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Ben Quixote
Japanese ベン・キホーテ
Romanization Ben Quixote
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
World World of Eve
Affiliation El Quixote
Appeared in Evenicle


Ben Quixote is the current king of El Quixote. His current heir is his nephew, Pancho Quixote, who is coincidentally married to Ben's previously unknown daughter, Lorenzo Kalar. The kingdom of El Quixote has prospered under his rule, though he owes a great deal to the Bigbux Company for bringing in money through their production of modern plastics. His reign saw a great deal of upheaval, thanks in a large part ot the president of said company, Rocinante, a member of the Snake Crest.

Rocinante was able to manipulate the king using his economic power and his knowledge of the secret of the infamous, El Quixote Monster Burrow, silently directing the kingdom of El Quixote to war with Kalar Village. After Aster and his family were able to launch a counter-publicity campaign, Rocinante had King Ben kidnapped and taken to the Burrow, where Aster rescued him. With the crisis over, Ben was able to end the multi-generation lie about the Monster Burrow, nationalized the Bigbux Company, and also to improve relations with the Kalars.

Personality and Appearance[]

Getting along in years, King Ben is wily but exhausted by his numerous political comprimises, including the secret of the Monster Burrow. He was even afraid of the chance that his (unnamed) sons might take over the throne in his place, choosing to pass his power to Pancho, instead. Unfortunately, these pressures told when Rocinante applied his expert manipulative skills, and the kingdom nearly fell into war as a consequence.

Quite in contrast to his haggard, everyday persona, Ben has something of a schoolboy crush on Queen Mertel Kalar, the mother of their daughter, Lorenzo, dating back to their youth. Both of them have expressed an interest in continuing the relationship.


Ben is a reasonably competent politician and administrator, emphasized especially in how he and his government seized control of the Bigbux Company after the death of Rocinante without any major hiccups. As monarch of El Quixote, Ben presumably possess an artifact that can create new knights for his country, though it is never seen.