RottenBlock RottenBlock 21 days ago

Sys0Decompiler 0.7.6

Sys0Decompiler 0.7.6 is not compatible with the current public version of SysEng, 0.4, so I'm only "releasing" it here. It's mostly being put up to fix and error with older, multi-disk games. Consider it a WIP, though for all I know I won't have to touch it again before the full release.

Download: Release, Source


  • No longer adds "REV" tag to archives. It just didn't prove necessary in the long run. Once I've tested new releases of System 1-3 games, we'll be able to remove support for this entirely. Be careful, SysEng currently doesn't support this.
  • Updated message processing to match system3-sdl2.
  • Fixed an decompile error that occurred when jumping from Disk B-Z back to Disk A between files.
  • Since PC-88 games don't use single-byte encodi…
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RottenBlock RottenBlock 1 August

Rance IV Fan-Patch

This patch fixes a number of problems with the original Rance IV.

  • Corrections for player character AI in Auto and Special Auto Modes.
  • Player can back out of attack options after moving without ending their turn.
  • Restores broken shop items.
  • Corrects problems when picking up items with a full inventory.
  • Balance Julia actually balanced! If you already have Balance Julia, level her up to see the benefits.
  • Other fixes.

Thank you to Question2 and Tokko-chan for pointing out most of these problems!

Download (English): MediaFire, Mega

Please contact me below or on my message wall if you have any concerns with the patch, especially technical. If you're interested other Alicesoft patches, check out my full list of patches on my profile page.

  • AI Fixes:
    • Various …

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 11 July

Methods for Unicode Support

One big problem for international Alicesoft fans is that, while there are all sorts of tools out there to help you localize Alicesoft games, they're all held back by one key problem: every Alicesoft game, from Little Vampire to the present day, uses Shift-JIS text encoding as opposed to something modern like UTF. Long story short, this means they only support English and Japanese characters. How could we potentially fix this?

  • 1 Open Source Solutions
  • 2 The Ideal Setup
  • 3 Smaller-Scale Solutions
    • 3.1 Markup
    • 3.2 Gaiji Character Space
  • 4 Personal Conclusions

Unicode support would require modified, preferably open-source, versions of three key programs: a runtime environment, a compiler, and a decompiler (the latter two usually combined into one). Thankfully, …

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 7 June

Rance IV Fan-Patch 1.5

This patch fixes a number of problems with the original Rance IV.

  • Corrections for player character AI in Auto and Special Auto Modes.
  • Restores broken shop items.
  • Corrects problems when picking up items with a full inventory.
  • Other fixes.

Thank you to Question2 for pointing out most of these problems!

Download (English): MediaFire, Mega

Please contact me below or on my message wall if you have any concerns with the patch, especially technical. If you're interested other Alicesoft patches, check out my full list of patches on my profile page.

  • AI Fixes:
    • Various errors existed in Special Auto cooldowns, causing characters to use attacks before they had cooled down, or not using them even if they had cooled down. These are now fixed.
    • Melee characters wit…

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TsuchiNoKao TsuchiNoKao 20 April

Add a custom event to Sengoku Rance (or DHR)

Maybe you want to edit an existing event, or add some lines? Maybe you're adding a custom character and want them to have their custom lines?

Here's how to go about writing an event for Sengoku Rance.

  • 1 Start by writing it out
  • 2 Reformat text for System 4.0
    • 2.1 Wrapping your event
    • 2.2 Setting your background music
    • 2.3 Setting your location
    • 2.4 Portraits
    • 2.5 Transitions
    • 2.6 Shake effects
    • 2.7 Sound effects
    • 2.8 Adding player choices
  • 3 Add the event into the game

To start, write out your event in a word doc. This is the easiest way to get started.

Focus on character dialogue, but remember that there are different panel types for the narrator, speech bubbles and thought bubbles. You can further add sound effects, and white and black screen flashes for effects.

You can t…

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TsuchiNoKao TsuchiNoKao 20 April

Add a custom character to Sengoku Rance (or DHR)

Want to add your own custom character to Sengoku Rance or Darkness Hero Rance? Make new enemies from your favourite anime or add a new girl from Quest or 01?

Here's how you can do it!

  • 1 Software you'll need
  • 2 Adding your new character images
    • 2.1 Update an existing cg
  • 3 Create a character template
  • 4 Add your character to a force
    • 4.1 Starts in faction
    • 4.2 Territory search
    • 4.3 Event recruitment
  • 5 Compile your modded game

Take a look at RottenBlock's blog on System Programming Resources for the latest modding tools for System4.0.

In this case, you'll want the "Sengoku Rance Code Reading Kit", since it includes both AINDecompiler and ALDExplorer2 and has additional tools to help you mod SR.

You will need 2 character portraits:

  1. One should be an image of their face of …

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 13 April

Rance 02 and Kai Fan Patch

Most of the original Rance 02's errors were fixed by the English release, but there were a few remaining problems, especially in Kai. This patch fixes all the problems I could find.

  • 1 Download Here!
  • 2 Changes
    • 2.1 Both Versions
    • 2.2 Rance 02 Only
    • 2.3 Rance 02 Kai Only

Rance 02: MediaFire, Mega
Rance 02 Kai: MediaFire, Mega

  • Originally, you had to exit B2 by moving west, a relic of the original Rance II. Rance 02 added stairs to the north, but forgot to update the movement code. These patches move the exit to the north.
  • An unused map graphic exists for the Stone Guardian floor with the prison capsules destroyed, but it is never used by either version. This unused map is now available in both versions.
  • Typos and minor text changes.

  • After investigating the Scream…

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FixSRwiki FixSRwiki 13 April

I'm Done

I've recently finished uploading my entire SR to-do list to the Wiki and got the badge for contributing to the Wiki for 365 consecutive days. I can now safely say that pretty much everything that I know about the game has been uploaded here. If there was ever a time for me to quit, it's now. Sadly, I'm going to do just that. Here are my main reasons:

  1. I've been editing SR articles for what must be more than six years. There's very little left for me to get out of contributing here. It feels like a great achievement when we break the game further than ever thought possible - I really enjoyed completing my LTC Kenshin run! - but we're definitely at the point of diminishing returns. There's also very little more that I can get out of here perso…
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FixSRwiki FixSRwiki 11 April

You Cannot Beat 3 Fans in 13 Turns

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Possible Sources of SAT
  • 3 Limitations
    • 3.1 Turns 1-2
    • 3.2 Turn 12
    • 3.3 Guaranteed SAT
  • 4 Good Deals
  • 5 Approaches
    • 5.1 Hot Spring in Iga
    • 5.2 Conquer the Miko Institute
    • 5.3 Both of the Above
  • 6 What Went Wrong?
  • 7 Fixes?

As part of my continuing quest to put my SR notes online, here are my notes on why it is impossible to get the third Action Fan any earlier than Turn 13. I might be wrong, but I've put a lot of thought in to it and I think that I've covered everything. The only thing that I might have missed is some sort of start of turn event optimisation, so if there's anywhere that a person who wants to prove me wrong should look, it's there.

With any luck, there's an excellent 3 Fans in 13 Turns guide hidden in here somewhere. Let me know if you find it. …

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FixSRwiki FixSRwiki 10 April

Cheating 5SNB

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The Goal of the Run
  • 3 How to do it
    • 3.1 Getting to the Temple Event
    • 3.2 Surviving Ashikaga
    • 3.3 Before the Temple Event
    • 3.4 After the Temple Event
  • 4 Thoughts on the Run

As part of my continuing quest to put my SR notes online, here are some notes that I gathered during an SR run where I tried to beat the game on 5 Star difficulty with no bonuses while also cheating in every way that I could think of. Most of this was about exploiting the rule that the AI usually cannot take more than two of your territories in a turn and also exploiting the infinite time that you have before you have to do the temple event before the True route.

These notes aren't the best organised, but I have considered converting them in to a guide. The main thing that's …

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FixSRwiki FixSRwiki 9 April

Why I don't play SR FFA

As part of my continuing quest to put my SR notes online, here are my notes on why I don't enjoy playing FFA. I've never really been able to organise my thoughts on it, but the unifying idea seems to be "I get screwed by RNG, and all of the solutions to that are boring". Here's my full list:

  1. It's often unfair. The AI can field generics with 8s in their stats, a lot of your starting roster is random, and the AI can take the land that you're after with attacks that you can do nothing to measure nor prevent. The unpredictability should be fun, but it often comes off as you being screwed by RNG.
  2. Despite the first point, FFA can feel unchallenging because the AI often fields completely trash units. This is particularly noticeable when you're figh…
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FixSRwiki FixSRwiki 30 March

Colossal Sengoku Rance To-Do List

No longer under construction! Read away!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Top Priority Tasks
  • 3 Objective Tasks
    • 3.1 Routes
      • 3.1.1 Demon King Route
      • 3.1.2 Isoroku Route
      • 3.1.3 Ran Route
      • 3.1.4 True Route
    • 3.2 Factions (and their units)
      • 3.2.1 Asai-Asakura House
      • 3.2.2 Demon Army
      • 3.2.3 Hara House
      • 3.2.4 Houjou House
      • 3.2.5 Iga House
      • 3.2.6 Imagawa House
      • 3.2.7 Miko Institute
      • 3.2.8 Mouri House
      • 3.2.9 Oda House
      • 3.2.10 One-Eyed House
      • 3.2.11 Shimazu House
      • 3.2.12 Takeda House
      • 3.2.13 Takuga
      • 3.2.14 Tanegashima House
      • 3.2.15 Tenshi Sect
      • 3.2.16 Tokugawa House
      • 3.2.17 Zeth
    • 3.3 Mechanics
      • 3.3.1 Battles
      • 3.3.2 Commanders (general)
      • 3.3.3 Dungeons
      • 3.3.4 Items
      • 3.3.5 Non-unique Units
      • 3.3.6 Overworld
      • 3.3.7 Skills
    • 3.4 Other
  • 4 Subjective Tasks
    • 4.1 General Strategies
      • 4.1.1 Losing Twice
      • 4.1.2 Muri's Tricks
    • 4.2 Specific Units
    • 4.3 Unit Types
    • 4.4 Skills
    • 4.5 Items
  • 5 Meta Tasks
    • 5.1 SR's …

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ヌヌハラ ヌヌハラ 18 November 2020

alice-tools v0.7.0

This update fixes an issue with the Dohna Dohna trial version .ain file and consolidates all of the commands into a single binary.

For example, instead of running "aindump ..." you should now run "alice ain dump ...", etc. See the linked documentation below for more information.


Usage instructions can be found Here.

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 27 October 2020

SysEng Revised, LV, R4.X, Sys0Decompiler - Soft Launch

For the past few months, I've been working on moving English support from Takeda Toshiya's original system3 for win32 (TTSys) to kichikuou's system3-sdl2. This an extensive internal change that will reduce false virus positives, potentially ease support of System 2 features, and allow for ports to other major platforms like Mac, Linux, Android, or browsers via Emscripten.

I recently finished Windows support and wanted to get a test launch out for people to try before the release of Rance 01/02 overshadows everything. This will be a soft launch, something like an informal beta test: I haven't updated the links on my profile or the translation projects page, haven't updated the game walkthroughs, etc, only the Localization Guide and the Comma…

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TsuchiNoKao TsuchiNoKao 11 October 2020

TsuchiNoKao SR mod

Well, v0.3 introduces a lot of changes... and with it, the file size of the mod has bloated by six times...

  • Download SR unofficial expansion v0.3.12-β (299.8mb) - Updated Feb 6, 2021

Many of the changes are still somewhat experimental. There are bugs! Play at your own peril, and please back up your game. I'm releasing this file as a beta, and will release a cleaned up version 0.3, hopefully in the next couple weeks, so be patient if you are not here to help test things.

Looking for some help identifying bugs and issues though, so if you're not scared of some game crashes or inconsistencies, give it a go, and send me feedback on the discord or here in the comments or in the change log (below).

Note that it only works with the MangaGamers versio…

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ヌヌハラ ヌヌハラ 23 August 2020

alice-tools v0.6.0

This update improves compatibility and adds tools for editing .acx files.

  • Add acxdump/acxbuild tools for editing .acx files
  • Support extracting .ogg files from afa v3 archives
  • Fix crash when extracting CG archive from MangaGamer version of Sengoku Rance
  • Support dumping/editing .ain files for Hentai Labyrinth and Evenicle 2 Clinical Trial Edition

Note that there was a few releases since my last blog post. You can find them linked Here. Note that if you are updating from a version below 0.5.0, any .jam files dumped by the old tools will no longer be compatible.


Usage instructions can be found Here.

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TsuchiNoKao TsuchiNoKao 27 July 2020

Games like Sengoku Rance

It happens to all of us... play through Sengoku Rance, then next thing you know, you've played through all the routes, started with all the different second game families, done the demon king route, tried out points runs on 5 star, even done silly thiings like all male commanders roster or only using semi-uniques and generics run...

If only there were more games like Sengoku Rance!

  • 1 Alicesoft
  • 2 Non-Alicesoft
    • 2.1 Promising games I haven't personally played yet 
  • 3 Please share your own recommendations

First place to look, is, of course, Alicesoft themselves.

They have the system, know-how and a bunch of great games.

I haven't played many of the titles, but from what I've seen, the most comparable games to Sengoku Rance are:

  • Kichikuou Rance - if anything…

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Velt211 Velt211 12 July 2020

D.P.S. English translation

Two links:

It's version 1.00, most issues should have been gotten by now. All text should be translated.
Feel free to point out any issues.

patches notes:

  • ~'s float quite a bit higher than normal.
    • Switched back to full width and then back to half width for the few cases it's used.
  • Quite a few sentences breaking in versions below 0.99.2 in the Princess Fantasy scenario.
    • Most should be fixed in 0.99.2
  • A passthrough to grab most of the broken sentences was done, was clearly not as thorough as I thought I was.
    • Done for version 0.99.3
  • Some overflow, spelling and an inventory fix. in 1.00

Finished up the translation, mos…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 20 May 2020

Outside Help Updates!

Thanks to kichikuou of the system3-sdl and xsystem35 project, I'm now almost ready to port my English support from TTSys to system3-sdl. This will allow me to release those programs on Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as Android (although I don't have a phone to test) and even for browser play. It's also possible (although we'll see) that this will allow me to fix the font in Rance 4.X, and maybe to reduce the false virus reports I'm getting from Avast.  Excuiting stuff!

But I can't start yet, but it's for a great reason! kichikuou has just informed me that the original System 3 for Win32 project, aka TTSys, has just updated for the first time in four years, back at the end of March! The update includes support for the following games:

  • Alice's C…

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ヌヌハラ ヌヌハラ 18 May 2020

alice-tools v0.3.0

This update improves compatibility and adds some quality of life enhancements.

  • ain tools are now compatible with Evenicle 2 and Haha Ranman
  • ex tools are now compatible with Rance 03, Rance IX and Evenicle 2
  • aindump now emits macro instructions, which significantly improves the readability of bytecode
  • most error messages now include line numbers


Usage instructions can be found here.

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 10 May 2020

System 2 Compilation, Part 4

Comparing the System 2 and 3.5 versions of Rance III has proven to be a real winning move. To allow as much code as possible to carry over between games, WAO basically recreated all the commands that had been removed between the two versions in the game's subcall file, a real treasure trove. I should probably do this again with a System 3.0 -> 3.5 game (not that there are very many) when I go fishing for System 3.0's missing Y commands. The only real hiccup is that these subcalls are probably tweaked to work specifically Rance 3 in certain areas, so I'll want to do other game comparisons to see what WAO changes to be safe. I don't miss the idea of having to recreate each function by hand, this will be much faster.

One thing worth discussing…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 4 May 2020

System 2 Compilation, Part 3

Slow going. I've presently isolated and translated Running Girls and have been working on it as an early test case, since it's relatively small and yet moderately complex. I'm starting to think about looking into Rance IV Hint's walk-around menu for similar reasons. Of course, at the moment, all I can see of the game is an empty GUI frame and some text.

K and V commands are done. K is just an R that waits for a click (it's a nice effect, surprised they ditched it), while Vs are stack operations like System 3.0 except you can specify the variables used in the process instead of defaulting to the U-series of variables (text variables work automatically like in System 3.0).

Haven't had a chance to test the N command, it only occurs late in the …

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Cookiewukk Cookiewukk 7 April 2020

Tsumamigui 3 font file structure

This is the result of my analysis on a "Font.fnl" file from an AliceSoft game (Tsumamigui 3). As far as I know, this is a proprietary file format.

This may or may not apply to files from other AliceSoft games. I've just examined the Font.fnl file from Tsumamigui 3.

From what I understood so far, the file structure is the following :

struct File { u8 a[4] = "FNA\0"; u8 b[4] = 0; u32 fileSize; u32 offsetToData; u32 numTableSets; // maybe just a coincidence TableSet tableSets[]; u8 compressedData[]; };
struct TableSet { u32 numTables; FontTable tables[]; };
struct FontTable { u32 bitmapHeight; u32 b; // increases with bitmapHeight but it's not width u32 numEntries; Entry entries[]; };
struct Ent…

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FixSRwiki FixSRwiki 1 April 2020

SR Ai Turn Order code.

Just in case anyone wants to check the results, here's my R code for working out the big table here. Note that none of this converts things in to the Wiki's format.

If my code sucks, please tell me. I did this whole thing as an excuse to practice my R work.

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Velt211 Velt211 15 March 2020

Gakuen Drifting Story 2 Translation


Here's the other part, it's bundled with part 1.

Same deal, It's a human assisted machine TL though, just to note for the purists. Text is simple enough though, so it should be fine. If you see any problems, let me know.

I tried to do all the stupid shit you can do in an ADV game, hopefully I didn't miss any huge text issues. One thing I can note is that when you come across Kuramori in the dark forest, dialogue happens but his CG stays, looks like that's actually intended?

Also empy save slots behave oddly, the behaviour is the same in the JP version. Either it cycles through all leftover slots to 3 and does the staf roll or it opens an en…

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Velt211 Velt211 10 March 2020

Gakuen Drifting Story 1 Translation


Decided to check it out, Wataru kind of got forgotten. It's a pretty small game in every way. It has a magnified mode in the settings if you don't want to stare at a postage stamp. It's a human assisted machine TL though, just to note for the purists. Text is simple enough though, so it should be fine.

It hasn't actually been tested fully yet, but the only composite sentences I know of are in the camp (which I should've fixed, except maybe for the food items, didn't test them). and probably the battle(s)? Should be done?

Few things to note: Extra lines that got added won't have the dialogue box background, probably a variable that gets called for it (every normal dialogue box has it), no…

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Velt211 Velt211 6 March 2020

Rance II translation port release

Update: Corrected Hide-san's stats (X68K version's stats)

Some overflow fixed. Touched up formatting for character stats. UI now has English HP/SP, Image originally edited by Rottenblock.

The formatting of the scan text is kind of touched up, I only moved HP down, the rest seemed fine with the odd 1 character off due to single vs double digits. Can't space that, as if you then have a double digit it'll be 1 too much.

Save/load screen had some untranslated text and ZH 0s. Some formatting changes didn't mix well with a value being called, it left

If something broke horribly, let me know.

This is a quick portjob of the Rance 02 translation to Rance II's system 3.5 port. Obvio…

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Velt211 Velt211 5 March 2020

Rance II translation port WIP

Rance II ported translation build: see new blog Old issues removed.

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 26 February 2020

System 2 Compilation, Part 2

Now that I've solved all the decompiler issues that I'm aware of (will probably upload the new version of the decompiler at some point), it's time to take a long and mournful look at tall the features still unimplemented by TOTO when he quit the project.

I'm going to update this list with new notes or italics the word "Solved" if I can make it work.

  • D Commands:
    • 8-Param Variant: Used in DALK Hint Disk and Alice's Cottage 2.
    • 3-Param Variant: Exclusive to the Rance IV Hint Disk/SF Rance.
  • E Commands: Used in DALK Hint Disk and Alice's Cottage 2.
  • I Commands: Exclusive to the DALK Hint Disk.
  • J Commands: Used in Rance III Hint Disk/Running Girls and DALK Hint Disk. Possibly identical to System 3.0.
  • K Commands: Used in Rance IV Hint, Ayumi-chan, and Alice…
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RottenBlock RottenBlock 24 February 2020

System 2 Compilation, Part 1

After bashing together rudimentary System 2 support (including at least one change to TTSys itself involving U commands), I'm not at all surprised to find that things are just as much of a mess as I predicted. Even Super DPS, which TOTO seemed to have given support, gives me piles of dummied commands on a decompile.

As I said on the Playability Status page, there are only a handful of System 2 games that we really need to be concerned about, since virtually all of them have been ported to System 3.0 or 3.5 in some capacity. The outliers, and their response to the decompile process, are as follows.

  • Rance III Hint Disk: While most of the code in this short program decompiles, page 5 (the code for Running Girls) uses the unsupported V command. …
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ヌヌハラ ヌヌハラ 23 February 2020

alice-tools v0.2.0

This update adds tools for dumping and rebuilding .ex files (.ex files contain various structured data used by the game).


Usage instructions can be found here, and in the bundled

First, copy the file "Rance10EX.ex" from the game directory into the same directory as these tools. Then run the following command to dump the data to a file named "out.x":

exdump -o out.x Rance10EX.ex

Open this file in your favorite text editor. On line 92689 there should be a table called "カードデータ" which contains the data for every card in the game. We are going to to put Sill into the protagonist faction, so scroll down to line 92777 which should contain a row beginning with the string "Lv35 シィル".

{ "Lv35 シィル", "シィル", "シィル/基本", 7, 1, 2, 1075, 1133…
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ヌヌハラ ヌヌハラ 15 February 2020

alice-tools v0.1.0

This is an early Windows build of some tools I have been working on for editing the .ain files of recent AliceSoft games. These tools are more primitive than SLC's AinDecompiler, but they should work on .ain files up to version 12 (Rance X) whereas the AinDecompiler only works up to version 7 (Evenicle).


Usage instructions can be found here, and in the bundled README.txt.

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 12 February 2020

Toushin Toshi II Patch Update 1.2

My Toushin Toshi II patch has been updated to 1.2. This mostly accounts for minor text problems, but I did fix the weird check for the Char Shop scene, and that's helpful. Couldn't track down some cosmetic errors documented on my Outstanding Issues page, but as functionality goes, the game was alrady pretty solid and the Char Shop scene was all it really needed.

If you already had my 1.1 patch, you can install without worries. If you had an older version, including the original game, I'm afraid your save files will not be compatible.

Download: MediaFire

  • Improved the char shop's handling of the unmasking scene. In the original game, the scene would only occur if you were selling a duplicate Gal Monster. This is not only confusing, but made it ve…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 30 January 2020

System 3 Compilation, Part 7

Like with System 1, I've completed a wrap-up by going over all the System 3 games and seeing how they react to the updated tools. By and large, the results are positive, with nearly every game compatible and only a tiny fix required for Sys0Decompiler (below). The System 3 games are basically ready for any localization team that wants to snap them up, with two exceptions. The first is Running Girls 2, the bonus game on the Rance 4.1 and 4.2 hint disk, which suffers from a crash that I'll try to track down later. Secondly, DPS All uses a command that might cause problems with our setup, and I'll want to investigate that before anyone moves ahead, not so much to "fix" anything as to come up with best practices for this situation.

I've also ad…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 29 January 2020

Rance 4.1 and 4.2 32-bit Release!

When Rance 4.1 and 4.2 were originally released, they were 16-bit applications, which no longer work on modern machines. While they were localized into English, many players had to use an included Linux emulator just to play! Now, the game is finally available on modern Windows! Rance 4.1 and 4.2 are freeware releases. For the Japanese originals, see here:

  • 1 Main Features
    • 1.1 Download Here!
    • 1.2 Notes on Direct Control
  • 2 Patch Updates
    • 2.1 Rance 4.1
    • 2.2 Rance 4.2
  • 3 Credits
    • 3.1 Original Translation Staff
  • 4 Changes

  • Fully ported to 32-bit using the original translation!
  • Optional: Take full control of your party members instead of relying on the AI! A dummied feature discovered in the code is now restored and fully operational in both games…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 29 January 2020

Tools Update

This post includes the updated versions of Sys0Decompiler and SysEng used to created Rance 4.1 and 4.2. It also includes the new Localization Guide (included with SysEng), Troubleshooting Guide (largely made up of old posts on this blog, included with Sys0Decompiler) and Command Manual (included with Sys0Decompiler), which I'm probably going to keep offline from now on, updating multiple sources was getting to be a bit much.

I've been documenting the changes for a while no, so no changelog this time. Hopefully these will work with most if not all system 3.0 games, but I intended to test that later.

Sys0Decompiler 0.7: MediaFire

SysEng 0.4: MediaFire

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 24 January 2020

System 3 Compilation, Part 6

Rance 4.1 porting is now complete. I've checked all its text and processes, everything is fine. The only reason I'm not releasing it right now is because it has so much in common with 4.2 that if 4.1 does have any problems I've overlooked, I may catch them when testing the sequel. They'll be released simultaneously.

A lot of my work in 4.2 will be copying over fixes from 4.1, but it's sure to have a few of its own problems. I dread testing the slot machine.

Fixed a major decompiler/compiler bug with calculations. Expanded and repaired SysEng's support for custom fonts in the menu. Also fixed SysEng's handling of escape characters in the M command. Ed. Forgot to mention: the scene where Silbarrel's face fills the screen caused her sprite to dis…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 22 January 2020

System 3 Compilation, Part 5

The problem behind the graphical errors in the previous post turned out to have a common origin. I can't make out what TODO was trying to do with this one, if any programmers are reading this, take a look, would you?

At multiple places in the code, TODO applies a bitwise mask, 0xFFF8, on the x-coordinate or horizontal width value of a propery (ie: "xCoord & 0xFFF8"). These instances include:

  • Defining a new menu box: applies to X-coord and "EX" coord (the coordinate of the far right side, used to calculate width).
  • Defining a new message box: applies to x-coord and ex-coord.
  • When copying an image: applies to x-coord and ex-coord.
  • When setting text output coords: x-coord only, no ex-coord involved.

The mask is not applied in "column mode," when hor…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 21 January 2020

System 3 Compilation, Part 4

Fixed a few more problems today.

I've had to update the decompiler to deal with the way AliceSoft handles gaiji. Gaiji were - and "were" is the key word here - any externally-defined character not part of the Shift-JIS standard. Alicesoft defines them in the GAIJI.DAT file included with a small handful of System 3.0 games, and they range from Latin characters that could be easily replaced to custom glyphs that absolutely can't. The trouble is: gaiji don't exist in modern Shift-JIS, and haven't for years. This means that unless you're localizing in unusual circumstances, your editor is going to overwrite the gaiji codes with whatever modern character your encoding set thinks they are. What we need is for the gaiji to stay as nothing but hex v…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 20 January 2020

System 3 Compilation, Part 3

I've come up with a fix for the image problem, which was further-reaching than I had expected, though the solution is a little inconvenient. Beyond System 1, TTSys determines what game you're playing by calculating a cyclic redundancy check, and uses that to determine if it should employ and game-specific differences - like a transparency change that was missing in Rance 4.1. Unfortunately, the check will fail if we modify the game's code, and that's what happens during localization. As a result, I've had to bring over the preprocessor defs from System 1 to do the job, which means any localization job will have to know to add the things. But they do work, which is the best I can say at this point. Really got to get started on a full locali…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 16 January 2020

System 3 Compilation, Part 2

The text transfer appears to have gone well, so now on to the issues.

For some reason, my localized code is causing some of the images to show up wrong? Not sure how that's even possible considering I haven't touched the image code, and why only some of them? Going to try comparing the runs of the patched and unpatched games to see what's going differently.

Music won't play without an _imnn patch, but since I'd have to apply the patch every time I rebuild the SysEng code it's not worth it at present. Should probably test to make sure it's working, though. If it doesn't... the files are already external for imnn's sake, would it kill me to add a modern audio DLL or something?

TTSys' rather peculiar and complex text drawing routines aren't comp…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 15 January 2020

System 3.0 Compilation, Part 1

So, we begin the next wave.

System 1 has some good older games in it, but as some of my follow-up posts should show, it was kind of dodgy and super-inconsistent. Now we hop ahead to System 3.0, Alicesoft's first attempt to standardize. If everything goes well, prepping for System 3.0 should unlock every single game on the platform for localization in one sweep, from Prostudent G to Ayumi-chan's Story Live Action. And I should be able to find any problems if some of the games go wrong.

This update to Sys0Decompiler provides "first draft" support for System 3.0 decompilation and compilation, as well as a change to how we handle $ statements in all versions. But like with Little Vampire, I'll want to test System 3.0 support on a full project. T…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 15 January 2020

A Quick Look at the Toushin Toshi Hint Disk

The Toushin Toshi Hint Disk has two big problems:

  1. Its opening crawl is seemingly defined into the program itself, and I can't find its text anywhere, meaning that not only would it have to be recreated by hand, but an actual person who can read Japanese would have to translate it.
  2. It uses a lot of custom Y commands. It's possible that some of these were used in Rance I, II or TT1 itself, none of which TODO bothered to recreate (although it might be worth checking them as a last resort), but for our purposes they're new.

This is just going to be a quick survey of the Y commands. I don't intend to spend much time on them at the moment, since the first problem is such a big hurdle that I don't really intend to work on this for the time being, but …

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 13 January 2020

Sys0Decompiler Update

This is the latest release of Sys0Decompiler and its source, version 0.5. It provides support for most of AliceSoft's System 1 games, though in some cases you may have to mind additional steps that I'll discuss below.

Download: MediaFire

As an overview:

  • The Windows/DOS versions of Little Vampire, Crescent Moon Girl, DPS, and the Toushin Toshi Hint Disk will decompile without additional fuss.
  • Dangerous Tengu Legend contains what I've dubbed "junk code": code that exists beyond the EOF character that normally divides source code in an DAT archive. Page 0's junk code is actually valid, which the decompiler will tell you if you decompile it. This junk code must be extracted using a feature I've added: Advanced Settings -> Output Junk Code. I recomm…
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RottenBlock RottenBlock 9 January 2020

Little Vampire - English Release!

This is an English translation and port of Little Vampire, the second and last game in the Miki and Kentarou series by ChampionSoft (later AliceSoft) dev team BASE2. Miki and Kentarou's adventures would later be adapted into the backstory of the Rance series. The game is based on the 16-bit DOS version but is now compatible with modern Windows machines, is fully translated, and features numerous bug fixes. Unlike other AliceSoft games, there is no need to run the game in Japanese compatibility mode.

Download: MediaFire

The original version of Little Vampire has been released free-to-play by Alicesoft. For a copy of the original Japanese-language version, see here:

  • 1 General Advice
  • 2 Spoiler Hints
  • 3 Author's Notes and Ackno…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 9 January 2020

Alice in Kaeru nyo Land Patch 1

This is the first patch on the road to localizing Alice in Kaeru nyo Land. On the user side, it doesn't actually "do" anything (except to localize a loading message you'll barely see while booting the game), but on the developer side it finally allows the game's source to be modified and the game to be localized. If I may, it fought like a fucking tiger to prevent it, but we're past that now.

This patch requires the DLC graphic and wav files, and requires you not have the DLC source files. I hope to simplify that later. For the time being: install all the DLC (MEGA), but then delete the かえるにょ国にょアリスS files (SA, SB, SC, SD, and SE). Then, use the patch from this post (SA) as a standalone. You must also replace the System39.exe file with the one f…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 7 January 2020

Alice Nyo Decompile, Part 2

Looking back on an older project (honestly hoping to finish up with it, but no luck on that front), I've made a little more progress with the ever-faulty Alice in Kaeru nyo Land code. Like a caveman beating a shotgun against a rock, I've eventually learned some should have been obvious features in ALDExplorer that allowed me to stick the game's code into one file. This has fixed the errors with the DLC's TALK##.ADV files. I've also got enough of a grasp on System 3.5's hellish array and loop code to suggest that the MINE##.ADV files, which looked to have errors similar to the TALK files, are actually correct. Go figure.

The biggest problem now are external file reference errors. Good results here! Combining the files fixed several of the erro…

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RottenBlock RottenBlock 6 January 2020

System 1 Compilation, Part 9

While I started work on System 3.0 the other day, adding untested support for all of its commands (one of them is gonna be trouble), I want to tidy up any remaining mess in System 1 before moving on, especially if it uncovers any errors that might exist in System 3.0.

To this end, I want to get to the point where Sys0Decompiler is able to decompile and compile every remaining game in the set to new-style code. I've updated the program to properly address $ commands, which were all wrong, and to also handle multiple DISK files correctly. Unfortunately, we're having various problems (which, among other things, is why I'm not uploading the fixed code). I also haven't had a chance to check out the new, maintained version of TTSys that ヌヌハラ pointe…

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FixSRwiki FixSRwiki 2 January 2020

100 or more problems with SR

SR is not a perfect game. For fun, I started listing anything that bothered me about it. As I dug more in to the code, this quickly became a big list of just about everything weird about the game and I got sick of it taking up room in my notes. Hopefully there's no duplicates here. Enjoy! I'll try to update this when I find more.

  1. Where you need to go to get the lemons is only said to you once; there's no menu where you can double-check or be reminded.
  2. Even if you remember where the lemons are, you could easily mess it up by not realising that you need to do the dungeon.
  3. The game's mechanics simply aren't explained.
  4. 3G lies to you about how the Battle Permits work. He tells Rance that they shouldn't be given to your worst commanders, when that'…
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RottenBlock RottenBlock 27 December 2019

System 1 Compilation/Little Vampire, Part 8

Thanks to Wiki Restoration Committee and LAMGAV, I'm now at the 100% translated, 0% edited stage for Little Vampire. You can play the game from start to finish!

At this point, all that's left to do is to spice up the writing and then test everything again to make sure I didn't break anything while spicing up the writing. Any additional input on my previous post about Laris would still be appreciated if there's anything left to say.

It's unlikely that any System-related or compiler/decompiler-related problems will crop up from this point on, so I may wander off to work on System 3.0 compilation from time to time (or to investigate the known errors TTSys/SysEng has with other System 1 programs like Alice's Cottage or the TT hint disk), but I'l…

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