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Japanese ベゼルアイ
Romanization bezeruai
Race Gods
Age / Birth +3500 / SS???
Sex Female
Ht. / Wt. 172cm (adult)
132cm (small)
Status Alive
Class Four Holy Gal Monsters
World The Continent
Affiliation ???
Appeared in Rance X


Bezeleye The Strength is one of the Four Holy Gal Monsters. A mature looking woman boasting a long red hair and a regal dress, judging from looks alone she appears to be much older than the other Holy Mothers of Monsters. She has two horns on either side of her head and is seen carrying a massive greatsword larger than her own body with a single hand, suggesting that she possesses a remarkable amount of physical strength. She was created by the Gods around the same time as humans in order to give birth to the 3rd Generation of Monsters, making her one of the most important figures on the mortal realm.

At some point in the past a mad scientist that longed for power and domination called Professor Bambara managed to capture Bezeleye and forced her to copulate with a wide array of Insects such as Cows, Pigs and even Elephants. As a result of these experiments of his, she gave birth to several species of Guy Monsters that the professor would name after himself. Among the species she breeded the most well-known are the Ham Bambara, the Cow Bambara and the Elephant Bambara, but there's probably more as well who might or might not have gone extinct. While these races were formed by the professor to serve as his personal army, these races are now found everywhere in The Continent and take part as one of the hundreds of species of Guy Monsters merely living their lives. It is unknown what happened with the professor or with Bezeleye.


  • At some point during the development of Rance 5A, Bezeleye was intended to be make appearance as the main heroine of the game before it was cancelled.