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For a detailed explanation of each character's requirements for recruitment and completion, see Character Walkthrough.

Chart KeyEdit

Light gray box: character only available in Kunagi's route.

Light blue box: character only available in Senna's route.

Pointed arrow: direct dependency for completion, not necessarily required for recruitment.

Arrow with R: direct dependency for recruitment.

Circle arrow: denies recruitment of character that the circle points to.

Square arrow: denies completion of character that the square points to.

C: clears. Specifically, Ren must be allowed to die in order to clear Kyouko.

Teal numbers: out of four options, one character is required to clear Yuuki.

Magenta numbers: out of eight options, one character is required to clear Koumei.

Red and green numbers: for two separate character checks of Sanzou, one from each of the two groups of three characters is required for his clear.

WN: unique White Ninja unit required for NC Zakuro clear.

A: generic animals required for Mio clear. Specifically, you need a Dog, Cat, Monkey, and Panda.

X: Zanma Gou's Explore ability is required for character clear and possibly recruitment as well.

ZR: Zanma Rouga is specifically required for character clear.


Recruitment can also mean survival to the end. For instance, Sparn must leave when clearing Kuga.


Double-sided circles means that two characters are mutually exclusive - if you recruit one, you can't recruit the other. For instance, you must choose either Erika and her gang or the Nakanishi sisters in the School Chapter. It is not possible to have both.

A circle and an arrow can mean a character must leave in order to clear another one, not necessarily that the character cannot be recruited in the first place. For instance, Daimao will cease to be playable when clearing Kaguya.

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