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The master of paralysis, while her stats aren't that great (especially SP which is abysmal at 5) and she starts off at a rather low level, Caloria is a fantastic boss killer (and okay for random battles) because she has a very high chance of paralyzing stuff. If you give her enough attack boosts she's no slouch in offering ranged damage support to your other characters as well.

Her harden ability prevents all damage, but she can still be paralyzed. It is useful for timing out unwinnable battles that you have to endure for a number of turns. Particularly, a series of battles that your party members do 0 damage in.

She has a bunch of other miscellaneous abilities that might come in handy once in a while such as regeneration but they probably won't be of any use. However after you get her radar event the treasure chests and Adventure Achievement objects will be shown on the map, making it easier for gold obtaining and reaching 100 Adventure Achievements. Overall one of the top tier characters in the game.

How to raise her max level cap to 51: When she reaches her level cap of 49, with the help of Starlevel the Great at least once, do her H event because it will raise her level cap by +2 instead of Starlevel the Great by +1. No character's max level cap can be raised from 50.

Upgrade Priorities:

  • Definitely Upgrade SP unless you only plan to pull her out on bosses.
  • The "Poison Needles" damage upgrade is useful if you get enough of it since it seems to scale up rather rapidly per upgrade.
  • Or you could try to just upgrade her HP regeneration ability a lot, which might give your healers some breathing room.



Needle Attack


Caloria's basic attack. It doesn't require any turn charging, so it's completely spammable.

Ranged attack that deals physical damage, has high accuracy and also a chance to inflict paralysis on an enemy.



Caloria makes herself invincibible to attacks until her next turn comes.

This allows her to tank attacks in the front row, but enemies that can inflict paralysis can break her immunity, leaving her defenseless.


Caloria regenerates HP per turn.

It starts at 10% and goes up the same amount per upgrade. 

Poison Needles

Caloria's stronger attack.

A physical ranged attack that deals only 10% of damage, but has a significantly high chance of paralysis.

This is her most important skill and it can keep bosses locked down for a good period of the fight. 

Needle Shower

Caloria's strongest paralyzing attack.

It requires 1 turn to charge, but it deals physical ranged damage against all enemies with a chance of paralysis. 


Caloria's alternative attack.

It requires 1 turn to charge and deals magic damage of the element of Fire to a row of enemies. It doesn't have the paralyzing attributes of her other attacks, but it deals significantly more damage.

Weapons and Items[]

Save before you enter the Royal Museum again and enter any of the remaining rooms. If the room which you entered rejected you, enter another room. Then you see a talk event and will immediately be drop below. Notice you can't teleport out, so you have to fight your way to the switches to remove the bars in order to get to the exit. After you exit, Caloria will get her S Rank Weapon.

Recommended Items[]

  • Dora Cat's Bell - Increases attack damage, but if it's damage output you want, there are many other characters this should be spent on instead. Or anything else you like, really it just depends on which department you want her to be strong at, her purpose in this game is not damage output...
  • Lucky Card - Questionable. This seems to increase luck, so if it increases her chance of paralysis it's good, but otherwise...
  • S Hanny Zippo - In case she dies before she gets a chance to tank hits.