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There are four basic endings:

  • Pure love route normal end
  • Pure love route true end
  • Kichiku route normal end
  • Kichiku route true end

Additionally, two bonus routes become available after clearing the game at least once:

  • Ryouko route
  • Madoka route

Pure love route Edit

  • True End
    • Defeat Shrine-Frust (ジシャフラスト) by 8/14 the latest.
    • at 8/19 night, pick first option.
    • at 9/1, have at least 60 Peace Points and 40 Love Degree
  • Normal End
    • at 8/19 night, pick first option, but miss at least one of the other True End requirements.

Kichiku route Edit

  • True End
    • at 8/19 night, pick second option
    • at 9/1, have 50 Kichiku Degree
  • Normal End
    • at 8/19 night, pick second option
    • at 9/1, have 49 or less Kichiku Degree

Ryouko Edit

The Ryouko route involves a chain of events. Missing any condition will make the rest unavailable.

  • Clear the game at least once
  • by 8/4 night...
    • defeat at least two Frusts
      • pick the "お言葉に甘える" option (only appears if you already defeated 2 Frusts)
        • pick the "話を聞く" option (only appears if you picked the option above); picking the other option gives you a CG, but prevents you from entering the Ryouko route.
  • by 8/7 night...
    • defeat at least three Frusts
      • pick the " 遊びに行く" option (only appears if you already defeated 3 Frusts)
  • at 8/19 night, the choice you make does not matter, but picking the choice (for traditional Kickiku route) gives you a different CG that can't be obtained in other routes.
  • at 8/21 night, pick "訪ねる"

Madoka Edit

  • Clear the game at least twice
  • by 8/4 night finished the "三人でドキドキ" standard H event level 3, always picking the Madoka option ("マドカの中に出す") for level 2 and level 3
  • Two days after finishing level 3, a special Madoka event happens. Select "助ける".
  • at 8/8 night, picking "押し倒す" puts you in Madoka route for good, while picking "ガマンする" gives you an extra CG and allows you to enter Madoka route the next day
    • If you picked "ガマンする" on 8/8, then on 8/9 you'll get asked again, and you have to pick "押し倒す" or you won't be able to enter Madoka route anymore.

Depending on if you have higher Love Degree or Kichiku Degree, the CGs you get with Madoka will be different, but it doesn't affect the ending.

Bad Ends Edit

  • Losing a total of 7 battles to Frusts will lead to the defection bad end (has CG)
  • Peace Point reaching 0 or losing too many battles to Fu-men & Frusts ( but at most 6 losses to Frusts) lead to the "army" bad end (has CG)
  • Losing to Ikaro a second time will lead to the Ikaro bad end.
  • Losing other story event battles will lead to a generic Game Over.
  • Some people may argue that the kichiku route endings are effectively bad ends too because of how depressing they are and the fact that they don't have final bosses to defeat.
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