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This page is for various other, interesting stuff where you're not sure where they should go.

If you're not sure whether or not that little trick you discovered belongs to Gameplay or Combat, post it here. ;-)

Sammie's notes:

Every character should get "art of blazing fire" as their first skill before training a heroine's barrier stat. The amount you'd receive vastly outclass the bonus from the +10 stat skills.
The 10sp attack skill is generally the most useful attack skill to boost. It's very efficient against both bosses and grunts. (Early game the 3sp skill is good when you don't have stats, but once you get stats, it'll run into the 6pt dmg cap and it won't be as effective as the uncapped 10sp skill).
Moonlight formation is even better than boosting the 10sp skill for non-main heroines. Supporting attacks own and can trigger even on a miss.
When you make a dragon synergy action become a star, the difficulty will be reset. However if you keep doing it, it'll increase again.
Bonuses received through events or castle tiles don't increase stat/barrier training difficulty.
You can chk how many grey smokes there are with "enemy status" in the info/skills tab so that you can search for many at once!
Counts on failed dice rolls carry over to the next roll of the same check. (Even if there are other chks in between)
Supporting fire dmg is partly determined by att, so raise att of heroines who will be using support fire.
Subaru's ulty does around 40% of enemy hp. The upgraded version ~57.5% (however this can be reduced b to 40% if enemy has high def).
Getting no traps or no enemies is kinda pointless as you can run through castles with multiple tries or use sub heroines to tank floors before the boss.
There's no need to get the 100% treasure skill. The treasure tile will not clear until it gives a bonus. You can run through it multiple times until you get the bonus.
Heroine stats and skills are reset in NG+. Nothing is carried over.

Ed. Pipster:

- Generally when you play the game, you'd want to either make your Haruka uber leet hax so she could take on a whole floor of the castle by herself THEN take out the boss.

- Or you can go the cheap way by making Narika your dungeon slut. Narika starts out with 60 H power, which lets her get straight to 2 skills: no traps and no enemies. This will make dungeon floors such cake walk it's not funny :).

- Or you can have Haruka learn +10 ATK, pimp up her ultimate so it only cost 20 energy max, and NO traps, since the mobs in the dungeons can't really scratch her that much compared to what the traps can do.

- I don't know why, but I feel more tempted to abuse Haruka since she's leet... Plus I don't like flat chested girl like Narika.

- Subaru is pretty interesting, maybe I'll give her some more love next play through :D.

  • Second Playthrough Guide*

for those having trouble with noroi on their second playthrough because his stats are ridiculously high, remember on the second playthrough onwards some bosses stats are based on the stats across your heroines meaning their stats will be equal or higher to your strongest heroine, my guide for this is to make sure all of your stats are equal to your reflex because if not the bosses' reflex will be high and you will be missing almost all of the time.

using Haruka as my main I got the following skills for her:

-Armor Lord Technique (+10 def)

-Swift Horse Technique (+10 ref)

-Art of Dragon Blade (Locks the SP consumption of Spark Light Impact to 20)

then the skills that I got for Narika and Subaru

-Moonlight Formation (Becomes more likely to support attack when not the leader)

-Art of Dragon Rage (increases skill damage and support attack)

-Art of Dragon Blast  (increases skill damage and support attack)

I defeated noroi using Haruka with 51 atk , 50 def, 52 reflex and 98 barrier. spammed Spark Light(20 SP move) till 19 sp then proceeded to use Spark Needle Strike (3 SP move)

FixSRwiki's notes:

These notes are mostly just from memory - I don't like this game enough to check the code or to replay it - but I've made these points so many times that I thought that I ought to record them somewhere:

  • There are no time limits in this game that you are likely to hit whilst paying attention and it appears that the second boss cannot spawn until the first is defeated. For these reasons, I suggest using the earliest turns to grind for libido (warning: I think that you get less libido if you try to do the Raise Libido event twice in one day) and to trigger that event where the Nurse will H you due to you not doing battles, which will increase your libido even further. After all, why would you not want as many dice as possible as early as possible? Naturally, any excess die should be burned on upgrading Haruka and once the scene with the nurse is triggered you might want to spend a couple of die having Haruka act multiple times in one night so that you can restore the peace, avoid a Game Over, and get her SP cap up to the point where she can learn a skill.
    • If you're focusing on Narika instead, feel free to beat the first boss before following this advice with Narika instead of Haruka. Be warned that I've not checked the consequences of this. After all, it's best to maximise libido as early as possible - why wait until you've got Narika?
  • Coupling the above with the fact that you're told pretty much every bosses' stats ahead of time, there's no excuse for unwillingly losing a boss fight - just grind until your stats exceed theirs.
  • Each girl can only have a total of like 6 losses to bosses before you get a Game Over (I think the limit is 5 non-mandatory losses?) and this means that you can't unlock all of the kanin scenes without reloading (by my count, it takes like 4 playthroughs). However, this can be exploited - losing fights gives you +1 to the three main combat stats (e.g. I got this from both of the times that I surrendered to the first boss, give or take a couple of points of brutality) so unless you're desperate for love points, you'll benefit a lot from immediately surrendering to any bosses that you don't have the scenes for yet (provided that you're not giving yourself a Game Over). In the early game, this will be hugely advantageous.
  • Given that Narika doesn't have a scene with him, I think that she can't join until the first boss is beaten.
  • As Ed. Pipster mentioned, because Narika starts out with a massive amount of SP it's blatantly optimal to make her in to a dungeon slut. In other words, you fill up her SP as soon as possible (ideally with Atk boosting scenes - apparently they increase the damage of support attacks) and buy her both the Concealment Technique and the Six Senses Technique, which will make her completely immune to everything in the castles except for the boss fights (which your other girls can do). As for her final skill, I'd argue that you should give her the Moonlight Formation - support attacks are really just that nice (they're guaranteed hits for good damage!). Of course, to do that you'll have to have her win like 9 or 10 battles just to get her SP cap up, but that shouldn't be a problem. Once you have done this, you will have no reason to interact with Narika ever again (outside of having her solo castles). For example, this is what my Narika looked like at the end of my first playthrough. For comparison, she looks like this when you first get her. That goes to show just how little you'll be using her.
  • Because Narika can easily be built in to an unstoppable dungeoneer, Harika is left with the role of winning fights. To start off, you should buy her Art of Blazing Fire pretty much as soon as she hits 40SP. Over the course of the game you'll be grinding her barrier up a lot so it just makes sense to get Art of Blazing Fire as soon as possible. After that, I'd opt for giving her two skills that boost the power of her attacks, but I've got no idea which of the four options are optimal outside of it being obvious that the attack +10 skill isn't worth it (you can just grind for those stats). I tend to find that her 20SP attack isn't worth the cost, but, IIRC, it can't miss and can stunlock bosses, so I guess that's worth something.
  • On the topic of skills, I made a review of them. Allegedly I underrate the +10 Reflex skill.
  • If you do the above with Haruka, then the third and final girl will be reduced to a bench warmer. My advice is to just throw Moonlight Formation and two skills that increase her support attack damage (maybe even the attack +10 skill? I've got no idea if that's better than the other three options) on her. By the end of my run I had only H'ed her 4 times and had her fight 5, presumably all for the purpose of giving her skills. Of course, if you actually want to use her, you can disregard this advice and set her up like you did Haruka (and maybe just adapt the above people's notes if you want to use Narika?).
  • For the sake of support attacks, any events that boost the stats of anyone other than Haruka should be spent boosting the attack stat.
  • If you make regular saves, then you can savescum a lot of the routes and get scenes without having to replay the game.