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Game Flow[]

The game turns are in units of days. Each day is divided into several phases. The primary goal of the game is to H the heroine so she becomes stronger, maintain peace in the city, and pass through special events.

Morning/Afternoon Action Phase[]

You can move your mouse over areas on the image to see what they correspond to.

DayPeace statusTime of dayPeace pointsAction powerAmount recovered per turnKichiku levelLibidoInfo barDragon Wheel Technique (H)Increase libidoRestSpecial trainingEnemy seekInfo / skillBeat Blades Haruka - sys01
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(c)アリスソフト Action Phase main screen

The info bar[]

The stats listed in the info bar are:

  • 行動力 = Action Power, measured in number of dices
  • 毎ターンの回復量 = Amount (of action power) recovered per turn. Equals Libido divided by 10, rounded down.
  • 鬼畜度 = Kichiku level
  • リビドー = Libido.

City info[]

Several status relating to the city and the time are in the upper right corner:

  • X 日目 = The current day
  • Peace Points
  • Peace status, with the following possible values (guessing from Beat Angel Escalayer):
    • 平和 = Peaceful (61~99 Peace Points)
    • 通常 = Normal (41~60 Peace Points)
    • 危険 = Dangerous (1~40 Peace Points)
  • Time of day
    • 午前 = Morning
    • 午後 = Afternoon


Beat Blades Haruka - sys03

(c)アリスソフト Seeking out enemies

The following actions are available:

  • 龍輪功 = Dragon Wheel Technique. Pick one of the heroines to H and gain H-power. See the H mode sub-section for more details.
  • リビドー上昇 = Increase Libido
    • via playing H-games (always available)
      • 20~29 Libido: increase by 3
      • 30~69 Libido: increase by 2
      • 70+ Libido: increase by 1
    • via H-ing a captured female Vile-nin -- always increase by 3. Can only H each defeated female Vile-nin once.
  • 休憩 = Rest (recovers 2 action power)
  • 特訓 = Special training -- raises stats of the chosen heroine (5 barrier)
  • 索敵 = Enemy seek -- Gather information on enemies (turn all grey flame in the city to blue/red). You could only do this if there are gray flames available in the city. Otherwise, it's blacked out.
  • 情報・スキル = Info / Skill -- Check the status of the heroines, enemies in the city, as well as teaching your heroines the special skills. See the Info screen sub-section for more details.

H mode[]

Move the mouse over various portions of the image to see what it means.

DayPeace statusTime of dayPeace pointsAction powerAmount recovered per turnKichiku levelLibidoInfo barSelect HarukaSelect NarikaDifficultyLevelEvent titleH-power gainedBonusEvent descriptionH-powerCombat levelAttackDefenseResponsePreview imageHeroine statsBeat Angel Haruka - sys02
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(c)アリスソフト H screen

First select the heroine you wish to H with from the left-most selectors:

  • ハルカ = Haruka
  • ナリカ = Narika

With the selected heroine, her corresponding stats will be displayed in the far-right box:

  • 淫力 = H-power (Current/Max)
    • 戦段 = Combat level - This only affects castle combat. (This is a derived stat: It's the minimum of Attack, Defense and Response)
    • 攻 = Attack - Affects how much damage the heroin's attacks do.
    • 防 = Defense - Reduces the damage taken when hit
    • 反 = Response - Affects whether the heroine can hit the enemy and dodge enemy attacks.

The table in the center will display the available H events for that heroine (ones with question marks cannot be selected yet). The columns are, in order:

  • 難易度 = Difficulty -- The amount of points you must get with the dice to do the event.
  • 段階 = Level -- Each event has 3 levels (same as Beat Angel Escalayer). Each time you succeed with an event, its level increases. When the highest level has cleared, the level indicator will show a star symbol instead. Events at high level have more escalated H and bonus stat.
  • タイトル = Title -- The title of the event.
  • 取得淫力 = H-powered gained. The amount of H-power gained for an event are mostly better at higher levels (same as Beat Angel Escalayer).
  • ボーナス = Bonus. The heroine may gain additional bonuses with an H event. Possible bonuses are:
    • 攻 = Atk
    • 防 = Def
    • 反 = Res
    • 淫力アップ = (maximum) H-power increased

When an event is selected, the bottom of the table will show a more in-depth description of the event, while the lower right corner of the screen will show a preview of the H scene if the player has seen it before.

Info screen[]

Move the mouse over various portions of the image to see what it means.

NameCombat levelCurrent routeLoveH-powerBarrierAttackDefenseResponseNumber of times H-edNumber of times fought in battlesNumber of victoriesNumber of defeatsCharacters defeatedChange characterDisplay allEnemy statusLearn skillsBeat Blades Haruka - sys04b
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(c)アリスソフト Info screen

On the left side are heroine-specific stats/data:

  • Name
  • 戦段 = Combat level
  • ルート分岐 = Heroine route.
    • 通常ルート = Normal route
    • (conjectured) トゥルールート = True route
    • (conjectured) 鬼畜ルート = Kichiku route
  • Love - may affect the heroine route
  • パラメーター = Parameter (stats):
    • 淫力 = H-power
    • 障壁 = Barrier (HP)
    • 攻撃力 = Attack power
    • 防御力 = Defense power
    • 反応力 = Response power

The right side consists of some progress trackers:

  • エッチ回数 = Number of times the heroine has H-ed
  • 戦闘回数 = Number of times the heroine has fought in battles
  • 勝利数 = Number of battles won
  • 敗北数 = Number of battles lost
  • 撃破キャラ = A list of enemies defeated by the heroine.

The lower right buttons are:

  • キャラ変更 = Change character
  • 一括表示 = Show both heroine's stats
  • 敵状態 = Enemy status -- view the stats of enemies who has been sought out
  • スキル習得 = Learn skills. See the next section.

Skill screen[]

Combat levelLoveH-powerBarrierAttackDefenseResponseNameH-power requiredA learned skillList of skillsSkill descriptionChange characterDisplay individualDisplay allBeat Blades Haruka - sys04
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(c)アリスソフト Skill screen

A total of 15 skills are available, but each heroine can only have up to 3 skills. Skills already learned have a red stamp mark over them.

The box in the upper right shows the H-power required to learn a particular skill. The amount of H-power required to learn the skills are:

  • 40 for the first skill
  • 60 for the second skill
  • 80 for the third skill

Noon conversation[]

During this phase conversations with one of the heroines happen, and three choices will be presented to you. The different choices will affect heroine stats differently.

Night combat phase[]

DayPeace statusTime of dayPeace pointsAction powerAmount recovered per turnKichiku levelLibidoInfo barFight enemyAttack castleRetry challengeRecover barrierInfo / SkillSleepBeat Blades Haruka - sys06
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(c)アリスソフト Combat Phase main screen

Beat Blades Haruka - sys07

(c)アリスソフト Choosing an enemy in the city

The choices at night are:

  • 出陣 = Fight enemy -- Fight enemies who have been sought out in the city.
    • Gray flame: enemy who hasn't been sought out, cannot fight
    • Blue flame: lackey class enemies
    • Red flame: vilenin class enemies
  • Attack castle
  • Retry challenge -- You need to beat a 1 + (How often you have already won the retry challenge, to a mximum of 5) with your dice. If you succeed, you can move again.
  • Recover barrier (HP) -- Completely recovers the barrier of one heroine at the cost of 10 points H-power.
  • Info / Skill
  • Sleep

Attacking castles[]

Castles have multiple levels (usually 2). Each level has 3 routes, which consist of a series of squares.

  • Golden squares may contain treasure or be empty, which will up one stat of the heroine. Characters with the 鷲の目の術 skill will always find treasure here.
  • Blue squares may contain traps or be empty. If they're not empty, they will cause 10,20 or 30 H-power or Barrier damage. For heroines with the 六感の術 skill blue squares will always be empty.
  • Purple squares will always contain 1 to 3 enemies. Theese have a combat rating of their own, if the heroine's combat level is higher, defeating them will cost 3 H-power and barrier per enemy. Heroines with the 隠身の術 skill never encounter enemies.
  • Red squares contain the boss of the route.

To clear a level you need to defeat one of the bosses.

If a heroine runs out of H-power or barrier while she is travelling through a route she'll teleport out (so, no kichiku, no H-scenes or anything involved).

Among the 3 routes, the top routes are usually the easiest path, thus never give a treasure square along the way.

The middle routes are often guarded by a vilenin-type bosses, with several treasures which most of the times would only add to the heroine's max H-power.

The bottom routes are always packed with the strongest gennins and most-damaging traps, but any treasures along the way is often worth the risk. Each of them can give 1-3 additions to your heroine's stats (max HP, Attack, Defense, Response).