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Calory Mate
Japanese キャロリ・メイト
Romanization kyarori meito
Race Human
Age / Birth 19 / GI1002

17 / GI1004 (Kichikuou Rance)

Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 156cm / 42kg
Status Alive
Class Ranger, Nurse
World The Continent
Affiliation Zeth, Rance Castle
Level limit 36
Skill levels Thief Lv1 (?), Drug Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Kichikuou Rance, Rance Quest, Rance X


Calory is an unfortunate teenage girl who caught an incurable lethal illness called Greening Disease. This terrible disease has been around for centuries and is said to be very contagious, painting human skin green. It only affects young women of a certain age-gap and is spread over direct contact with the skin. Never able to find a cure, those with this disease have always been discarded and aparted in a village adjacent to the Monster Realm, which was given the appropriate name of Green Village.

Over the years, hundreds have died from this but since it only affects a small percentage of the population and a suitable cure was never found, research for it was abandoned, so those who are sent to the Green Village are hopelessly fated to die, many infact, take their own lives before the illness does.

Despite the horrible and hopeless state Calory lives in, she chose to keep a positive and cheerful attitude around the village, and dedicated to treating others as a nurse and easing their pain. The Green Village, being so close to the Monster Realm, is constantly threatened by monsters of all kinds, but is constantly protected by Dark Lord Kite, who dutifully guards the village. He often wanders around the village and helps those in need, killing monsters and providing money to the village. He is particularly fond of Calory, who greatly admires and respects for her optimistic demeanor is such a crude and horrible environment. They grew close to each other, and Calory even developed a crush on the Dark Lord.

During the events of Rance Quest, a cure was accidentally found by Rance when he had sex with her. It turned out that the Imperial Juice reacts as the only cure to the strange abnormalities of the Greening Disease, changing her skin color back to that of a regular human. She later moved to the Rance Castle and has been living with him there since, seeing Rance as her benefactor.

Personality and Appearance[]

Calory has the appearance of a cute teenage girl. She has pink hair put up into twin tails and blue eyes. She dresses in a nurse’s uniform. Before she was cured of her sickness, she had green skin, which almost looks like it was rotting.

Personality wise, Calory is a very shy and kind individual. She is willing to help anyone, and will do whatever she can to help others. She has a crush on the Dark Lord Kite, due to the fact that he was one of the only people visits the village.


  • Along with Mary Ann, she's the only known human to fall in love with a Dark Lord.
  • The Greening Disease also exists in the world of Evenicle, where it is still considered uncurable.