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Tsuruko Haruma
Japanese 春馬鶴子
Romanization Haruma Tsuruko
Tsuruko Haruma Portrait
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World World of Beat Wars Escalation Heroines
Appeared in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines


Blade Tsuruko real name (Tsuruko Haruma) is a member of SOHA JOGENSHU in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines. She is a noisy and energetic girl who has no regard for other people's personal space.

Personality and Appearance[]

Tsuruko travels across the country supporting local festivals. During these festivals she plays drums and sings. She loves to introduce new people to festivals.

In combat she fights with a large hammer that also functions as a large drum and a giant gauntlet that she uses as a shield. She also uses the sounds she creates using the drum which also damages opponents.

Tsuruko is a girl with short brown hair and eyes. She is tanned and has tan lines. She normally wears a very short and tied up happi coat, a chest wrap, and fundoshi underwear. She wears a rope type hachimaki headband, bandage wraps and her arms and feet and sandals.

As Blade Tsuruko her hair does not change but her eyes become red. She gets a bandage wrap around her chest, a longer happi coat, and the same fundoshi. She gains a large ordinate metal gauntlet and metal leg guards. She wears an ordinate drum on her head, caries drum sticks on her back, and wears thigh high socks with red sandals.


  • She is one of the three units that can be chosen when you first start the game along with Valkyrie Skater and Beat Biker Mach.
  • As of 5/15/2022 Beat Blades Tsuruko has 2 playable units in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines.(2 R rarity)