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Please go easy on me as much as possible tomorrow. Against a measly monster like myself, it should be an easy win for one of the great Demon King's amazing children. Kehihihihi.

—Blovio, attempting to make El Mofus lower their guard.

Japanese ブロビオ
Romanization burobio
Race Monster
Sex Male
Class Guy Monster
World The Continent
Affiliation Monster Realm
Appeared in Rance X: Part 2


Blovio is an average Monster Captain of a Demon Army of the Monster Realm. Belonging to an unknown class of Guy Monster, his leading ability and sharper mind than that of common monsters allowed him to gain military ranking above the standard monster soldiers. Under the reign of Demon King Rance, Blovio does not follow the King of the Monsters and instead acts as he feels like while wandering around the continent.

During the events of Rance X: Part 2, Blovio travelled to the Free Cities Alliance and noticed the 22nd Toushin Tournament about to take place in Toushin City. Interested in the idea of a competition where the winner would be granted the freedom to do whatever he wants with the female partner of their opponent, Blovio enslaved a random girl and signed up for the tournament with her as his partner. Blovio then succeeded in passing the preliminary stages, making it to the group of 32 that took part in the main event.

In the first round of the tournament, Blovio fought against Mushin Ainu. Right before the match, his opponent revealed that the Monster Captain was her father's enemy, and she was determined to get vengeance from him. Being a very skilled martial artist with a very peculiar fighting style, Blovio was clearly outmatched by his opponent. However, she abruptly stopped moving as her body became dull, giving Blovio the chance to easily strike a fierce counter-attack against Ainu, resulting in his victory. Not wasting a minute, the monster immediately proceeded to rape his opponent on the spot under the public's eyeview, much to the disgust of the audience. Because Ainu signed up with herself as her partner, Blovio earned the right to do whatever he desired with her for the following 24 hours. The way Ainu suddenly froze herself in the middle of the fight raised suspicion among the organizers, believing that maybe Blovio had cheated somehow, but they were unable to find a definitive proof to disqualify him.

During the third day of the tournament, a group consisting of El, Reset and Nagata-Kun encountered Blovio in the city while going out to gather information. The monster captain feigned humility, sarcastically claiming that he had no chance against one of the children of the Demon King. He asked about their partner, expressing surprise on the reveal that it was the small Kalar, but his face expressed desire to have his way on her just the same despite her child-like body. Blovio then leaves as he mocks them with irony one final time, irritating the group.

The following day, Blovio fought against El in the second round of the tournament. Right before the match started while the two participants were facing each other in the coliseum, one of his subordinates fired a poisonous dart on El's neck, injecting them with a rare poison. As soon as the battle began, El's body became numb, leaving them vulnerable to Blovio's merciless onslaught. However, before the monster captain was able to finish off his opponent, El's body recovered due to having ingested a medicine before the match that would lessen the effects of poisons for a while. Having successfully guessed his course of action due to his previous match, El responded with a rapid counter-attack, making Blovio panic until he was eventually defeated by the Demon King's child.

If El is defeated by Blovio, Reset is assaulted by the monster.

An alternative outcome is possible in case the player loses the battle against Blovio. If El is male, Blovio will gain free will on his sister Reset, proceeding to brutally rape the Kalar after the match. If El is female, she will instead offer herself in her sister's place. Unconcerned about who his victim is, Blovio will accept and assault El for several hours until mentally breaking her. Both of these instances are considered non-canon, as they result in an instant game over for the player.

Personality and Appearance[]


Blovio has the appearance of a generic Monster Captain, with a large and muscular body clad in a blue and silver armor, as well as glowing golden eyes.

An incredibly sadistic and cruel monster, Blovio takes great pleasure in tormenting others for his own amusement and freely travels throughout the human realm in order to satisfy his sadism. He regularly subjects others to physical and sexual violence without remorse or shame, and enjoys abusing of those in a position lower than his however he pleases. He's particularly fond of sexual abuse of women, but seemingly not because of any sexual urges he might have but purely out of the satisfaction of the torture, to the point that he hold little interest on the appearance of the woman in question. Children or elder, attractive or ugly, Blovio makes no distinction and will rape with no discrimination purely for his own amusement, expressing great joy in hearing their screams.

He often pretends humility and speaks in a modest manner, while at the same time insulting others through passive-aggressive statements. He has no sense of honor or pride as a warrior, relying on underhanded means to win battles and get what he wants. As he doesn't see Rance as his master, he holds no respect towards his children, although he acknowledges El as someone way stronger than himself and knew he had to rely on dirty tricks in order to win. He's also a generally unpleasant person, as Shuri expressed great irritation and disgust when dealing with him. He seems to hold little care for what others think of him, as he was generally despised by the audience and the staff for the way he assaulted his opponent Ainu in the middle of the coliseum.



As a Monster Captain, Blovio possesses a fair amount of strength and skill that places him above the average monsters. As Monster Captains are intended to command monsters in the battlefield, he's presumed to possess a decent leading ability that would in theory allow him to lead up to 200 monsters in battle with at least decent results. His fighting style is that of a conventional Captain, wielding a large broadsword in battle to crush his opponents.

His greatest strength is his cunning mind and his uncanny ability to come out on top through the use of tricks and schemes, which allowed him to defeat opponents way ahead of his league.


  • Blovio has a surprisingly large semi-ironic fan following due to his ability to potentially take the virginities of both Reset and the female El, two characters who are otherwise notable for their chastity. This popularity allowed him to place 8th in the "Males" category of the Rance X Popularity Poll; scoring higher than several much more prominent male characters, perhaps most notably all of Rance's male children, despite his relatively small role and generic appearance.
  • The rough outline of Rance X's story included within the game's script gives Blovio a character that is considerably different from what it is in the final version of the game. He is described as a powerful monster who opposes Demon King Rance and entered the Toushin Tournament to obtain the Dark Sword Chaos, one of the tournament's grand prizes, for the purpose of using it to slay him. After discovering that the Demon King's children had entered the tournament, he adjusts his goal to also include capturing them to use as hostages. No mention is made of him using dirty tactics to win, implying that he was intended to be genuinely strong as opposed to cunning and crafty. The outline also specifies that those who had chosen to play as a female El would receive an erotic CG depicting Blovio assaulting her if they lost to him, whereas the final game simply features a few lines of text over a black screen that allude to him doing so.