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Scum...!! Did you think I'd let you touch me with your ugly hands? Don't be absurd!! I hate even looking at your face!! I only joined your side because of that...stupid little girl that thinks she's always right.....I hate Hornet even more than I hate you so I had no choice but to side with you!! So I was just going along with whatever you did! And for what? You say you'll kill me if I don't give you a good answer...scummy threats for a piece of scum...Fine. If you're going to kill me, then do it but remember this...Killing me won't make me yours! If living means suffering the disgrace of being called your woman, I'd sooner die!!

—Camilla, expressing her opinions to Kayblis.

Japanese カミーラ
Romanization Kamīra
Race Fiend
Age / Birth 4195+
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 183cm / 60kg
Status Sealed
Class Dread Fiends
World The Continent
Affiliation The Monster Realm, Kayblis Faction
Level limit 220
Skill levels Magic Lv2 (?), Dragon Lv2 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance VI, Rance X
Mentioned in Kaeru nyo Panyon


Camilla is one of The Four Dread Fiends, one of the highest positions of the Monster Realm, as well as one of the most powerful living creatures in The Continent. Prior to her transformation into a Fiend, she was the sole female member of the Dragon race designed by Supreme God Roven-Pan for the purpose of having dragonkind waging war against each other for her. Because of this, she was used as a trophy wife that the Dragons fought for when selecting their king. The strongest Dragon would be crowned the Dragon King and acquire the breeding rights with Camilla. As such, she gave birth to all the 2nd Generation Dragons that weren't originally created by the Supreme Gods over a period of many centuries.


Abel turned the only female Dragon into his Fiend.

However this all changed in the year AV0011 when Archfiend Abel kidnapped her and forcefully turned her into a Fiend, effectively destroying the only possibility for Dragons to expand their numbers. This triggered a massive war between the Archfiend and the Dragon Race that would end with Abel's defeat and promptly imprisonment, and with the Archfiend and Fiends defeated, the Dragons established an utopia of peace in The Continent. This utopia was short-lived however, as Ludo-Rathowm was quickly enraged by the boring peace the dragons created, sending an army of Gods to exterminate every dragon over a period of many years. Thanks to her status as a Fiend, Camilla was one of the handful few that survived the massacre, as she didn't belong to their kin anymore. During the following eras, Camilla has served every Archfiend that followed until present and was appointed as a member of the Four Dread Fiends. At some point, possibly not long after her transformation, Fiend Kayblis became enchanted with her and he began fantasizing with her, but due to their large differences in social standards and believing that she wouldn't accept him if he was anything less than a Archfiend, Kayblis ended up restraining himself for a very long time. Upon climbing the ladder and gaining more power, and thus more respect, Kayblis's efforts to gain Camilla's heart increased, though to no avail. During different points after becoming a Fiend she turned the dragon Shichisei, a human Reincock and a knight Abert Safety into her Apostles, who all vowed servitude to her. During the period known as the "RedEye Dark" on the year GI0912, which brought catastrophic damage to Zeth when Fiend RedEye invaded the nation, her apostle Abert went missing during the conflict and she never saw him again for many years.

During the beginning of the LP Era when war broke out between the two factions of the Monster Realm Camilla joined the Kayblis Faction, not because he supported him but because she couldn't stand Hornet. At some point after this time, due to being the leader of his faction and a prime candidate supported by many Fiend to become the next Archfiend, Kayblis demanded Camilla to become his woman but she responded with disgust and rejected him, which didn't sit well on Kayblis who was overcome by a blinding rage that led him to beat up Camilla so much she barely survived, stopping himself immediately upon realizing his own acts. After this event, Camilla's pride was so severely wounded that she made any attempt to stay away from Kayblis. On LP0003, she formed a large-scale invasion onto the Kingdom of Zeth but was forced to retreat when the defensive system the Maginot Line annihilated half of her army almost immediately.


She makes her first canonical appearance in Rance VI, where she leads a Demon Army from the Monster Realm to invade the Kingdom of Zeth by commanding a total of 100,000 Monsters, as well as Fiends La Saizel and Sieg. Thanks to the efforts of Sieg's Apostle Aurora, who had infiltrated in the nation and managed to manipulate the anti-government resistances to deactivate the Maginot Line, her army managed to cross the border and take control of the majority of the Kingdom. Taking the role of the Supreme Commander of the Demon Army she managed to effectively disperse her troops to occupy most of the Zethan territory, including the Capital Ragnarokarc where she chose to settle. Immediately after securing their position, she promptly ordered her troops to search for Abert Safety, the Apostle that went missing years ago during the RedEye Dark. Soon after, Camilla herself managed to find him on Ragnarokarc alongside the brutish warrior Rance, who at the time was on a rescue mission to save Rizna Lanfbitt. It is then revealed that Abert lost his memories during the incident and thus spent all these years among humans. Thanks to Camilla's influence, his memories returned and he resumed his former position as a loyal apostle.

The warrior Rance, recognizing her as the head of the Fiends and a very attractive woman, attempted to fight her but she easily dispatched him and his group, capturing him in the process. With the many humans captured by the Demon Army, she set an entertainment stage, where she would comfortably sit in Zeth's throne room and a human would be brought to entertain her. Said person would be forced to do a performance of any kind and bring amusement to Camilla in an extremely brief period of time, or face death if they failed to do so. Majority of humans that tried were immediately executed however. When the captured Rance stepped in he willingly got naked and showed her his erection, declaring that he would take her to a world of pleasure with it. While her Apostles were outraged by his vulgar performance, Camilla merely laughed and found him interesting, since no other human had the guts to do anything even nearly as gutsy. The second time he had to perform for his life he approached her under the excuse of him wanting to show her a trick and shamelessly kissed her on the spot, astonishing everyone in the room. Before he could be killed by her apostles for his insolence, he was rescued by King Gandhi by using a secret door in the room, since the event was taking place in the royal room.

Later on over the remaining events of the game, Camilla takes part as the leading force of the Army that is trying to kill the fleeing humans that were desperately trying to retake the country, and grows increasingly distressed and furious after multiple failures of the Monster Army. After Fiends Sieg and La Saizel were both defeated by Rance, who was wielding the Fiend killing sword Chaos, she recognized him as a powerful threat and sent her Apostles Shichisei and Abert to take his life. During the operation to restart the Maginot Line and kick the Monster Army away from Zeth, Rance and his party managed to kill one of her Apostles, Shichisei, and defeated Abert. Upon hearing rumors of his defeat, Camilla immediately headed towards the Maginot Line to confirm it, finding the corpse of her beloved Apostle Shichisei in the process. Filled with rage and grief she departed with her remaining Apostle Reincock and left to kill Rance once and for all. Abert saw her rage and lack of control over her emotions as a sign of weakness and decided to put her to the same wicked "test" he had subjected countless women to before recovering his memories, and beheaded her last remaining love Reincock.


When she found out about his death, thinking Rance was the one behind it, Camilla was filled with a rage she'd never felt and attacked Rance and his party immediately. While she was initially easily overpowering the group Abert, who was observing from a safe distance, was not satisfied as his ideal woman was someone capable of "overcoming any challenge", and Rance's party hardly represented a challenge for her overwhelming strength. Mid-battle Abert threw a powerful ranged attack with a spear that briefly damaged her, leaving her vulnerable for Rance to charge with all his strength and inflicting severe damage on her. Now severely weakened, the battle became more even but in the end she was incapable of coming out victorious and was defeated for good by Rance. Following her defeat and the reactivation of the Maginot Line, the Monster Army was left headless and the Zeth Army was able to expulse the monsters from the Kingdom. She was then sealed in a high-security dungeon with no escape, and Rance took the opportunity to visit her immobilized body and rape her. At present in canon on LP0006, Camilla remains sealed in Zeth unable to escape until an event in Rance X.

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During Rance X, she is released from her seal. Either by Kayblis, after killing Alex or Rance, after persuading Alex to let her join their forces. If she joins Kayblis, she betrays him in the end.

In the non-canon Kichikuou Rance Camilla leads the Fiends La Saizel and Lei to the Kingdom of Leazas in order to capture Kurusu Miki, who at the time was taking shelter in the Leazas Castle thanks to the assistance of King Rance. She spends most of her time at a hideout in a mountain lazing out or playing with beautiful boys and young men that Reincock kidnaps for her. Eventually, when war breaks out between the Monster Realm and the unified forces of humanity led by Rance, she returns to the Monster Realm finding a triumphant Kayblis that has become King of Monsters upon defeating the Hornet Faction. With this new status, he eventually demands Camilla to become his woman, but she reacts with hate and states that she would rather die than become his woman. Bursting in a fit of rage upon hearing Camilla's words, he kills her along with Reincock and she's reduced to a Demonic Blood Soul. Alternatively, she might be defeated and raped by Rance before committing suicide, but leaving Reincock alive. Soon after, Silky shows up and absorbs her blood soul in an effort to gain more power to defeat Kayblis.

Personality and Appearance[]

Camilla-VI (1)

Prior to her transformation Camilla was known as the Platinum Dragon, the only female member of the race and, thus, the only capable of conceiving children. While her true appearance has never been shown, her title suggests that she's a dragon with silver scales. She also has a more humanoid form but it is unknown is it was a result of her transformation into a Fiend or merely an alternative form of hers. Most likely due to having been designed for being the ultimate figure to promote the inner lust of the entire Dragon race, Camilla's humanoid form is an extraordinarily attractive and appealing female. She has always been subject of praise for her breathtaking beauty, remarked as one of the most beautiful women to ever live on The Continent. She is a tall statuesque and mature woman with pale skin, a long platinum hair and sharp golden eyes that strike deep fear into those she observes. Her figure is curvaceous and alluring, with long legs and a considerably large bust and hips. She also conserves some traits from the Dragons, such as horns on her head and wings used for fast flight. However her wings, once grand and majestic, were left severely damaged after her recent encounter with Kayblis and left in messy tatters. Even among Monsters, Camilla retains a refined, elegant and upper-class appearance. She keeps an air of superiority and with a sharp and dismissive expression that strengthens her cold yet fiery personality.


Camilla is an incredibly dignified and distinguished individual, displaying an air of dignity and grace while also being cold and strict. She expects those around her to refer to her with the highest standards of formality, and always keeps a condescending tone to almost everyone she converses with. Usually, she barely even talks and saves her words for only the most important situations. Probably due to the fact that was the Dragon equivalent of a trophy wife, she is extremely lazy and has little ambition towards anything. She leaves absolutely everything to her Apostles, who take care of all her necessities, and she's an extremely demanding person. Because she rarely talks, it is difficult for those that aren't used to serving her to understand her requests or wishes as she only gives instructions through facial expressions or subtle hand signals. Her Apostles grow capable of understanding everything she's asking for with only this, and she usually only talks when asking for specific things. She heavily dislikes failure to the point of finding it disgusting, and doesn't tolerate it the slightest. She's very cruel and brutal towards humans, especially those that fail to meet her demands. In Rance VI she forced Cutie Band to serve her as a maid, but due to a minor mistake on her part, Camilla severely punished her by having her raped by one hundred men in a row to the point of breaking her mind. She was also extremely disdainful towards La Saizel when she failed on her mission, deeming her as "disgusting" for failing despite being a Fiend. The only people that she can forgive for failing are her True Apostles. While she's still irritated if they fail her, she's far more permissive with them and doesn't inflict any punishment on them. Despite the fact that Camilla sees humans as little more than Insects to step on, she has a very profound and honest love towards her Apostles. She sees them as the most valuable things on her life and the death of one brings a huge sorrow and anger to Camilla. Her love for them is so intense that even they are not aware of how much she values them, though she still expresses it in her own way. She seems to have a particularly soft spot for Reincock, who she always keep at his side working exclusively for her and dislikes sending him to the battlefield out of fear of getting hurt. Because of the way she keeps him close to her, others have referred to him as her "personal pet".

She represents an imposing figure in the Fiend community, with some of them calling her "Queen" due to her regal personality. Fiend Kayblis has been in love with her for countless centuries and has dreamed with making her his woman for a long time, constantly sending her gifts and love letter hoping in vain to gain her heart. Camilla does not return his feelings and in fact despises him immensely, as he finds his image hideous and she can't stand the thought of a mere Lis like him being stronger than her. Camilla only loves beautiful young boys and men and keeps many such people as her lesser Apostles, who loyally serve her as well. On the other hand, she abhors attractive women due to her very obvious queen bee mindset. She's very disdainful towards all women as she deems her as inferior to her, and sees herself as being above any other female. She's extremely prideful, probably more so than any other living being in the world. Because of her origins as the only female dragon, Camilla always stood at the top of the world and her immense power, beauty and constant flattery from everyone around her throughout her long life has led her to develop a massive superiority complex. However because of her immense pride she cannot accept someone like Hornet, as she's someone who threatens her previously uncontested status. Her pride as a woman is so great that when civil war broke out in the Monster Realm she preferred to side with Kayblis over siding with Hornet, simply because she couldn't stand her.

As explained in Rance X, the traumatic experience of being treated and passed around as a coveted object/vessel for giving birth instead of growing up as a normal teen during her early years severely distorted her personalities and made her extremely cold and hardened, and ended up only trusting beautiful boys and apostles who she can control as a result. In this sense, she's also a victim of the Gods' wicked scheming.



As a Dread Fiend and Queen of Dragons, Camilla has strength befitting these titles.

Befitting one of the Four Dread Fiends of the Monster Realm, Camilla is one of the most powerful living being on The Continent, being many times stronger than even the strongest humans in history. Being a Fiend of the already notoriously powerful Dragon race, Camilla reached heights humanity couldn't even dream of to the point that when Abert Safety lost his memory, one of the vague things he could remember of her was that she was "unbreakable in the face of any challenge" and that she wouldn't lose to anything.

In battle she combines powerful magic with her already strong claws to attack her opponents with savage physical attacks, strong enough to defeat even the strongest warriors. Her speed and reflexes are also notoriously high, as even Rance was having a hard time reacting to defend against her fast attacks on the darkness even while she was savagely wounded. Her fighting ability is so high that she was able to easily overpower a large party conformed by many extremely talented and powerful fighters led by Rance, which had many of the most talented people of Leazas, Zeth and the Free Cities Alliance. Even with the combined effort of all these people, it took the assistance of Abert Safety "testing" Camilla for them to even stand a chance in a fight against her.

In the previous setting she had an extremely high Level Cap of 220, with 120 being her current Level granting her power to easily topple almost any adversary. She also had a Magic Lv2 skill, allowing her an extremely high magical potential.


Battle Seventeenfold (Rance VI)


  • In the Rance VI popularity poll, Camilla was ranked 14th.
  • As the only female dragon, it is entirely possible that she's Fiend Noce's and Apostle Shichisei's mother but this was never confirmed by any source.
  • She's one of the only two known Fiends that were previously Dragons, the other being Noce.
  • She's the second tallest female character in the series with 183cm, falling back only to Fiend Medusa.
  • According to Orion, the Rance Series' main character designer, Camilla's first action upon losing her status as a Fiend at the end of Rance X: Part 2 was to travel to the top of Rising Dragon Mountain and slap KD across the face, likely in retaliation for his treatment of her during their time together, after which she joined him in watching over the remnants of dragonkind. Orion made a point of noting that this information had not been verified by Alicesoft, and as a result should not be taken as fact.