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Beat Wars Escalation Heroines
Beat Wars Escalation Heroines - banner
Game Mechanics

Main Menu[]

This section will give a basic guide on the main menu of Beat Wars Escalation Heroines.


Using the image above as a guide we will give a brief explanation on what each element on the main menu screen does starting from the bottom left going counter clockwise.

  • Bottom left shirt and change icon changes the character displayed and the outfit the character is wearing.
  • To the right is the Information: Current updates/events, Mission: Achievements, Present: Gifted Items.
  • Further to the right is the Event Banner that takes you to the current event.
  • Bottom right menu button displays limited items/resources.
  • Near the top right the box with the gift icons has limited time collectables.
  • Top right Icons are Warehouse: character equipment, Shopping Cart: Buy premium items/currency, Gears: game settings.
  • Top left plus icon takes you to where you can choose a character to get a defeat CG when doing a quest.

Hexagon Icons

  • The Brown Hexagon above the Present button takes you to the item shop/exchange.
  • The Red Hexagon take you to the Gacha page.
  • The Blue Hexagon takes you to the CG/story page.
  • The Yellow Hexagon takes you to the main quest page.
  • The Purple Hexagon takes you to the block puzzle page.
  • The Green Hexagon takes you to the character enhancement page.
  • The Speech Bubble to the left of the Green Hexagon shows the character list/purchase.
  • The Event Icon in the middle of the page surrounded by the hexagons takes you to the currently running event.



The questing in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines consists of story, daily, and event quests. The image above shows the quest type navigation menu and the quest types are set from left to right.


The Main Story Quest is separated into individual areas set in a spiral pattern. When starting the main quest you start with Area 1 then to Area 2 and so on. Each area has anywhere from 8-12 quests and as you complete quests you will unlock parts of the story. Each quest requires stamina and stamina is gained over time or by using stamina replenishing items. You can also set the difficulty of the story quest using the button on the bottom left. The difficulty modes are Normal, Hard, and Extra and you can only access the harder difficulty modes once you have beaten the quest on the previous difficulty. The plus sign on the bottom right is also a place where you can set a character so you can get their defeat CG.


Daily quests are changed daily and provide different rewards. These daily quests consist of endurance matches where your units have to defeat a large number of opponents without running out of units. Each day you will gain 2 daily quest attempts and you can have a maximum of 4 attempts. You can also use an item which looks like a doll of Reset Kalar in order to give yourself extra chances to do daily quests. This is useful because you are not guaranteed to get the reward when completing the quest. The reward and the percentage chance of getting the reward is listed in the box to the left.


Event quests are run for 1 - 2 weeks and usually have a character unit as a reward for participation. There a many different kinds of events but, almost all of them have an event currency which you use in order to purchase the new unit or any items that are also listed to buy. Many event quests also have stories that you can unlock as you play them.



The combat in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines mainly involves your character units fighting enemy npcs in an automatic battle. When starting combat you will only have a few characters out for combat. As the battle continues the characters in the next line will begin to have a countdown in the form of the red tint over the character slowly disappearing. Once the red tint disappears the character will come onto the field and help fighting. As the characters fight there are a few elements you are going to want to pay attention to.

First the green and orange bar on the left. This is a progress meter. The green meter represents time and the orange meter shows the percentage complete. This also matches the enemy count and timer on the top left. In certain battles the green progress meter will have stopping points. If the orange bar does not pass these stopping points before the green bar reaches it the quest will be failed.

Another element to look at is the character cards because below and around the character cards there are bars. The bar which is right below the character card is the characters stamina/health. As the fight goes on and as the character takes damage those bars will begin to decrease. When the bar runs out the character is knocked out. The bar that runs around the character card builds as the battle goes on and represents the characters ultimate attack. Once the bar is full the character will be able to do their ultimate attack.


One thing to keep in mind as the battle goes on is how enemies and your units spawn onto the battlefield. The enemy NPC's teleport into position and can begin attacking the moment they appear. Your units can not do this. The character units have to run from the right side of the screen and then get to a certain point on the field before they are able to attack. This can cause a problem because the enemies can attack your units while they are running into place. If you are not paying attention you can find yourself in a situation where you have no units on the field and the NPC's have full units and your character can never make it into the attack position before the enemies defeat them.

This is why you need to pay attention to how much stamina your characters have. If one of your character on the field has low stamina it is often a good idea to remove them by dragging the character card down which will open that space for the next character in line. Also notice how there are little blue and yellow triangles on the top left of the character cards. You can have as many character cards with blue triangles on the field as you like however, you can only have 3 character cards with yellow triangles at a time. If you already have 3 character cards with yellow triangles on the top left of their cards on the field and the next character card in line also has the yellow triangle they will NOT come onto the field. You will need to clear them from the line by dragging the character card down which will move the line to the next character.


When you win the battle you will be given coins and treasure chests and you will also gain player level experience.

Block Puzzle[]


The Block Puzzle in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines is used to obtain items, equipment, and character enhancement material. The goal of the block puzzle is similar to Tetris where you want to fill rows on the panel with blocks so they will disappear. You will also want to clear multiple rows at a time in order to get a multiplier on the rewards you get when completing a row. Occasionally special items will also appear on the panel.


As seen in the image above the block puzzle mainly consists of a panel of spaces and blocks where you need to take the block from the bottom right box and slot it into one of the spaces on the panel. You can only place blocks in the lit up and open spaces on the panel. The darker parts of the panel can not be used until they are activated. You can use the arrows underneath the bottom right box in order to rotate block so it can fit into different locations however, this will cost you coins.

Further underneath the arrows is a white number which shows how many blocks can be slotted before the bottom row is destroyed. If the bottom row is destroyed the character enhancement material will still be obtained but you wont get any multiplier bonus and any special items in the bottom row will be lost.


The top right box shows the image and value of the block in the bottom right box. This item can be sold for coins as seen in the image above or be converted into active spaces as seen in the image below. Occasionally you will receive a special item which gives you a third option near the top of the top right box. There are three kinds of special items. Character Equipment which can be saved and put into storage to equip to your characters later. Baseball Bat which will give you the option to chose an active row to clear. This is useful if you want to make sure that you obtain items on the panel. Lastly, you can get Player Experience Items which increases your player level.


In order to obtain these blocks/items they come from the treasure chests you get by completing quests. The blocks and items you receive from these treasure chests are randomized. What is also randomized is how many blocks appear (Anywhere from 1-5), the shape of the blocks, and the color.

The colored blocks when cleared give character enhancement material which can be used to level up characters in the character enhancement screen. Below is a list of the blocks and what they give.

Character Enhancement Blocks

  • The Heart Blocks give character exp.
  • The Yellow Blocks give character stamina.
  • The Red Blocks give character attack.
  • The Green Blocks give character defense.
  • The Purple Blocks give character magic.
  • The Blue Blocks give character magic resistance.
  • The White Blocks give nothing.

Character Enhancement[]

In Beat Wars Escalation Heroines the characters which you collect in the game can be enhanced on the character enhancement screen.


On the character enhancement screen you can see the character sprite and animations when in combat. To the left of the sprite is the characters stamina, attack, defense, magic, and magic resistance. To the right of the sprite is a list of the characters attack speed, movement speed, and resistance percentages. Also under the list on the right is the equipment that the character currently has equipped and above the list in the green number is how many limit break points the character has. Also above the character sprite in the pink highlighted part is how many affection points the character has.

On the bottom of the screen is a group of tabs which will display various skill information and, buttons to enhance the character. The far left tab has the button to level up the character. In order to level up the character you will need to spend the enhancement materials you obtain in the block puzzle game and the max level that your characters can be is tied to your player level.


The far right tab has the option to limit break the character as seen above. In order to limit break you will need to have enough limit break points. The far left box shows how much material it will take to do the limit break and how much material you will have left after. It also says below how many coins it will cost in order to limit break the character. Characters can go through a limit break 4 times and will be given a star to show what limit break level the character has.


Near the tabs on the bottom right there is a button with a heart and a plus on it which will take you to a screen where you can use items to boost a characters affection points. The little army man gives 5 affection points and the angel gives 30 affection points. The box on the left shows how many affection points are needed in order to unlock parts of the characters story which can be seen in the CG/Story page.


Using the Tabs on the top right will take you to the page where you can use items in order to boost a characters limit break points. The items in order to boost limit break points are called shrine maiden tablets. The wooden tablet gives 5 points, the silver tablet gives 25 points, and the golden tablet gives 150 points. The box on the left shows how many limit break points are needed in order to reach different limit break levels.

CG Unlocking[]

Each unit in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines has 2 HCG's. A True Love CG and a Defeat CG. This section will go over how to obtain both.

The image below shows the character story events located on the CG/Story page. Going from top to bottom the blue event shows the character introduction, the three green events give further development to the character, the pink event is the True Love HCG, and the purple event is the Defeat HCG.


In order to obtain the True Love CG you will need to obtain the maximum amount of affection points for that character. There are a few ways to obtain affection points.

Ways you can obtain affection points

  • You can give the character items which increase their affection points.
  • You can level up a character which gives 1 affection point for every 5 levels.
  • Setting a character to be displayed on the main menu gives them 1 affection point a day.

You will need to go through all of the character story in order to view the True Love CG.


In order to obtain the defeat CG a random event which occurs about once every day will need to happen. On the main screen a red flashing screen with an enemy NPC will appear which will start a countdown near the top left plus icon which will dictate how much time you will have in order to obtain the CG. You will first need to click on that plus sign and set the character you would like to obtain the defeat CG for. After that you will need to start a quest.


If you want to start the even yourself you will need to have an item called a Soushinchuu. It looks like an orange ball with a Wifi symbol and they can be obtained during special events. You will need to use the Soushinchuu on the screen where you chose the character you would like to obtain a defeat CG for.

BWEH Character Capture

Once in combat a special enemy NPC will be there and will be covered in a purple fog. This NPC does high damage to the target character you chose and will likely get defeated quickly and once defeated the special enemy NPC will use an ultimate attack on the character showing that they have been caught and the special enemy will despawn.. (Note: Not all quests can have the special enemy NPC spawn such as quests which only have a single boss encounter.)


Once the quest is over you will get a screen showing that the character was caught (Which is sometimes NSFW) and you will have unlocked the defeat CG and can go view it on the CG/Story page. It is good to note however, that not all characters will be able to get their defeat CG's immediately upon obtaining the character. Most characters require that you go through a part of their character story or even view their True Love CG before the option to obtain their defeat CG is available and will not be selectable on the character defeat CG screen until those conditions are met.