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Non-canon-icon Non-canon warning: This article contains information that is not part of the canonical timeline and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

During that time-
All of the world fell to the Monster Army commanded by Kayblis.
At the same time, a new Demon King, Buton, was chosen by the Gods.
A dark age had dawned for humanity.

—Narration describing Buton's ascent.

Japanese ビュートン
Romanization byūton
Race Demon King
Sex Female
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Level limit
Skill levels Demon King Lv? (?)
Mentioned in Rance X


Buton is the 8th Demon King of the Planner Scenario, the system created to bring destruction and despair to the Protagonist Race of The Continent.

She only takes the throne of the Demon King during the non-canon "Truth of God" ending of Rance X: Showdown, where the Hero Arios Theoman successfully manages to slay the Demon King Kurusu Miki after 50% of humanity had perished during the Second Dark Lord War. Immediately upon her death, Buton was somewhere within the world personally appointed by Planner to take the role of the new Demon King. Following her transformation, she took over leadership over the Monster Army and successfully conquered the human world. In only a few months the world has been completely conquered and it was now a world of monsters with Buton at the top.


  • As Buton is only mentioned in passing in Rance X, her appearance, gender and race were unknown until Orion, the Rance Series' lead artist, posted artwork depicting her on his Twitter account over a year after the game's release.
  • According to Orion, Buton is also chosen to inherit the title of Demon King after Kayblis is killed by an unknown Hero shortly following the "Demon King Kayblis" ending of Rance X. As Kayblis' death in this ending is only implied in-game, however, Buton is not actually mentioned during it.
  • In a Twitter Q&A, Orion stated that, when compared to the other Demon Kings of history, Buton would ordinarily be considered the 2nd strongest, but would drop down to the position of the weakest if her "capture method" were exploited.