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Urza's brother was a plain, unremarkable man, but he was always smiling and pleasant. If Urza was the sun, he was the moon. The one person Urza needed for support.

Kimchi Drive, on Bilfelm Pranaice.

Bilfelm Pranaice
Japanese ビルフェルム・プラナアイス
Romanization Biruferumu puranaaisu
Billferme Planeis
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Deceased
World The Continent
Affiliation Ice Flame, Pentagon, Zeth
Mentioned in Rance VI


Bilfelm Pranaice was the older brother of Urza Pranaice, one of the founding members of the Zeth-based activist group Ice Flame and a former member of the Pentagon's 8 Knights, the eight highest ranking individuals within the organization.

He was a well-respected member of the Pentagon when he served within it, and constantly supported his sister in reassuring their allies that equality could be achieved between magic and non-magic users through peaceful means, even in the face of the highly persuasive anti-mage arguments made by his colleague Nelson Server. Over time, however, the group began to be overtaken by Nelson's followers, who refused to accept any alternative to improving the rights of the lower class other than violence, reaching a point where Bilfelm lost his voice within the organization. Bilfelm, along with his parents and sister Urza, their close friend Daniel Safety and the handful of Pentagon officers who continued to believe in a non-violent solution to their problems, broke off from the Pentagon to form Ice Flame under the same principles that the Pentagon was initially founded with.

Tragedy would strike the Pranaice family not long after Ice Flame's founding, however, as Bilfelm, Urza and their parents fell into a trap set up by the Zeth Security Force while attempting a large scale rescue mission. While Bilfelm succeeded in allowing his sister to escape the attack, he and his parents were killed in the process. The trauma of witnessing his death deeply impacted Urza, whose legs became semi-permanently paralyzed as a result of the shock. While Urza's spirit was completely broken, she continued to diligently lead Ice Flame out of respect for Bilfelm and their parents.

Personality and Appearance[]

While Bilfelm himself makes no physical appearance throughout Rance VI, a sketch of him is featured in the guide book of the game. He is shown to have been a somewhat plain-looking young man with a square head, a pair of glasses, and a sincere-looking face with a kind smile.

Bilfelm was an extraordinarily kindhearted man who doubtlessly believed that Zeth could attain equality between magic and non-magic users through peaceful means. He worked tirelessly to support the lower class and disadvantaged people within the country by doing things such as organizing charity drives. Those who knew him would describe him as eternally optimistic and able to smile through even the greatest of hardships. These qualities would go on to inspire Urza, who found the courage to continue operating Ice Flame in order to uphold his legacy.


As he was killed before he was able to make an appearance, the full extent of Bilfelm's abilities are unknown. While he was able to attain the position of one of the 8 Knights of the Pentagon, this says little about his actual combat potential, as several of the Knights, including Admiral Nelson Server himself had unimpressive Level Caps. As his younger sister has an excellent Level Cap and a diverse skill set, however, it can be assumed that Bilfelm was at the very least a competent fighter. Outside of fighting, Bilfelm's ability to maintain the trust of several people enough to convince them to defect from the Pentagon to join Ice Flame shows that he was a talented and persuasive leader, though not to the same degree as either his sister or Nelson Server.


  • In an earlier draft of Rance VI's story, the Dark Lord Sieg was intended to take on Bilfelm's form in order to emotionally torture Urza. This was later scrapped for an unknown reason and Bilfelm would go on to make no physical appearance in the game at all.