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Bee Girl
Japanese ハチ女
Romanization hachi onna
Race Monster
Sex Female
Class Gal Monster
World The Continent
Appeared in Rance I, Rance III, Toushin Toshi, Toushin Toshi II, Toushin Toshi Girls Gift, Rance IV, Rance 01, Rance 03, Dungeons & Dolls, Persiom, Ouji-sama Lv1



The Bee Girl is a monster that belongs to the class of Gal Monsters, noted for being the smallest type of Gal Monster that has been discovered and registered.

Their length is, more or less, only 25 cm and can be grabbed in a man's hand. They usually live in big communities and form swarms of at least three Bee Girls flying around. Sometimes, one Bee Girl can be seen alone, but this is fairly rare. They usually live in forests or in locations close to them that have abundant vegetation. In appearance, they all have pink hair, antenas and a sting on their rear, combined with fast wings and a clothing that resembles a swimsuit.

Despite their small bodies, they are pretty aggressive and violent monsters, usually attacking those that look like they could be dangerous. They are pretty scared of humans or other such creatures due to the gigantic difference in size. Individually, they are not very powerful but they are very annoying opponents since they are so small and fast, and landing hits on them is an extremely difficult task if one doesn't use magic.


A captured Bee Girl can fit in one's hand.

They fight with small sharp spears, and will charge at full speed towards their opponents, landing a powerful blow despite their size. An inexperienced and low leveled adventurer would most likely die or be forced to retreat if he encountered a single Bee Girl, but for those of a higher level, only big swarms of Bee Girl will represent a threat. There's a more powerful version of the Bee Girl called Wasp Girl, whose bodies are bigger and more fit than the average Bee Girl, granting them a higher physical strength that makes them very dangerous to most humans. 

Since Bee Girls' bodies are so small, it is probably one of the few species of Gal Monsters that cannot be H'd by humans, if not the only one. While they do have a vagina, humans can at best only use the tip of their fingers to sexually fondle them. It is unknown what race of Guy Monster they use for copulation and reproduction.


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  • Bee Girls are the only race of Gal Monsters that humans can't have sex with, but Gal Monster Dealers still buy them from adventurers, so they do have some use as demonstrated by the trainer Tamanegi who trained one to have excellent finger technique.
  • The former Hero, Arios Theoman, was absolutely terrified of Bee Girls, to the point he was never capable of confronting one, let alone engaging one in battle.
  • In the Rance 03 Popuarity Poll they tied for 19th with the Were-Race-Queen in the Gal Monsters category.