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Camilla Bathori
Japanese カミラ・バトリー
Romanization Kamira Batorī
Race (Former) Vampire, Human
Sex Female
World Japan (Daibanchou)
Affiliation Nightmare Eyes, Wolf Fang
Appeared in Big Bang Age


Camilla Bathori is the Queen of all vampires as well as the founder and uncontested ruler of the Nightmare Eyes, one of the top factions vying for control over all of Japan. As queen of vampires, she can turn any other human whom she feeds on into a new vampire that is under her complete control. Though the region she rules was first controlled by the Hokkaidou Union, Camilla first rose to power by enslaving the leader of the Union with her powers, before systematically turning most of its higher-ups into vampires. After her control of the region was cemented, she took up her permanent residence at her new castle in Transylvania, where she spends most of her days feeding on the hapless humans brought to her, tormenting her "useless" sister Millar Bathori, and searching for a way to resurrect her brother, Pram Bathori, the Vampire King, who had been struck down years ago by a mysterious enemy and fell into a coma.

However, unknown to everyone, including herself, Camilla Bathori is not the original, or even a true vampire. Though she was a powerful Special Student named Camilla Haurer, she had been captured and molded into her current state by Pram himself as the last of many experiments conducted by the vampire. With Camilla, Pram was hoping to rule the world from the shadows, with Camilla being a mere figurehead that would obey his every whim thanks to his brainwashing.

During the Kunagi Route, she eventually manages to resurrect Pram, who soon enslaves Camilla once more, before Zanma and the rest of Wolf Fang discover the truth. After Millar sacrifices herself to save Camilla and Pram is defeated, Camilla decides to join Wolf Fang, in the hope of one day atoning for all the sins of her past self.

Camillia thrives on the suffering of humans and turns them into vampires using her B-Ability.

During the Senna Route, she fails in resurrecting the cruel mastermind, and is struck down by former members of the Hokkaidou Union looking for revenge, with only Millar surviving the aftermath.

Personality and Appearance[]

Camilla is a tall, voluptuous woman with long, blonde hair, and covered with a large dark cloak. As the Vampire Queen, she wears a sadistic expression, and displays long red nails covered in blood that she uses to shred her enemies and her prey to pieces. Her blouse and eyes also have the same bloodshot red. In her human form, she has a soft expression, green eyes, and a pink blouse.

Camilla the Vampire queen is one of the cruelest creatures in Japan. She takes sadistic pleasure in tormenting her foes and her sister and keeps control over her territory through her mind-slaves, threats, and sheer terror. She is also a creature with a huge superiority complex, deeming vampires to be superior to all living things, and her and her brother to be superior to all vampires. Despite all this, she is also fairly lazy, never really leaving her castle and leaving her many subordinates do all of her dirty work.

Camilla the Human is almost the polar opposite of her vampire form, as she is a studious and kind individual who cares deeply about others. Though she is quite shy, she is always willing to help and offer encouragement to those around her, though she often struggles with her memories of her time as a vampire.



Though as the Vampire Queen, Camilla was a bit more powerful than her human counterpart, she was much less strong than her attitude might suggest and was easily defeated by Zanma Rouga. Her true danger was in her charms and mind control, as well as the absolute power she held over most of vampire-kind, who were all former humans before having their blood sucked by Camilla. She used her long sharp nails to eviscerate her opponents. She is of the Demon Type and has advantage over the normal type.


As a human, Camilla is a decent fighting unit, with average HP and attack for a long-range unit. She uses her extensive knowledge of spells to blast her opponents. Combined with her high law and income, and low pay, as well as her passive that can increase the law in her region, Camilla is a fairly useful unit in the roster. She is of the Holy type and has an advantage against both Dark and Magic.


  • Her first name, Camilla, is a reference to the gothic novella wikipedia:Carmilla released in 1871, where a woman becomes the prey of a vampire of the same name who is eventually revealed to be a local countess.
  • Her last name, Bathory, is a reference to Elizabeth Bathory, an infamous Hungarian noblewoman who was one of the most horrible female serial killers in human history, and who had many vampiric tendencies.
  • She is one of the few LGBT characters in the Dai series.