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Japanese バースト
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World World of Eve
Affiliation Church of Eve, El Quixote, Humpty
Appeared in Evenicle


Saint Burst is a saint of the Church of Eve, responsible for church attendance and other functions in the El Quixote and Humpty regions. Unfortunately for the church, she is a notorious slacker who took the job under the assumption that it would be an easy way to laze about, and church attendance has plummeted.

Burst first met Aster and his family when they were questing for a relic of Mother Eve. Eager to pass off work, she assigned them to do a ritual to cleanse one of El Quixote's ruins. Aster took a liking to Burst, much to her annoyance, though she later accredits him for a special church rituatl to make it look like she's been doing something. Later, she ends up drafted with several other saints for a ritual involving Aster as a combination Holy Knight and Zero Knight, designed to help them bear children and quite against her own wishes. Thankfully, Riche Eden was able to prevent her from getting pregnant at the very least.

Personality and Appearance[]

Burst is a slacker's slacker, a woman who has avoided doing her job and then uses the empty churches she partially created as a place to read her manga. She is rude and does not seem to enjoy being around people, making her an especially poor selection for a public relations position. On the flip side, Burst seems easily suggestible, and only seems to avoid the influence of others by repelling them en masse.


As a saint, Burst has a relatively high level of divine power, but this is not so high to allow her any particularly special powers outside of select religious rituals, which she tends not to do anyways.