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Game Flow[]

In one turn, there are phases set by the game.

  • Menu Screen Phase
  • Event in Rouga Teams Phase
  • Income and Expenditure Phase (every 4 turns)
  • Prison Phase
  • Info Phase
  • Territory Phase
  • Teammate Conversation with Rouga Phase
  • Unit Deployment Phase
  • Invasion Phase
  • Foreign Territories Phase

Menu Screen Phase[]

You can load or save your game progress, view the FAQ, the gallery and a list of the characters you've cleared.

Event in Rouga Teams Phase[]

Also called "beginning of turn" events, they occur automatically without any player input, however they are often decided by previous game events (conversations, state of the map, current unit position...). They can consist of obligatory story related events, random asides or events necessary for character clears (see Character Walkthrough)

Income and Expenditure Phase[]

This phase only appears in the District and National stages, and shows up every 4 turns (thus it occurs on every turn divisible by 4). This is when BP is being collected by your people stationed throughout your territories, the income of your buildings is used and the unit pay and debt interest is substracted.

During this phase you may fire units to cut down on expenses if you find it's putting you too much into the red, without affecting the current income, as the money has already been collected. (Note, to collect the money, the units must be stationed BEFORE the turn occurs, so if the phase occurs on turn 40, place your units at turn 39).

Prison Phase[]

You can either persuade the prisoner to join your forces (説得), interrogate them (尋問), or release them for BP (釈放). You can have a maximum of 79 units on your team. Any additional ones will meet with 'accidents' and leave your team roster at the beginning of the next turn, starting from those at the bottom of the conversation list. Interrogation is required for certain events. Each interrogation also has a small chance of gaining you an item. The amount of BP obtained upon release is predetermined by the unit type.

Info Phase[]

Zanma Gou (Rouga's brother) will update you on what has happened on the map and/or give you other information, reminding you of ongoing wars, the increase or decrease of order and income in different regions, informing you of any discoveries on the map he's made with the Explore Skill or reminding you of the upcoming income phase.

Territory Phase[]

During the territory phase, you can select a location to visit from the map, which brings you to the location screen. It allows you to build the buildings once they've been unlocked (National Chapter), restore the peace, do public service (eg: collecting the rubbish thrown on the street and find small amounts of BP), and other places you can visit to trigger some events. If you have the Cube, important events will be denoted by a (☆). (Note: some building suppressions are important for certain events, but the suppression will not be represented by a star).


Location Screen

After selection a location, the upper-left icon and the green/red bar next to it shows how many turns you have left.

The top green button allows to construct buildings, only possible in National Stage. The second button restores the region to Peace for 10 BP, available from District stage. The bottom button per-left green button is "public service".

Underneath the picture of the classroom are two minor structures, the Library and the Third Floor Classroom. These structures would give you extra income if you were in the district stage or beyond, and if they are supressed. The box next to the two structures is empty and you can add a structure to it in the district stage.

The yellow and red rectangles relate to resources. The yellow rectangle shows the maximum amount of resources you can acquire and the red how much resources you are acquiring at the moment.

The lower-right section: Going from left to right going downwards: Number of captains, the current turn, number of captives, and the amount of BP you have.

Unit Deployment Phase[]


Deployment Screen

Deploy your unit which area to attack, or for collecting BP

Attack & Counter Attack Phase[]


Battle Screen

During the Attack Phase, only one area can be chosen to attack each turn. However, during the Counter Attack Phase, the enemy may attack you multiple times. Each fight will require you to spend 10 BP.

The game uses a score system to determine the result of the fight.

  • Hitting an enemy or using a skill gives you 1 point
  • Killing an enemy gives you 2 points

At the end of the battle, the game checks to see who has more points.

  • For a victory margin less than 5 points, it's a Minor Victory, and the winning side gains one control point for that area.
  • For a victory margin of 5 points or more (or if one side completely killed off the other side), it's a Major Victory, and the winning side gains two control points for the area. Retreating is considered a Major Victory for the opponent.
  • For battles where one side didn't have anybody present, it's a Win without a Fight, which gives the winning side 3 control points for the area.
  • Capturing enemy units is an important part of the game. After you acquire the jailer, capturable enemy units with less than 10 hp remaining have a chance of being captured. The chance is 100% at 1 hp and decreases by 10% for every additional hp above 1 the enemy has.

Territory Info and Options[]

Region Income[]

Noted by the yellow and orange numbers in the location screen (or the last set of numbers on the deployment screen). This represents how much you are earning / the maximum income from a particular region. Every unit has an income stat which tells how much money they collect from the region they're occupying. The yellow number represents the combined earning total of all units posted in a region. Ideally, you want this number to be as close to the orange number as possible when the income and expenditures phase comes around, so plan out how your troops are positioned the round before.
The maximum income of a region can be increased by suppressing buildings in the region. If the building has an income bonus, you'll see it show up as an orange number on the location screen.

Regional Public Peace[]

Noted by the blue number (or the number by the face on the deployment screen). This number represents the chance that the region will revolt against your control. The maximum peace for a region is 99. Every unit has a peace rating, and the blue number is the total peace for the region. Any number under 90 or so has a chance of declining peace (the face will change from happy to normal to angry). As peace declines, the region may develop a peace problem (a skull will appear on the region). If peace declines further, the region may be attacked by an independent force (usually rats). If a skull appears, it's best to "pacify" the region (on the location screen, this is the middle green button). You'll spend 10BP, but the skull will be gone.
The base Public Peace for a region can be increased. Some regions have buildings that have a peace bonus when occupied (noted by the blue number under the building on the region info screen). Also, some buildings that you can build work to increase the base peace of the region.


After triggering the appropriate event in 伊我 (Hanny engineering works visit ハニー土木訪問), you will be able to build in a region (provided there's an empty square to build in). Some building have important benefits, and are well worth the investment. To build in a region, select the top green button on the region info screen. In order from upper left to bottom right:

  • Curry Wolf: One of the best investments for those who burn through their BP too fast. Cost 100BP to build, but each one earns 50BP per income phase. To be able to build it, you must fist conquer Yokohama (Immediately to the west of your starting region in the National Phase). Trigger the event Suppression: Curry museum 制圧:カレー美術館 to control the Curry Museum. Now trigger the event Curry カレー. Now you can build Curry Wolf Restaurants. Note: You can increase the earnings of Curry Wolf by triggering the Research Curry カレーの研究 regional events in Nigata (新型) (+10), Narra (七良), Sangoku (三国), MOO!, and Ezo (エゾ) (+5). Each event will increase the BP earned per income phase.
  • Hanny Engineering Branch Office: Cost 10BP to build, earns 50 BP per finance phase. Cheaper than Curry Wolf, but loyalty of units posted in the region drops faster. To build, trigger "Consult Hanny Engineering (ハニー土木に相談) in Ika.
  • Mu-Land: Received by recruiting Great Emperor Mu (ムー大帝). Talk to Great Emperor Mu twice to be able to build it. Cost 500BP to build, earns per +2000 income in the income phase. Also recovers the loyalty of allies posted in the region. You can build only one.
  • Poster: Costs 30BP, permanently increases the public peace in the region by +50. No prerequisite.
  • Scarecrow: Costs 50BP, permanently increases the public peace in the region by +75. No prerequisite.
  • Camp: Costs 50BP. Slows loyalty drop for units in region. No prerequisite.
  • Lounge: Costs 500BP. Greatly slows loyalty drop for characters in region. No prerequisite.
  • Hot Spring: Costs 800BP to build, can only build one. Units posted in the region will slowly recover loyalty. To build, suppress Narra (七良). Around turn 41, trigger the event School excursion 修学旅行 and choose the first option. You will receive the seed of the hot spring. When the moon is full, the event Flower in hot spring 温泉の花 will appear in Narra. Trigger it to be able to build the Hot Spring. you can build only one.