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Bolero Patan
Japanese ボレロ・パタン
Romanization borero patan
Race Devil
Sex Male
Class Three Devil Princes
World Devil Realm
Affiliation Devils

Bolero-Patan is the second son of Rathowm and Tero Ettienno. He has the appearance of a large beast-like Devil. He is gigantic and covered in hair, with a loud bellowing voice that is known to echo throughout the Devil realm when he laughs.

Despite the scary exterior, Bolero-Patan is a big-hearted man that loves his fellow comrades like brothers, he spends more time in the taverns of the Devil Realm than doing any work. He'll always buy a round of drinks for his subordinates or any Devil hanging around the area.

He was the second Devil Prince to be born, but he doesn't care much for social status or princely obligations.

During the birth of the Devil race, he lounged around and waited for his older brother and his parents to finish up so he could relax more.


A very relaxed Devil with a big heart, though his appearance made people fear him at first.

He makes his own beer and hands it out to his subordinates free of charge. He drinks downs ale by the barrel and is always in high spirits.

Because he's a friendly man, his subordinates always work to the best of their ability. He doesn't believe in formalities or social classes. He's universally loved by the Devils, and he insists that they call him "Big Bro", he's definitely the most popular Devil Prince as he understands the common Devil well and prefers to spend time in the town with them rather than being in the castles with the higher ranks.

Once a month, he spends 24 hours in the Libido Palace to work out any sexual frustration.

As one of the Three Devil Princes, he's one of the most powerful members of the Devil Race, being stronger than a Demon King and 2nd Class God.