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No matter how much time has passed, and whether or not my master is no more, my mission remains unchanged. Tousho Borg Stomauss will continue to fight, even if he may be alone.


Borg Rauzen Stomauss
Japanese ボォルグ・ラウゼン・ストマウス
Romanization bōrugu rauzen sutomausu
Race Tousho
Age / Birth +657
Sex Male
Ht. / Wt. 180cm / 503kg
Status Deceased
Class Brawler
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect
Skill levels Sword Combat Lv1 (?), Guard Lv1 (?)
Appeared in Rance IV


Borg Rauzen Stomauss was a Tousho, a remnant from the Era of the Holy Magic Sect. He was originally a human warrior from the Balshin Empire that participated in the War of the Iron Soldiers opposing the rise of the dawning Magic Sect founded by M.M Rune, but the Balshin Empire was easily toppled by the Magicians. Borg was able to survive the conflict and, upon the creation of the Biometal and the Tousho, he became a Tousho as well. He was casted the Absolute Obedience spell that was placed on every Tousho and was assigned to Toushin Toshi Upsilon, the land that would later receive the name of Ylapu. He participated in the Dark Lord War fighting against Dark Lords and Monsters with bravery but he was eventually defeated by Dark Lord Lexington, who destroyed his left hand and severely damaged his body. Soon after, he was turned off and was scheduled for repairs, but his restitution never came, as the Sect collapsed some time after, leading him to remain in a hibernating state for many centuries.

A long time passed until he was found and reactivated by Rance and his party during the events of Rance IV, thinking that he would be willing to become their subordinate. However, following the last order given by Rune to kill all the barbarians that weren't part of the Sect, he didn't hesitate to attack the group. He proved to be a fearsome foe, as Rance faced a challenging battle against him, but because of his current state his body was rapidly falling apart mid-fighting and gave Rance an upperhand during their battle where he was defeated and destroyed for good, resulting in Borg's death.



Despite being damaged, Borg remains a very powerful being.

As a warring Tousho that was gifted with an inherent talent for combat even prior to his transformation, Borg is a powerful enemy capable of extraordinary displays of strength. Carrying Sword Combat and Guard Lv1 skills, Borg was capable of fighting many experienced warriors on his own for extended periods of time, and was above the average even among his peers. He fought by wielding his fists to bring down his opponents with his sheer power. His signature move was the "Breaker Burn", an attack he performed by hitting the floor with all his might and creating a small earthquake that inflicts damage on all the nearby opponents.

His strength was impressive enough to fight on par with a party consisting of Rance, Sill Plain and Io Ishtar, despite the fact that his body was highly deteriorated and was breaking down. Had he been in top shape, even someone like Rance would have faced defeat against the mechanical warrior.