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Purify the filth.

—The chant given by the Calpis Choir while assaulting Crook Mofus.



Members of the Calpis Choir performing a purification ceremony on Bishop Crook Mofus.

The Calpis Choir (カルーピス聖歌隊, karūpisu seika-tai) was a group of eight young priests of the AL Church raised under the guardianship of Bishop Oz Tortoise. Its existence was kept hidden from much of the Church, with only those with close ties to Tortoise knowing about it.

A product of Tortoise's fetishistic mysophobia, the Calpis Choir was formed for the exclusive purpose of violently raping any women who attracted the bishop's interest but had already given their virginity to someone other than him, thus making them too "filthy" to warrant his affection. The young men that made up the group were brought up from infancy within the walls of the Holy City of Kaiz, the headquarters of the Church, and forbidden from entering the outside world. Spending their entire lives inside of the holy capital allegedly imbued them with purifying power capable of cleansing the sin from the bodies of others through penetrative intercourse. This justification was entirely a fabrication created by Tortoise, who merely wished to subject women to painful torture as punishment for their perceived unfaithfulness to him.

When presented with a woman whose body had become corrupted by sin, the Calpis Choir was instructed to engage in a ritual known as a "purification ceremony" consisting of repeatedly assaulting them while coating their body in holy water. Purification ceremonies lasted until all members of the group could no longer perform, after which the woman was recognized as having been cleansed and allowed to return to the outside world. As part of their training, the members of the Calpis Choir were conditioned to have exceptional sexual endurance and be able to ejaculate eight times before entering a refractory period, ensuring that a purification ceremony would last for several hours. Women forced to take part were all but guaranteed to die from exhaustion before the process could end, an outcome which Tortoise deliberately intended to occur. Due to their sheltered upbringing, the Calpis Choir had no understanding of the depravity of their actions, and genuinely viewed the purification ceremony as a sacred act.

During the events of Rance Quest, the Calpis Choir was called to perform a purification ceremony on Bishop Crook Mofus in an attempt by Tortoise to simultaneously take revenge on her for giving her virginity to another man and remove her as a candidate in Mula Test. Crook's strong will allowed her to endure being violated by the young men for several hours before the ritual was interrupted by the warrior Rance, who had broken into Kaiz out of concern for her. Outraged by the display, Rance immediately killed all eight members of the Calpis Choir to rescue Crook. As Tortoise fled from the AL Church shortly after this incident, it is presumed that no further incarnations of the choir were created following its destruction.


  • The word "Calpis" is likely derived from the popular Japanese soft drink of the same name. Calpis water is known for its milky white color and is often poured on food items as flavoring, which is vulgarly paralleled by the Calpis Choir covering women in their ejaculate.