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Haaaaaaaaa-! By La Way!

—Rick Addison, when using By La Way



Rick using By La Way in Rance VI.

By La Way
bai ra wei

"By La Way" is the signature move of the strongest fighter in LeazasRick Addison

The move consists in three incredibly fast swings of the sword that form a triangular shape. The move bends the blade as if it was of a rubber-like material, stretches it and curves it like a whip, allowing him to hit several enemies in an instant. This move is not only incredibly powerful in sheer strength and damage, it's also very useful to defeat a large number of enemies in one clean strike. This skill is empowered even further by the special sword Rick uses, Byroad, due to the unique material it's made of. He can use the technique with any sword, but it covers a smaller range and isn't quite as effective.

The move is so deadly that Rick has annihilated entire armies with it. The three fast slashes employed with his glowing red sword, combined with the shining blood spilled from it has made Rick earn the title of Red Death, since his enemies claim that seeing him in battle looks like a real Red Reaper.

The attack is also used by the Rick Addison of the world of Mamatoto.