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Japanese ビルナス
Romanization birunasu
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Warrior
World Toushin Toshi II setting
Affiliation Mizuhara Dojo
Appeared in Toushin Toshi II, Toushin Toshi Girls Gift
Mentioned in Toushin Toshi II - Soshite sorekara


Billnas is the ace student at the Mizuhara Dojo, a formidable warrior. Challenged by Instructor Mizuhara to win the Toushin Tournament, Billnas was promised the hand of Hazuki Mizuhara in marriage if he should win, and through her, the right to inherit the dojo itself. Assisted by the power of the dojo's most powerful technique, the Mizuhara Heaven Sword, Billnas quickly became the favorite to win the entire tournament.

Billnas' rival in the tournament was his fellow student, Seed Cashima, Hazuki's beloved. During the tournament, they routinely met, and during the course of the event, Billnas began a secret relationship with Seed's partner, Serena Phraze. While Billnas did not initially have faith in Seed as an opponent, and tried to keep he and Hazuki apart, Seed overcame numerous challenges and faced Billnas in the finals. Armed with the Mizuhara Fierce Sword, which could overcome Billnas' Heaven Sword, Billnas was defeated.

After the tournament, Billnas returned to the Mizuhara Dojo. When Seed did not return due to being imprisoned by Apros, Billnas was one of the few to maintain faith in his rival, believing something was wrong. While he did not appear to assist Hazuki in her attempt to find Seed, he was present after the fact to bring Hazuki and Seed home, and assisted in training Seed after his recovery.

Appearance and Personality[]

Billnas is a strong and firm warrior, though his face seems locked in a permanent scowl. He is never seen without full armor, which is steel and red, with two strips of white cloth that he wears over his shoulders like an unusual sort of cape. He wields two swords: one steel and one black.

Billnas is quiet, but tends towards stern and forceful when he is forced to speak. He is generally distant and overly formal around others, to the point consistently referring to Hazuki, the daughter of his master, as "Ms Hazuki" despite the two being partners in the tournament. When in private with Seed, however, Billnas adopts a more aggressive and antagonistic disposition, mocking him openly over his weakness and unlikely chances of defeating him. Despite this, he is shown to be a noble person at heart, as he did not lay a hand on the partners of any of his defeated opponents throughout the Toushin Tournament and was able to win the affections of Serena, who generally shows outspoken disgust when around men she dislikes.


Billnas was far more amicable towards Seed after the tournament.

While never stated outright, it is implied that Billnas' hostility toward Seed throughout the tournament was to some extent a ruse done in order to motivate the younger warrior into improving himself, as he only starts to display this behavior after he begins dating Seed's partner and older sister figure Serena, and is shown to be much more amicable toward him when they reunite after the tournament's conclusion. This is further supported if the player reads his mind during Seed's battle against him, where, despite his outward anger, he is simply shown to be thinking "You've become very strong." Billnas' hidden agenda is more concretely proven in the Tournament of the Gods OVA series, where he flashes a small smile after Seed defeats him and is described as having been Serena's co-conspirator during the epilogue. Even when in private with Serena, however, Billnas' expression remains dour, suggesting that his usual curtness is in fact genuine.


Billnas is an extremely powerful warrior, possibly one of the best in the world. He dual wields swords without the slightest inderance and easily defeated powerful and fan-favorite opponents such as Border Galois without much effort. With the help of the Mizuhara Heaven Sword, Billnas might not have even fallen to Seed's supernaturally-powerful Manslayer sword if not for the intervention of Serena Phrase giving Seed the Mizuhara Fierce Sword.

After the tournament, Billnas returned the Mizuhara Heaven Sword technique, but presumably remains formidable, likely second only to Hazuki herself.