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Bow Combat is a skill level that defines the talent of an individual with the practice of Archery, one of the most rudimentary and common projectile weapons. A bow is a flexible arc which shoots aerodynamic projectiles called arrows. A string joins the two ends of the bow and when the string is drawn back, the ends of the bow are flexed. When the string is released, the potential energy of the flexed stick is transformed into the velocity of the arrow.

Archers are common as ranged soldiers that annihilate enemies with sheer numbers and serve as a great counter of magicians that can easily oblitarate frontlines. While the weapon is not as simple as spears or swords, they are proved popular due to how cheap and easy to manufacture they are. The downside archers possess is that they mostly train in the use of the bow and have very little combat ability, which renders them vulnerable in direct skirmishes.

Those archers with a Lv1 have more accurate and deadly shots on their opponents and tend to be more sneaky and smart. Crossbows are a more powerful alternative to the standard bow an arrow, but they are more complicated to use and tend to limit the movements of its wielders. 

Those with a Lv2 skill in Bow Combat are rare, but absolutely stunning sharpshooters. They can aim for targets at incredibly long distances and have wide knowledge of the environment, knowing how to use wind and other variables to their advantage. If given the chance they can make better assassins than even skilled ninjas.

Gun Combat[]


There is another skill level that could be considered a sub-skill of bow combat and is the use of Guns. Due to the limited technology in the continent, guns are almost non-existant but the muskets are a new invention that originated in JAPAN based of the Tulip series designed by Maria Custard

As result, there are very few individuals with such skill level that are given the name of musketeers and it's mostly inJAPAN. The musket is an extremely potent weapon, far stronger than the mightiest cross-bows, but it carries many severe disadvantages. They can only shoot straight ahead, wich forces musketeers to be in front of their allies, and they can only be used once. After firing they require a long time of preparation and repairs, which can't be performed during battle so muskets will become unusable until the next battle. This means that muskets rely on taking down their opponents on their first shot or they will lose the battle.

Another big drawback is that they can't be used during rain, because the powder gets wet and renders the musket instantly useless.

Known Users[]

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Bow Combat Lv1[]

Bow Combat Lv0[]

Gun Combat Lv2[]

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