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Status 2.PNG

  • EXP - Experience. Experience is needed for leveling up. Every level up, stats are increased within the bracketed range. HP (0-5), Attack (0-4), HIT (0-4), and Evasion (0-4). You will gain at least 1 stat per level up, and characters are more likely to increase in a stat they are already good at than one they are poor at. The left number is Current XP gained. The right number is Levelup XP. If Current XP gained is higher than Levelup XP that character will gain one level the next turn, and any XP in excess of the level up requirement is carried forward to Current XP the next turn. XP is mainly gained through battles, divided equally among the participants. The 6 main heroines can also gain XP through Dating events.
  • Loyality Gauge - There are four levels of Loyality: Trust (Blue), Friend (Green), Normal (Yellow), and Hostile (purple) . Each levels has its own rate of loss of loyalty each turn. If the party member's Loyality gauge reduced to zero, he/she will abandon you and never come back to rejoin. If the bar is red the random chance of that increase. You can regain Loyalty by talking in Conversation Phase, paying 50BP to completely regain it. Some star events can increase the level of the bond, not the bar. Some facilities and items can slow or restore some loyalty.
  • Health Points - If HP is reduced to zero, he/she will die. If that character stay out of battles and not station anywhere, (s)he regain 50% of their max HP per turn. Some character got skills that restore lost HP through direct battles. Rouga can restore his HP through H events with some heroines. One item can increase the HP regained through rest.
  • Special Skill - Effect varies with the characters. Some skills can be activated automaticaly, but some are always in effect (passive) and some are activated under certain conditions.
  • Stamina Points - Uses the Stamina Points to perform to attack to cost one Stamina Points or perform a special skill to cost more than one Stamina Points. 1 SP is recovered per turn if a character is station in a region, even if they engaged in battle. 2 SP are recovered if a character is not stationed anywhere. Rouga can recover his SP through H with one heroine. You can also buy back 3 SP in Conversation Phase (does not go beyond max). Some characters, normally those who start with very low SP, can gain one SP after certain numbers of lvlups. Most character also gain one SP after activating all star events. They can also start the game with one more SP than base stat after previously getting fully cleared.
  • Range - It have three type of Range; Short range, Middle range, and Long range. Longer ranged characters' attacks reach shorter ranged characters first, preventing them from continuing the attack unless they successfully counter.
  • Name of the Character - The party member's name
  • Star level - Clearing specific events with characters gives them stars. These stars boost stats, unlock skills or other advantages for certain characters, and by clearing all a characters stars they can be used in Extra Mode.
  • Attack - The amount of damage a character does with their normal attack.
  • HIT - The characters accuracy. Subtract the enemy's evasion from your character's HIT to find your character's chance at hitting the enemy.
  • Evasion - The character's ability to dodge attacks.
  • Law - The character's ability to keep the peace in the region they are stationed in.
  • Income - The amount of BP the character earns while stationed in a region. Note that characters cannot earn more than the region's total income limit.
  • Pay - How much BP the character takes as payment.
  • Counter - A hidden stat only seen during battle on the top right and left of the screen, it is the likelyhood that a character will continue attacking even if hit before they reach the enemy. As such, long ranged characters have little to no use for counter. Some special skills do not allow enemies to counter. Counter can be thought as a character's pain tolerance. As such, characters like Nanana have 0 counter while characters like Jinnai have 78% counter. Counter does not increase with level, and can only be increased through certain items, special abilities and strengthen mental training. Counter is reduced when a character's SP is currently below 4. The reduction is 10% for a character at 3 SP, 30% at 2 SP, and 40% at 1 SP.

Stars obtaining[]

  • First Star: HP +5
  • Second Star: Skill level 2 or EVA +5
  • Third Star: Either trust level goes up by one or Hit % +5
  • Fourth Star: Skill level 3 or Attack +10
  • Fifth Star: Stamina Point +1

Clear Starting Bonus:

  • 3 Star Bonus - 10 HP, 5 Attack, 5 Hit, 10 Law, 10 Income
    • Must be the 1, 2, and 3 Star, not any 3 Stars
  • 5 Star Bonus - 20 HP, 10 Attack, 10 Hit, 20 Law, 20 Income, 1 Stamina
    • Does not stack with 3 Star Bonus

Increase stats / Trainer's training[]

Status Increase.PNG

  • Strengthen Body 1 - Depending on the current levels of HP, ATK, HIT, and EVA increases the BP cost to upgrade those same stats
  • Strengthen Body 2 - Depending on the current levels of HP, ATK, HIT, and EVA increases the BP cost to greatly upgrade those same stats
  • Strengthen Mind 1 - 100 BP cost to boost by 5 or 10 points increase in LAW and INC and 1 or 2 point decrease in Pay, additionally you gain 1 to 5 points in counter. Require a certain event.
  • Strengthen Mind 2 - Depending on how many BP cost to increase points greatly in LAW, INC and decrease Pay points. Require a certain event.
  • Bonus - Pay 50 BP to reset the loyality gauge fully
  • Recover HP - Pay 100 BP to heal HP points fully
  • Recover SP - Pay 100 BP to recover Stamina points by 3 points
  • Anti-Normal - Pay 1000, 2000, 3000 or higher BP to gain the Anti-Normal type to fight against enemies with Normal type
  • Anti-White B - Pay 1000, 2000, 3000 or higher BP to gain the Anti-White B type to fight against enemies with White B type
  • Anti-Black B - Pay 1000, 2000, 3000 or higher BP to gain the Anti-Black B type to fight against enemies with Black B type
  • Anti-Supernatural - Pay 1000, 2000, 3000 or higher BP to gain the Anti-Supernatural type to fight against enemies with Supernatural type
  • Anti-Machine - Pay 1000, 2000, 3000 or higher BP to gain the Anti-Machine type to fight against enemies with Machine type
  • Anti-Demonic - Pay 1000, 2000, 3000 or higher BP to gain the Anti-Demonic type to fight against enemies with Demonic type

Range type[]

There are three types of Range:

  • Short Range
  • Middle Range
  • Long Range

Range affects when a character attacks. With Long Range, they attack immediately, but with Medium and Short Range they must move closer. It is possible that they can be hit before their attack. At this point, they will either counter or the turn will end without their attack.

Some skills are pre-emptive, meaning they happen immediately, regardless of either characters' range. Rouga, Kuga, and Vandain have skills of this type. With Kuga's skill, the opponent is always unable to counter, regardless of their counter rate.

Alignment type[]

The symbols to the right of the character's name tell you their alignment type, and anti-alignment types: Normal (Green Ball), White B (White Star), Black B (Blue Star), Supernatural (Yellow Star), Machine (Tool), and Demonic (Purple Star).

The symbol immediately right of the character name is the character's alignment type, while the (mostly) grayed out symbols to the right of that are its anti-alignments. Any non grayed out symbol means that character possesses that particular anti-alignment. If a character is anti a certain alignment, it gains a bonus of 30 to HIT, Evasion, and Counter Rate when fighting enemies of that alignment. In combat this is represented by a brief white flash around the character when it starts fighting.

Useful tactics[]

You can beat enemies without getting hit by using Range type and Anti-Alignment types.

Make sure to know their Range type and Anti-Alignment types to be prepared to fight enemies.