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Skills that Affect the Party in Battle[]

These skills are triggered when the characters that have them are in the battle team. If two people in the same group have the same ability them only the strongest one will affect the team. However the same stat can be raised more than once by taking advantage of different skills (for instance if you group ginjou tomoka, who has tactical command, with someone that gives Ally Evasion +15 then your team will have +25 Evasion).

Ally Attack +
Increases the Attack power of team members.
Characters: Transforming Hero, Negishi Nanana (after 4th star clear)
Ally Hit +
Increases Hit of team members.
Characters: Shorko, Morisawa Marine, Magic Girl
Ally Evasion +
Increases Evasion of team members.
Characters: Saki, Amon Saito, Late Penguin
Ally Recovery +
Team members recover HPs between rounds. Amount healed is a percentage of Ally's current HP, not max HP.
Characters: Sonnet, Shirayuri Sayuri
Ally Counterattack +
Increases counterattack of all party members.
Characters: Miyazato Erika, Igarashi Koumi.
Enemy Counterattack -
Decreases enemy counterattack.
Characters: Woods Boss, Senpuuji Kyouko
Enemy Counterattack 1/2
Halves chance of enemy counterattack.
Characters: Senpuuji Yuuna
Enemy Counterattack x2
Doubles chance of enemy counterattack.
Characters: Negishi Nanana
Tactical Command
Team members hit, evasion, and counterattack +10.
Characters: Ginjou Tomoka
Ally experience +
Team members gain extra experience from battles.
Characters: Touma Kanata
Enemy capture +
Increased chance of capturing weakened enemies.
Characters: Francine, Misugi Ryoutarou
Can see which enemy is attacking next always.
Characters: Ijuin Tamari, Doumoto Mizuki (4th Star)
When combat is won, gives a +1 to the regional control. When combat is lost, the enemy receives a -1 to the regional control shifted over.
Characters: Hitani Mario

Individual Skills[]

Wolf Fang
3 Stamina. Pre-emptive strike for 1.5x damage. +20 Evasion. It's still subject to counters.
Characters: Rouga.
Gou's Ardent Fist
3 Stamina. Pre-emptive strike for 1.5x damage. +20 Evasion. Only available in the final battle.
Characters: Gou.
Super Evasion
Passive. Greatly increases the evasion of Tenrou Kunagi
Character: Tenrou Kunagi
Gentle Strike
1 Stamina. Deals 1/2 damage but can't kill the enemy (will leave with 1 HP if reduced below 0).
Character: Sanae
1 Stamina. Evades combat for that turn.
Character: male Yuuki
High chance to survive with 1 HP after being hit with a killing blow.
Characters: Heita, Kaen
Perfect Dodge
2 Stamina. Delivers a normal attack but raises EVA to the max.
Characters: Yamamoto Burai, Abao Akuu
Perfect Hit
2 Stamina. Standard damage, but raises HIT to the max.
Character: Kinako
Impregnable Defense
2 Stamina. Halves enemy damage, change own attack to 1.5x enemy's attack power. Only works on Short/Mid range enemies.
Character: Sanzou.
Passive. Whenever Daigo's HP is below 10, both his ATK and HIT are increased by 1.5x.
Character: Daigo.
Daigo Beam
7 Stamina. Pre-emptive strike that has a 50% fixed hit chance. Deals 50% damage of the target's max HP.
Character: Daigo

Domestic Skills[]

Skills that affect the region the character is stationed in.

Passive. Increases the loyalty of the units stationed in the same region.
Character: female Yuuki, Mogue Megumi.Daimao

Combat Skills[]

Special skills unique to the character.