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Mina Manaka
Japanese 真中ミーナ
Romanization Manaka Mina
Race Human
Sex Female
Status Alive
World World of Beat Wars Escalation Heroines
Affiliation DIE-BEAT
Appeared in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines


Beat BB Mina real name (Mina Manaka) is a member of DIE-BEAT in Beat Wars Escalation Heroines. She is a hot blooded sportswoman who comes from another world.

Personality and Appearance[]

Mina is originally from another world where an alien group called the Diestars are invading. In order to fight off this invasion while causing minimal destruction and death her world and the aliens agreed to play a game of BB(BreakBall) to decide who will control their world. BreakBall is a sport which is a combination of Baseball and Martial arts. When DIE-BEAT summons Mina to their world at first she is reluctant to help however, once she is introduced to Baseball she becomes fascinated by it and wants to stay and learn the pitching and hitting techniques from Baseball so she can use and teach them to her team in her original world so they can gain an edge on the invaders.

In combat she fights with a golden BreakBall bat and a BreakBall. She also fights using a combination of punches and kicks which are commonly used in BreakBall.

Mina is a girl with long pink hair which goes down to her lower back and fiery pink eyes. She wears a pink and white BreakBall Jersey and a pink and white skirt. She wears a pink BreakBall cap, a red and white scarf, a yellow tie, and a white an black belt. She wears black fingerless gloves and a pink BreakBall glove on her right hand. She has mismatched socks, black and pink shoes, and caries her gold BreakBall bat on her back.

As Beat BB Mina her hair and eyes do not change. She wears a pink leotard with a long front open pink and white skirt. She wears thigh-high stockings and black and pink shoes. Her outfit also has many laces connecting them together with similar stitching to baseball gloves. She wears the same BreakBall helmet, black fingerless gloves, and golden BreakBall bat.


  • Mina describes BreakBall as a sport where the pitcher throws a ball at the batter (not at the catcher over a plate like baseball she means at the batter.) The batter dodges and hits the ball then runs to first base and will begin fighting the person defending first base and the defender need to dodge the batter and cant defend themselves until one of their teammates throws the ball to them. If the defender receives a solid hit that is considered a Break and the batter takes the base. If the defender obtains the ball and solidly hits the batter with the ball the batter is out.
  • When Mina plays baseball she struggles at first since she is used to the ball being thrown at her and is not used to pitching techniques such as curveballs, forkballs, sliders, and sinkers and also struggles with batting techniques like bunting.