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Canaan Lucius
Japanese カナン・ルーキウス
Romanization canan ruukiusu
Race Human
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 163cm / 52kg
Status Alive
Class Adventurer, Mage
World The Continent
Affiliation Lucius, Free Cities Alliance
Appeared in Ouji-sama Lv1, Ouji-sama Lv1.5, Ouji-sama Lv2, Widenyo


Canaan Lucius is the second prince of the Lucius royal family from the Kingdom of Lucius, a small agricultural country in the Free Cities Alliance. He is always accompanied by his guard and childhood friend Celeste Irving. He is the protagonist of the Ouji-sama series along with Celeste.

Personality and Appearance[]

Canaan is a fair-skinned young man with mid-length blonde hair and blue eyes, which is basically the cliché of a prince. He looks very similar to the founder of the Lucius Kingdom Lucius Lucius, a powerful phantom beast user. He is rather short. He is usually seen wearing a green gown with white sleeves similar to a chinese dress, which is his official outfit as a prince. Whenever he is adventuring, he adds shoulder and chest protections, a belt and a white cape.

Contrary to appearances, Canaan is a mischievous and rowdy boy who always dreamed of becoming an adventurer like his ancestor. He is kind-hearted and fair, and seems to enjoy fooling around with Celeste, who is the only one who really gets to see Canaan like this, as he is a model prince in front of his family. It is shown that he easily gets jealous, as shown with the way he treats Hakuhou whenever he flirts with Celeste. He deeply loves his family and close ones even if he doesn't always show it upfront. Not much is known about his relationship with his father, Lipton Lucius and even less with his mother Catalina Lucius, except that they all get along, but he seems rather close to the first prince, his older brother, Lignum Lucius whom he looks up to and wants to help. He also has a good relationship with his older sister Linaria Lucius whom he wants to protect. His closest relationship however is the one he has with Celeste Irving, with whom he can show his true self without restraint.

Lucius family

Canaan and his family


He is a regular mage but isn't a really good phantom beast user, although he is able to summon at least a small one. When he levels up, he is able to use some powerful spells, thanks to Johnny's treasure chests, such as the White Destruction Beam.

OujiLv1 CG PicnicWithHakuhou

Canaan, Celeste and Hakuhou enjoying a picnic

During the events of Ouji-sama Lv1, he learns that an adventurer's guild created by Raven Lostheart and Yuuri asked King Lipton's permission to open up and visit the sealed dungeons which were closed to the public 600 years ago. Canaan, excited at the prospect of escaping this mundane, tranquil life he had been living, supports the idea and asks his father to accept Raven's request. Several days later, the dungeons were unsealed and the guild opened up. Canaan immediately registered, to Celeste's demise and surprise, the guild accepted despite Canaan being level one. Celeste couldn't leave Canaan alone like this as his guard and decided to tag along, forming a party of two. Canaan offered Celeste and ankled which surprised him but he accepted. Upon putting it on, the anklet removed all Celeste's levels down to 1. Going through the first dungeon, Canaan and Celeste meet Hakuhou, a boymonster hunter that took a liking to Celeste and started flirting with him in front of Canaan.

Eventually, Canaan started completing various guild's requests, such as finding a pot for Goro Hidasuki; finding Johnny, Marielle Framboise's lost Kitty; or even requests by the guildmasters themselves, Raven and Yuuri such as defeating the Sealed Beasts.

During this adventure, Canaan and Celeste meet a number of characters. They meet several Gods: the male Level God Sahara Erfoud who is Canaan and Celeste's personal Level God, which is very unusual on the Continent, but maybe not so much in Ouji-sama's universe. Then there are the Skill God Johnny, and the Photograph God Juhrry who are both flirting with the protagonists whenever they come out of their respective chests, and distributing Skills and Photographs. They also meet Axe Nataboom and his henchmen, a bunch of similar looking thieves and their boss, Axe, who are always here to make the adventure more complicated, but also more fun.

During their adventures, Canaan and Celeste will capture boymonsters along the way using the Capture Skill and a capture rope and sell it to the Character Shop's clerk Andy Fabre, these boymonsters are then tamed and can be borrowed to join the party. As their adventure goes on, they reach the Hot Spring Dungeon in order to help the Hot Spring Spirit Ougai

Eventually they reach the final dungeon and meet with Roy, a spirit who used to be the friend and right-hand man of Lucius Lucius, who sacrificied himself 600 years ago. He tells Canaan and Celeste 'The story of the Fallen Angel Knight of the Eight Wings' which is slightly different from the version Canaan has been taught, it is actually not as positive as official history. Celeste himself didn't know, he had told Canaan this story the same way he had been told. Roy explains that his death was lost in history because he himself asked Lucius not to tell tales about his death. Roy is blocking the way as a ghost because he is still guarding this place. Roy explains that Ulneris, the fallen Angel Knight that Lucius fought against has not been defeated but deeply wounded, and has been sleeping there all this time. There is only one Phantom Beast that remains, to protect the land from Ulneris's awakening. Canaan later asks Celeste not to make the same sacrifice that Roy did for him.

Upon returning, Canaan and Celeste are greeted by the royal family in a weird state, as if hypnotized into believing that Canaan has been preparing a coup d'état. They are forced to flee. Understanding they have to finish what they started, they go back to the last dungeon. There Celeste is taken hostage by none other than Hakuhou who seems to have joined malevolent people. As Canaan reaches the end of the last dungeon, he is surprised to see Raven, Yuuri and Hakuhou together, next to an unconscious Celeste. They are here to awake Fontaine, one eighth of Ulneris, as we learn that Ulneris has been split in eight parts, and Raven and Yuuri are also part of Ulneris. Celeste is freed and the final battle starts, ending with the win of Canaan's party, and the destruction of Fontaine. Hakuhou, Raven and Yuuri fled and life went back to normal.

During the events of Ouji-sama Lv1.5, one month after the events of Ouji Lv1, Canaan is seen suggesting his tutor to go home early since she just got their first grandchild in order to get out of her lesson. It is explained that in the aftermath of Ouji-sama LV1, Canaan explained a falsified version of what happened with Ulneris and the dungeons to the royal family as they couldn't remember after the hypnosis wore off. Canaan visits Celeste at his dormitory in the Knight's quarters, located in a corner of the castle which houses around 80 single people assigned to the castle and the surrounding area, but some trouble occurs: Celeste's dad, Adolphe Irving, the Knight Commander has come back to the officer dormitory in an attempt to avoid his son-in-law Eric, that his daughter Cheryl is dating, and who is trying to ask Adolphe for her hand. This causes the knights living in the dormitory to be restless. He does not approve of Eric as he is a priest and Adolphe doesn't like it since he believes one should believe in oneself and not in God, he says that if he wants to marry her, he should just become a knight so he can ask him in the dormitory that only knights can access, in order to see that he is gutsy and serious. It's the fourth time that Adolphe has run away to the dormitory to avoid meeting with her fiancée. Eric is working at the St. Canitsme Church (聖カニツメ教会) from the Church of Drak, a volunteer religion that encourages people to live their daily lives by emulating the virtue of devotion in the body of Drak which is delicious to eat, a very minor religion. Canaan being very fond of Cheryl Irving, his guard's younger sister, he proposes to help and the four of them form a plan that involve going to the dungeons again. The plan involves gathering a few items such as the metal bat of a Very Yankee (ばりヤンキー), the tear of a spirit (Ougai's in this case), the shell of a Drac,... This is the first game where we see the boymonster Pastry Boy. Using clever disguises (putting on fake glasses), Canaan and Celeste follow Adolphe who is also wearing fake glasses and discover that he has been spying on Eric and Cheryl.

Cheryl and Eric go on a trip to fight a Golden Hanny all by themselves for the last ingredient using Osafune, the sword of Masafune (政宗) the Samerai from the Item Shop, and come back victorious. The ingredients are used to make a golden lever to dislodge Adolphe from the dormitory in a catapult fashion.

Upon landing, Adolphe seizes Osafune by error. Osafune possesses all who do not have a pure heart to turn them into a bloord-thirsty person. Eric manages to survive the attack and beat Adolphe using the power of Drac. All ends well and Adolphe accepts Eric's request. Canaan and Celeste discuss again in Celeste's room, and Canaan announces that he will leave the country to become an adventurer...

During the events of Ouji-sama Lv2, one month after the events of Ouji Lv1.5, Lignum Lucius summons Canaan and Celeste so they can go help his childhood friend Lowell Chartreuse, the mayor of the country town Hirai Nagao that they haven't seen for 7 years. He was appointed mayor three years ago. Hirai Nagao is a lush and green land financially supported by the cultivation of various plants and landscaping techniques, this is why there is a lot of research into agronomy and plant magic, which might have caused a tectonic shift as the ruins that were buried underneath rose overnight. Lowell speculates that the roots of the trees underground may have grown abnormally and lifted them up. Fortunately since the land is only fields and flowers, the damage to homes was minimal and inhabitants only suffered minor injuries, but the walls have divided the city. This is why Lowell has sent a messenger to ask Lucius's personal help into investigation the cause and take countermeasures. Canaan and Celeste arrived as fast as they could using a cow carriage and met up with Lowell. During the night, Canaan put a lvl-matching ring on Celeste so they'd have the same level, as Canaan lost all of his levels that he gained two months prior, and Celeste being a soldier still had all his levels. It's a ring that was made for the purpose of "fair dueling" a long time ago. While Canaan could have made it so he would gain the levels Celeste has, he decided to reduce Celeste's level back to 2 because it's more interesting that way. Upon investigating the ruins, Canaan and Celeste find someone asleep on the ground. Later they find themselves blocked by a Street-pass Hanny asking them to offer a boymonster to being able to pass. Canaan forms a plan to go through by dyeing clothes (such as the innkeeper's jacket that they borrow) to make Celeste look like a Pastry Boy. After passing through, Canaan and Celeste find the Can Can Party Headquarters led by the brothers Hazel and Great. They protect boy monsters cause their hearts are beautiful and the filthy thoughts of mankind are nothing compared to them. As they go on they find the spirit of the roots that is sick. After speaking with Lowell, they want to find a way to cure the spirit by using herbicide specially made by Lowell, but they need ingredients. In the next dungeon, The Red King, a cow, has destroyed a watermelon field and Canaan has to defeat him by wearing a matador costume and using the Fight! Skill. They also meet the sleepy man from earlier who still has a huge bump on his head and learn that his name is Elder. They also meet some mad archaeologist who is trying to kill them using traps. When they come back, Lowell invites Canaan and Celeste to his house since they reached the other side of the second ruins where his house is located. There, a brilliant researcher and botanical mage from Zeth named Arnica Onyx is introduced by Lowell as a guest of Hirai Nagao.

In the next dungeon, the Can Can Party tried to punish the party for stealing a syringe from a Doctor-san using a Goldfish Tamer, however Hakuhou appears and stops the fight by capturing it. Canaan and Celeste are surprised to see Hakuhou. They then keep on gathering ingredients for the herbicide in the dungeon. Upon returning to their room, they find something is amiss, as it turns out Itou was hiding in the room and he will accept joining the party for 700G per day. Hakuhou is not the only returning character as the party meets Axe Nataboom and his minions again. They tried to eat whale and got poisoned so to save them, Canaan and Celeste bury them in good soil using the shovel of a Killer Shota and ask Elder to sleep with them as it seems it cures nearby people when he does so. Elder mentions that he feels like he has met Canaan before.

Upon coming back, Canaan and Celeste are attacked by the archaeologist again. He says he cannot allow the ruins that have risen above to sunk back down but the situation is defused by the appearance of Lowell who explains that they will sunk them back in but will create a way to get inside from the surface which is a good compromise for the archaeologist. His name is Dr. Helmut Jones. At the end of the ruins, Canaan and Celeste fight an Angel Knight and are greatly surprised by its appearance as it looks exactly like Fontaine. Helmut is surprised that they didn't know this is how Angel Knights look like, beings that resemble angels but are mass-produced. Helmut suggests that they might have a model before being mass-production. Angel Knights are always found at sites where something great is, to protect or hide them from intruders, it is something that God is protecting.

Afterwards, Canaan and Celeste go back to Lucius for a few days to have a picnic with the royal family, we see Catalina, Canaan's mom here for the first time. Upon returning to Hirai Nagao, the herbicide has been made by Lowell and they are able to cure the root spirit, sinking the first three ruins back down. Returning to Lowell's estate, they meet two new visitors, Mikimoto Kurusu and Aida Kenichirou, who are here to do research on the cultivation of a certain plant. During a side quest, Canaan and Celeste return to the dungeon where Roy is from Ouji-sama LV1 to ask for his autograph as Canaan is a big fan of his.

In the next ruins, Canaan and Celeste stumble upon a small person eating a Bonus Snack and trying to flee on a flying saucer, but they grab it and are sent to an alternate dimension. There they meet Embryo, a Holy Gal Monster who says she is the only one of her kind as well as the mother of all monsters. She says she is an angel from the Parasitism division. She is asking for "providers", a blood donor whose blood she will use to create a new type of monster based on that genetic information. She does so once every ten years. Canaan and Celeste both give their blood to Embryo, and she says that if it succeeds, they will forget this ever happened. If it fails, she asks them to forget as it is a secret of the world. She says an angel will bring them back to the normal world. They meet up with two angels, who are small persons with an antenna (just like in one of the minigames of Ouji-sama LV1.5) that look like Celeste and Canaan. They are sent back but did not forget. After that, they find themselves unable to advance further as a famous Lucian painter named Kairaba is in the way. He refuses to move unless a good curry is made for him. They meet again with Hakuhou and Helmut mentions that he knows Hakuhou as he used to be in a party with him but he doesn't say much more. Eventually they manage to make that curry but are blocked by Afro Hannies that won't let people pass unless they have the same hair. That night, they hear sounds from the room next door and rush to help Kurusu and Kenichirou, only to find Kurusu in a terrible state. There they learn that they come from another world and that someone turned Kurusu into a blood-thirsty beast and they are looking for a cure. The thing that suppresses his urges has been stolen, it's a Hirami Lemon. They go back to the garden to steal it back from the Thieves then ask Kenichirou to open up the path blocked by the Hannies since he has black hair. The party meets Erneste Beaufort, a knight and Lignum's escort who happens to be Celeste's boss. Lignum is disguised as to not bring attention to him (wears glasses).

The party discovers that the Character Shop clerk Moeru J-kin has been kidnapped by the Can Can Party and go to her rescue by getting the ingredients she asks for.

Party meets with Hakuhou who joins the party temporarily and find a Rutsubo which keeps spawning boymonsters as it is close to the Can Can Party Headquarters. After two fights, a Noble Scholar boymonster comes out of the Rutsubo which shakes Hakuhou greatly, who says that the Scholar boymonster shouldn't exist anymore. However this is a Noble Scholar, which is a more evolved rare monster. Hakuhou curses Planner saying that he only changed his hair color. Helmut is taken aback, and asks if it's the monster that relates to the wish he made to PLanner. Helmut hears Hakuhou call his companion Sui and understands that it is his brother, Midori. They formed a party until 5 years ago, a military unit formed by a certain country in search of ancient knowledge. They had explored various ruins and labyrinths. Hakuhou was added to the search unit because he said he knew about a world's secret and based on his knowledge, they headed to a labyrinth in a place where they could meet God. Helmut dropped out at the last minute as he was injured. After that a flash of light overflowed and he didn't find them. However according to the legend, the God they were aiming for "Planner" was said to grant wishes to those who have an audience with him. He doesn't know what Hakuhou wished for. After a while he realized humans shouldn't have met God. Even Helmut who just got close to him paid a fair price. Suimei (翠明(すいめい) said he wanted to be a biologist, but at that point he was just a non combatant and was staying at the camp that day. It must have been a hard journey for a kid who was only 11 or 12 years old. He was a good and kind boy who cares for his brother. Hakuhou was already gone, running around trying to catch up with the Noble Scholar but also without wanting to hurt it.

They meet with Korokke, a panaclonic that believes Hazel and Great are his dads after gathering the ingredients. He has taken the appearance of Lowell to try and get the golden capture rope out of them but fail. Upon returning to the Can Can Party HQ, they give the ingredients to Moeru who says she will punish Hazel and Great, Canaan and Celeste leave with goosebumps. After finding Hakuhou tied up because he didn't attack the Noble Scholar and took hits instead, he reveals his backstory. The boymonster Scholar became extinct 6 or 7 years ago. It had the same appearance as a Noble Scholar but the hair color was different. It was a living copy of Hakuhou and Midori's deceased father. Their dad was a biologist. Their mom lost it after the death of her husband and she wandered into a dungeon in search of a Scholar who looked like her husband and went missing. Hakuhou wanted to erase the existence of the Scholar boymonster, and this is the wish he made to Planner. Planner took his word for it and erased his "father figure", changing the Scholar's hair color to the same as Hakuhou's, and turned Midori who looked just like his father into Sui. Planner is the kind of God who enjoys toying with those that have wishes. Later on, Elder's bump goes away and he flies out of the window using a single wing, as he is also one eighth of Ulneris. Arnica is revealed to have been Raven Lostheart and Yuuri. Raven and Yuuri have lost their wings and ask Elder for help to awake Rhodolite, another eighth of Ulneris. A fight ensues between the party and Raven and Yuuri, and Helmut is instantly killed. Elder heals him but is not on the human side, nor is he on theirs. He won't fight them because they are half of him. He helped Canaan solely because he looked just like that phantom beast tamer from the past that he respects, Lucius. Yuuri and Raven's goal was to upheave the ruins so they could reach Ruins 6 and its healing properties to restore their wings. Using the Red King, Canaan and Celeste travel dozens of kilometers to beat Rhodolite who has been resurrected. Eventually Elder comes back and destroys the healing ore that surrounds Rhodolite which makes it impossible to beat him. Canaan asks Elder if Ulneris was originally an Angel Knight serving God. He asks why Ulneris became a fallen angel who disobeyed God and started hunting for human souls. Elder offers no response, claiming that it's too heavy for humans to hear.