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There are four (4) basic endings in the original Escalayer. Escalayer R (Reboot) adds a special ending which is accessible after the Pure Love True End by fulfilling special requirements:

  • Pure love route normal end
  • Pure love route true end
    • Complete Victory Ending
  • Kichiku route Normal End / Escalayer R: Brutal Ending (Normal)
  • Kichiku route True End / Escalayer R: True Brutal Ending

Additionally, two bonus routes will become available after clearing the game at least once:

  • Ryouko route
  • Madoka route

There are no recommended route order, but general rule of thumbs would be: Normal Brutal End -> True Brutal End -> Madoka Route -> Pure Love Normal End -> Ryouko Route -> Pure Love True End + Complete Victory Ending.

If you wish to save time, player should make good use of the Quick Save and Save System to unlock cut-scenes without having to grind through multiple gameplay. Note that once a cut-scene takes place, it will be permanently available for viewing in the 'Scene Replay Mode' at the Main Menu. With that, use the Save System to your advantage.

Pure Love Route[]

  • True End
    • Defeat Shrine-Frust (ジシャフラスト) by 8/14 the latest.
    • at 8/19 night, pick first option.
      • For Escalayer R: Choose "Decline (Romance Route)"
    • at 9/1, have at least 60 Peace Points and 40 Love Degree
      • In Reboot, the Love Degree requirement is replaced by Love Level MAX (or Level 5)
  • Normal End
    • at 8/19 night, pick first option (Escalayer R — Choose "Decline (Romance Route)"), but miss at least one of the other True End requirements.
    • To unlock a bonus Graze EVO cut-scene — On Normal Love Route final fight, lose the fight against Graze Evo.
  • Complete Victory Ending (R only)
    • Fulfill all of the True Ending requirements
    • Do not equip the Easy Mode skill
    • Do not trigger any flags for the other routes (i.e. Do not cum inside Madoka during the threesome H-scene and do not accept Ryouko's invitation to enter her home.)
      • You can still get complete victory despite accepting Ryouko's invitation and chosing Madoka in 2nd threesome scene. Follow up events/choices in either chain might block it however those first choices in and of themselves do not.
    • Have no corruption points
    • Defeat Igaro both times (Igaro can only be fought after completing the game once)
      • The True Love Ending plays out as usual, but after the credits, a new set of events are triggered. It's recommended to have all of your stats maxed out before the True Love Ending to guarantee victory in the upcoming battles. You will have the option to change your skills, but not your stats.

Kichiku Route (Reboot: a.k.a Brutal Route)[]

Note: In Escalayer R, this route is also known as Brutal Route with two possible variants:-

  • True End (True Brutal Ending)
    • at 8/19 night, pick second option
      • In Escalayer R: Choose "Accept (Brutal Route)"
    • at 9/1, have 50 Kichiku Degree
      • In Escalayer R, this requirement is replaced by Brutality Level MAX (i.e. Level 5).
  • Normal End (Brutal Ending)
    • at 8/19 night, pick second option
      • In Escalayer R: Choose "Accept (Brutal Route)"
    • at 9/1, have 49 or less Kichiku Degree
      • In Escalayer R, this requirement is achievable by NOT maxing out Brutality to Level 5.


Ryouko route involves a chain of events and certain conditions to be met. Failure to comply with any one of the conditions will make players get locked out of her route. Achieving the conditions will override the Sayuka endings.

Conditions (Ori. Escalayer vs Escalayer Reboot)[]

Prerequisite (Original Escalayer): Clear the game at least once.


Prerequisite (Escalayer Reboot): Clear the game through love route (normal or true ending) at least once.
  • By or before 8/4 night...
    • Defeat at least two (2) Frusts. This will trigger a cut-scene where players will encounter her at night.
    • Select 'Accept Invitation'
    • Escalayer R: Pick "Ask her about it" option.
      • If players fail to meet the prerequisite (above), choosing this option only continues the dialogue, and will not lock you into her route.
      • Picking "Don't butt in" other option gives you a CG, but prevents you from entering the Ryouko route. You may choose this option on your first game play, since choosing the other option on your first run does nothing.
        • The above appears to be either wrong or unclear as there seems to be no H scene associated with picking that option. It is possible that original poster meant that a new CG image will be added to completion however.
    • For original Escalayer: Pick the "お言葉に甘える" option (only appears if you already defeated 2 Frusts
      • pick the "話を聞く" option (only appears if you picked the option above); picking the other option gives you a CG, but prevents you from entering the Ryouko route.
  • By or before 8/7 night...
    • Defeat at least three (3) Frusts + fulfill the prerequisite.
    • Escalayer R: This will trigger a cut-scene where players can choose to either:
      • Go to Visit (to continue Ryouko Route)
      • Don't go Visit (to exit Ryouko Route)
      • For Original Escalayer: pick the " 遊びに行く" option (only appears if you already defeated 3 Frusts)
  • At 8/19 night, the choice you make does not matter, but picking the choice (for traditional Kickiku route) gives you a different CG that can't be obtained in other routes.
    • In Reboot, the Ryouko route is only accessible if you go into the Love Route first.
  • at 8/21 night, pick "訪ねる"
    • In Reboot: Select "See What's up. (Ryouko Route)" to get into Ryouko route.


Prerequisite: Clear the game at least twice (2).
  • By or before 8/4 night:
    • Escalayer R: Complete "Triple Threat Lewdness" H Level 2 and 3 events (under "Normal" Ba-dump sex)
      • For both Level 2 and Level 3 event, Choose "Cum in Madoka"
    • Original Escalayer: Finished the "三人でドキドキ" standard H event level 3, always picking the Madoka option ("マドカの中に出す") for level 2 and level 3
  • Two - three days after finishing the level 3 event, a special Madoka cut-scene will take place.
    • Escalayer R: Select "Help Her"
    • Original Escalayer: Select "助ける".
  • at 8/8 night,
    • Escalayer R: You have two options to choose from. For the sake of unlocking an extra CG, while still being able to get into her route, follow these steps:
      • 1). "Make Her Stop" — Unlock an extra CG
      • 2). During the next day cut-scene, select "Push Her Down For Sex" — Madoka Route begins here.
    • Original Escalayer: picking "押し倒す" puts you in Madoka route for good, while picking "ガマンする" gives you an extra CG and allows you to enter Madoka route the next day
      • If you picked "ガマンする" on 8/8, then on 8/9 you'll get asked again, and you have to pick "押し倒す" or you won't be able to enter Madoka route anymore.

After clearing the game at least twice (2):-

Escalayer Reboot (Events) Choices/Options to Select In-game Date or Outcome
Triple Threat Lewdness (Under "Normal" Ba-dump sex event menu) During Level 2 and Level 3 event, select "Cum in Madoka" By OR Before 8/4 night
Few days after Level 3 "Triple Threat Lewdness" Ba-dump event. During the cut-scene (in the alley), select "Help Her" T+2 or T+3 after Triple Threat Lewdness
Final lewd event will take place at 8/7 or 8/8 To unlock extra CG while still being locked into her route, select:-

1). "Make Her Stop"

2). Next day cut-scene; "Push Her Down for Sex"

3). After a few days, "Accept Madoka's Feelings"

Madoka Route Begins

Depending on if you have higher Love Degree (i.e. Love Points) or Kichiku Degree (i.e. Brutal Points), the Scene and CGs you get with Madoka will be different, but it doesn't affect the route's ending.

Bad Ends & Other unlockable CGS[]

  • Losing a total of 7 battles to Frusts will lead to the defection bad end (has CG)
  • After obtaining corruption additional Brutal route H Scene becomes available if playing on Brutal Route.
  • Peace Point reaching 0 or losing too many battles to Fu-men & Frusts ( but at most 6 losses to Frusts) lead to the "army" bad end (has CG)
  • Ikaro (Wolf) Bad End - has two (2) variants. When you first encounter Ikaro, be sure to create a Game Save to make your life easier!
    • Level 1 (Bad End 1): Lose to Ikaro on first encounter.
      • You will unlock the scene after losing, but players won't be able to encounter him again.
    • Level 2 (Bad End 2): Reload the Game Save, Beat Ikaro on first encounter. Subsequently, as the game progresses, you will encounter him again. On your second encounter, Lose to Ikaro.
  • Graze EVO Cutscene — On Normal Love Route, lose the fight against Graze Evo.
  • Presbane Bad End - Lose to Presbane. He is fought on the way to the Complete Victory Ending.
  • Losing other story event battles will lead to a generic Game Over.
  • Some players will argue that the Kichiku route (i.e. Brutal route) endings are bad ends given how the story ended in both Normal and True ending, and the fact that player will not encounter end-game bosses to defeat.
    • Note that completing the Brutal endings still satisfy the requirements for the Ryouko route in the original and the Madoka route in both versions, but unlocking the Ryouko route in Escalayer R requires doing a Love ending. Other bad endings do not count as completing the game.