huge arena which constitutes the sole reason commoners enter in this restricted district.

The outer section of the wall is a residential and commercial area, with households and a large variety of shops, inns or other business posts set. The architecture of most is fairly simplistic, with most of the houses being of an average and consistent size. It is an overall wealthy city, with prominent vegatation that enhances its beauty. The city is also famous for its public entertainment, making tourism and trading very significant.

Royal Palace[]


The Leazas Royal Palace is one of the biggest structures in the country, originally being used by the Demon King over 1000 years ago before Gi abandoned it. When Gross rebuilt it, he remodeled it and reconstructed it into its current majesty. It has served as the main residence of the royal family for generations, as well as representing a symbol of the might of Leazas with its imposing structure. Its size is truly incredible, possessing a large number of rooms capable of hosting a lot of people. It's maintained by Maids, often hired to take care of individual rooms each. It is beautifully adorned, filled with flowers and floors with red carpets. Because the Royal Family lives here, only those that are personally invited by them or certain members of the Leazas Army are allowed to enter. Additionally, the Leazas Royal Guard comfortably lives inside, safeguarding the royalty at all times and ensuring their safety from whatever threat may appear.

The Palace also has a specially designed balcony on the top where the King and/or Queen can give large-scale speeches. During these events, the masses are gathered on the section inside the wall, which is big enough to host tens of thousands of people. This whole area that is almost like a garden for the main castle is actually very big, with two towers on the west and east where the army or other members of the political circle are stationed.

While it is not common knowledge, there is also a secret vault in the palace that is innaccessible as it is blocked by a powerful seal. The only way to enter is by using the Holy Armament of Leazas, a national treasure left behind by Gross Leazas, and have someone that carries royal blood open it, hiding one of the darkest secrets of the country.



The Coliseum is a major spectacle of the city, hosting an exclusive tournament that gathers warriors from the country to put their fighting skills to test. The stadium is big enough to host thousands of people observing matches between skilled fighters from all over, and the battles are also televised through Magic Vision throughout the city. While on latter years the coliseum has been largely overshadowed by other similar tournaments like the Toushin Toshi Tournament on Toushin City and its fame doesn't reach beyond the city, it is nonethless a popular event that many of its local people enjoy.

The Coliseum is built in the Castle District right in front of the palace itself. It is the home of a great tournament where fighters of all stripes can participate, and while it resembles the old Roman arenas, the fights are not to the death. One of its most famous champions is Yulang Mirage, with other participants including Alexander the future Toushin Toshi champion, the mysterious Ladle Man and Rance. It seems to serve a dual purpose to provide entertainment and a source of revenue from the capital inhabitants, as well as a way to find potential new recruits for the Leazas army's or Lia's own plans.

Paris Academy[]


The most prestigious academy in the city, where only the high-class attend and with several branches around the world even outside of Leazas. It is a female-only school and, usually, only nobles and other important people have the luck of studying in this institution. It is a large building with a red roof at the front of the central park. It has a strict regulation, demanding the students to wear an uniform, which consists of a large brown dress with a ribbon on the chest.

During LP0001, there were strange cases where regular students dissappeared, and after the noble Hikari Mi Blanc went missing, a job was placed to solve the case to an adventurer named Rance. The case was solved and dissappearances of students stop taking place, but the reason why they started to begin with was never made public.

Flanders Tavern[]


A Tavern owned by Bobza Flanders, the pub has made a name by itself and became a popular spot among the local population. It is named after the owner Bobza Flanders, a friendly and easy-going man with extensive knowledge in different kinds of liquor. The good quality of his wine and his affable personality grant his customers with a pleasant service. His daughter, Pulptenks Flanders, has worked as a waitress in the pub for some time and became an idol of sorts among its most regular clients thanks to her good looks and her charming personality, further boosting the popularity of the taproom. Members of the Coliseum are common customers on the pub, spending nights after tough battles on the tavern to let off some steam and just have fun. The General of the Blue Army of the Leazas Army, Cordoba Burn, is also a frequent customer.

Akirame: Weapon Shop[]

Millie's Store

A Weapon Shop located in the commercial center of the city, resulting in it being a fairly successful business thanks to the many adventurers and the like that regularly buy weaponry to complete their jobs. It is currently ran by the somber Millie Lincle, who inherited the shop after her father passed away. She's not enthusiastic with the job, but despite her poor people skills it grants enough money to make a living out of it, and the store remains successful regardless of her despondent service. The shop sells a large variety of weapons, from knives, spears, shields, clubs, swords, axes and more. It boasts a huge showcase where many weapons are held as decoration, some of which are most likely mere plastic models and not actual weapons like a fish-sword and a real-life gun.

Baltic: Item Shop[]

Patty's Store

The local Item Shop solds a large variety of items, from basic everyday things to items adventurers can use on their missions such as Seirogan. The owner is a cheerful yet childish girl named Patty The Summer who, despite her young age, managed to successfully run her store proficiently enough for it to sustain itself. Because Patty dreams of seeing a beach, she designed her shop like a beach store, decorating it with all sorts of adornments related to the sea, filling it with sand and even including a pool. The theme is strange and unusual as it comes out of nowhere in the urban settlement that is the Leazas Capital, but it is nonethless an impressive job that leaves a strong impression on the customers.

Ice Cream: Inn[]


A simple Inn recently set by the JAPANese native Horikawa Nami. She offers a warm and cordial service, inviting tourists and adventurers to spend the night at her inn. She gladly services her clients with everything they need, from meals to even medical supply in case they need it, and her mature and warmhearted demeanor makes her a beloved figure. Because she's from the country of JAPAN, a nation distanced from the main land with different customs and culture, her inn is different than usual, with sliding doors, floor beds and exotic JAPANese adornments, giving the inn a foreign vibe that appeals to the more curious customers looking for something different.

Margarine Cemetery of Heroes[]


The Leazas Cemetery is is the largest and important graveyard in Leazas, and is known for being the resting place of many brave soldiers that perished on duty. Some national heroes have their tombs prepared before their departure as they're already recognised for their contributions to the country, with the current Supreme General of the Army Barres Province an example of this.

Just like many places where many dead people reside, Ghosts, Undead or other such creatures appear from time to time, and they're promptly dealt with accordingly by the local garrison of the city.

Thieves' Dungeon[]

Julia and British

A considerably big cave exists right in the outskirts of the city, and because of its close access to the capital as well as its exit, it's been used as a hideout for thieves or other outlaws on some occassions. However because its existance is common knowledge, bandits don't often stay for extended periods of time, since if reports of their malfeasance reaches the garrison or adventurers they are promptly kicked out. On LP0001, a gang of thieves led by Reichardt had established their base here before being eradicated by the adventurer Rance, who'd been hired to rescue a girl they'd kidnapped. Ever since, the dungeon has remained mostly uninhabited.

Another notable aspect of this cave is the enigmatic and pitiful figure that lives here, a man trapped in a concrete wall named British, who has been trapped here for centuries even prior to the foundation of Leazas. While many have found him as he constantly begs for help, most either laugh at his misery and punch him or piss on him, and those that try to help him find themselves incapable of doing so and simply leave him.