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The Crescent Moons Edit

The protagonists, a ninja clan hundreds of years old still active to this day.

  1. Ikusabe Takamaru - The Protagonist, he is the most powerful Dragonian of the current era, and as such the official master of the Crescent Moons.
  2. Takamori Haruka - The eponymous heroine, she is a powerful Blades that came from the past to stop Noroi.
  3. Shihoudou Narika - The other heroine, she is a Blades-in-training of the current era. She has known Ikusabe for years and has a bit of a crush on him, though she doesn't like showing it.
  4. Kurokabe Akira - School nurse/teacher and retired Blades, she is the acting leader of the Crescent moons and organises their operations. She serves as a (sexy) mentor figure for the cast.
  5. Subaru - Old mentor and friend of Haruka, she is however captured by the Noroi Faction.

The Noroi Faction Edit

The antagonist group, they follow the teachings of Noroi and seek to force peace through fear.

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