The year 200X. All of a sudden, a large hole opened in the centre of Japan. It was called "The Hell Gate". At the same time as the appearance of the Hell Gate, due to a great natural disaster, the ground shifted, the seas created new paths, and Japan lost it's shape as an archipelago. At the same time, black crystals known as "B Crystals" started appearing in various places, and their B Power began to awaken strange powers in humans. People with abilities were referred to as Special Beings, and became the object of the people's hate and fear. Japan descended into a dark age, one of violence and fear, and foreign nations decided to isolate it. However, a year after the appearance of the Hell Gate, a man with a will of iron and exceptional skill in battle gathered all Japan's Special Beings and formed the School Student's Alliance, reviving law and order in Japan. However, that peace was never more than temporary...

- The Current Day

Ten years after the original School Student's Alliance (known as the Student's League) was founded in Okayama. Japan is split into four distinct areas. - Kanto is ruled by the PGG - Hokkaido is dominated by the Nightmare Eyes - Kansai is governed by the Defence Institute - Kyushu is still wracked by civil war

Until a year ago, the Student's League kept the balance of power between the four areas, but after Himenomiya Kouhi died, the balance began to fade and the areas began to dissolve into unrest.

A young man named Zanma Rouga appears at Seijou Academy. He is a transfer student, and introduces himself to the class in an outrageous fashion: "My name is Zanma Rouga. I am the man who will conquer Japan." So the story begins~ (aka too lazy to continue atm, maybe someone will take over)

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