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Fuwawa Yamamori
Japanese 八馬森ふわわ
Romanization Yamamori Fuwawa
Fuwawa Yamamori Portrait
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World World of Beat Wars Escalation Heroines
Appeared in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines


Blade Fuwawa real name (Fuwawa Yamamori) is a member of SOHA JOGENSHU in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines. She works with her husband Shige in their bakery but has a dark past.

Personality and Appearance[]

Fuwawa grew up and an abusive home which she eventually ran away from. Out on the street she turned to prostitution to survive. Eventually she was found by Soha Jogenshu and trained to take her life back and then married Shige and is helping him with his new bakery. She hides the fact that she is a Blade from her husband so he won't worry about her.

In combat she fights with a pair of knives.

Fuwawa is a girl with long brown hair which goes as low as her lower back and has brown eyes. She wears a green maid outfit with a maids headband. She wears white stockings and brown shoes. She also carries a straw basket with fresh produce from the bakery.

As Blade Fuwawa hear hair and eyes stay the same. She wears a revealing greenish-yellow cheongsam with a blue belt but still wears her maids headband. She wears white arm warmers and a white thong. She also wears white thigh-high stockings and brown sandals. She wields two knives one looking more like a Chefs knife and one which looks like a ninja knife.


  • Whenever Fuwawa sees people living carelessly or whining about simple things she will begin to get this shadowy look on her face and will begin to rant about how much contempt she has for such people.