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General info
Game system
H mode
ADV choices

Title Screen[]

  • Start New Game
  • Load
  • System
  • Omake

If you've seen the opening before, then picking "Start New Game" will prompt you whether to skip Op or not (top choice is to skip, buttom is not to).

If you have cleared the game or failed the game with certain conditions, you may have access to "Easy Mode", "Hard Mode", and/or "Very Easy Mode. The differences in these modes simply lies on how D^2 energy gets spent or gained. I'll leave the exploration up to you ^^

Load only shows up after you've saved a game. It'll automatically bring you to the page where your most recent save was (marked by "NEW").

System Menu[]

  • Battle Effects (on/off)
  • Text Display (Fast/Slow)
  • Graphical Effects (on/off)
  • Load (Game)
  • Return to Title Screen
    • Really Return to Title Screen
    • Continue with Game
  • Return (to previous screen)


  • CG Mode
  • Memory Mode
  • Music Listening
  • Online Survey
  • Alice's Mansion

There are 105 H CGs in the game, many of which has slight variations, making the literal count close to 400 pictures. The CG mode will show you CGs you've seen, and also counts for you how many varitions have you seen.

In memory mode, entire H scenes are recreated after you've seen it. Most H scenes have multi-levels, since each time the scene could vary. Page 1 lists the "Normal Mode" H scenes. Scrolling to the right then are Love Mode, Kickiku Mode, Weirdo H, Weirdo H 2, Misc, Misc 2.

Music Listening controls should be self explanatory.

Online Survey launches Internet Explorer and takes you to the AliceSoft online servey on their website. This Option disappears automatically one year after the release of the game.

Alice's Mansion many years ago was a compilation of old AliceSoft games ported to Windows, then it became the extra omake section within games. After that it has moved off the game itself but into the AliceCD that came with the game. It usually have things like "Staff Corner" where AliceSoft staff get to complain or make comments; "Changes from the manual", where they list changes or other stuff that weren't printed in the manual; and "Upcoming releases".

However, at the end of the 20th Century, the "20th Century Alice" game was released, and there were no AliceCD nor Alice's Mansion for games after that. Due to popular demand, Alice's Mansion finally make a comeback in Beat Angel Escalayer, except, the mansion doesn't exist. Indeed, if you enter the "mansion" several times, you'll notices the location is actually a random background from the game itself (Alice Chan -> bum?). Let's pray for the return of Alice's own mansion in the next AliceSoft game.

Anyways, after you cleared the game, there'll be more options available in the Alice's "mansion". And if you can read japanese, they are hilarious (-:

Game Overview[]

Combat Related Stats[]

Shield Capacity(HP), Attack, Defense, Response (Dex).

Damage is rougly calculated by the difference between one's attack and the other's defense, though the minimum damage dealt is about 4~6, and occasionally there might be critical hits. If your dex is lower than that of the enemy, then your attacks tend to miss. The reverse is not true at all (I had 99 dex whereas enemy had 16 dex, and he has no trouble hitting me!).

Game Stats[]

Peace Points, D^2 Energy, Libido

Peace Points is how peaceful the city is. It decreases daily if there are enemies in the city. It increases by defeating the enemy, or performing service activities. D^2 energy charges up Escalayer's shield, as well as fueling her upgrades. Libido means sexual drive, and affects how much you can H.

H-related stats[]

love degree, kichiku degree

kichiku roughly means abusive, brutal, lacking compassion, etc. There are 2 primary tracks in the game. You can take the Pure Love track, or the Kichiku track, which affects the story and ending. The Love Degree and Kichiku degrees affects how the ending plays out, and also how successful you are performing H actions.

Game Flow[]

The game turns are in units of days. Each day is divided into several phases. The primary goal of the game is to H the heroine so she becomes stronger, maintain peace in the city, and pass through special events.

Morning/Afternoon Action Phase Screen[]

Beat Angel Escalayer - sys01

(c)アリスソフト Action Phase main screen

The 5 choices on the left of the Action Phase main screen are:

  • H
  • Rest
  • Info
  • Strengthen
  • System

On the right side are:

  • Date
  • Peace Points
  • D^2 Energy
  • Libido
  • Love Degree
  • Kickiku Degree

You may only perform one action per action phase. "System" doesn't count as action since it leads you to the system menu.

Besides "Rest", each of the other 3 commands have its own subscreen, and you can cancel to command to return to the main Action Screen by right clicking.

H Screen[]

Beat Angel Escalayer - sys03

(c)アリスソフト H screen

Basics: you roll 1~3 dice, and if you manage to roll points higher than the (adjusted) difficulty of the H action you pick, you succeed, and gain D^2 energy. If you fail, the difficulty of the H action you just attempted will decrease.

On the bottom left side of the H submenu screen, you can see the general stats: Peace Points, D^2 Energy, libido, Love Degree, Kichiku Degree.

On the right side of the H submenu screen, you see 3 menu choices. Those are the types of H you can do. The three types of H are: Standard, Love, and Kichiku (which in the game was translated as "loveless").

Next to the name of the type of H, you can also see a level indicator. Each H action has a max level of 3, and if you acheive level 3, you'll see a star in place of the level indicator, telling you that you've maxed out.

If you place the mouse over one of the H action choices, you see its detailed stats in the description box on the upper left of the screen.

The first box item shows its Difficulty (with an adjusted difficulty displayed in the parenthesis). The difficulty is how much dice points you must roll to succeed at the H action. It's adjusted as follows: The Love H action difficulties are adjusted by subtracting your Love Degree from the regular difficulty; The Loveless H action difficulty are adjusted by subtracting your Kichiku Degree from the regular difficulty; whereas the Standard H action difficulties are adjusted by subtracting the average of your Love Degree and Kichiku Degree from the regular.

The second box item is the name of the H action.

The third box item has detailed description of what this H action is about (and in parenthesis tells you how much D^2 energy you can gain from completing this action).

The fourth box shows how many libido it cost to roll each number of dice. Naturally, it cost more to roll more dice, but also increase chance for success on higher difficulty items.


One turn of resting completely recovers your libido points, so you can go on to H some more.

Info Screen[]

Beat Angel Escalayer - sys11

(c)アリスソフト Info screen

At the Info sub menu screen, you'll see a map of the city with enemy distribution. On the upper left are Escalayer's stats: Peace Points, D^2 Energy, Shield Capacity, Attack, Defense, Response, and finally the special skill she currently knows.

If you place your mouse over any of the green dots, that'll display information about the enemy: Location, Name, HP, Attack, Defense, Response, and number of times you've lost to this enemy. Hovering the mouse over any red dot will only display the enemy location and no other data.

On the center top, there are 3 command choices: Eroge (which isn't available until later in the game), Enemy Seek, and Service Activity.

  • Eroge makes you play an H game (you don't actually play it, just get a in-game message informing you of that fact), and increase your max libido from the experience. The first three times the libido increases by 10 each. Afterwards it increases by 2 each time, until a certain event then another 10 may be increased.
  • Perform one enemy seek makes you check up on all the enemies, and turn all red dots to green so you can fight them.
  • Service activities restores the peace points of the city by 20.

Strengthen Screen[]

Beat Angel Escalayer - sys08

(c)アリスソフト Strengthen Screen

This is the place where you powerup Escalayer. Each 10 points of D^2 energy can increase your choice of the 4 stats by 1. The stats are, in order:

  • Shield Capacity
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Dexterity

You may upgrade multiple stats at the same time. Simply click on the corresponding right-side button for the stat you want to upgrade, and select "Up" to add points to it and click "Ok" to set it. If you change your mind, just select it again, and click "Down" to unassign D^2 energy to upgrade them.

After you are done assigning values, click "GO!" to actually perform it (after clicking "GO!" you won't be able to change your mind anymore). After that, if you don't have a special skill equipped, you'll go into the Skill sub menu.

In the Skill sub-menu, you can pick one skill to acquire and use in battle. For more info, see a separate guild on skills (to be made later) and on combat related notes.

Note that with the exception of Escalayer Punch, each skill may only be acquired once and used once. So plan carefully which skills you get when.

Afternoon Conversation Phase[]

Beat Angel Escalayer - sys12

(c)アリスソフト An example conversation

During this phase you may talk to Sayuka. Special battle evens also happen here. Different conversation choices will affect your parameters such as Love degree, Kichiku degree, peace points, and max libido. The parameters each choice affects will be shown via an icon.


  • Red Heart - increases Love Degree.
  • Blue spiky icon - increases Kichiku Degree.
  • Green Orb - increases Peace Points.
  • Yellow thingy - increases max Libido.

Note that sometimes a conversation might contain two choices that increases the same parameter, but by different amounts.

Combat Phase[]

The phase starts with the map that you've seen in the Info submenu during Action Phase. You may pick on any one of the green spots and fight the enemy there (you can only fight one enemy per phase). You also have the choice of not to fight, in which case click on the big button on the lower right of the screen (if it's a special event combat, you won't have that choice).

The red dots are enemies you haven't seek out, so you can't fight them yet. You must perform an enemy seek during the Action Phase to turn them into green dots before you can fight them.

Beat Angel Escalayer - sys07

(c)アリスソフト Escalayer fighting a Fu-man

After you enter battle mode, the fight is almost automatic (remember, you are the guy who's just watching Escalayer fight). The only choice you have, is to tell Escalayer to use the special skill she has acquired.

The battle is turn based: Escalayer attack once, enemy attacks once, loop. If Escalayer hasn't activated her skill yet, every turn the game will ask you whether to use normal attack or special attack (skill). If she hasn't acquired a skill, or the skill is already activated, then she'll automatically attack.

At the beginning of the battle Escalayer charges up her shield using D^2 energy. Hence if she doesn't have enough energy, her shield won't be full charged. At the end of the battle, any remaining shield channels back to the D^2 energy at a ration of 2 to 1 (two shield points converts back to 1 D^2 energy). This means that even if you never got hurt during the battle, you'll have less D^2 energy than you started out with. Note: in hard mode the D^2 energy does not get recharged at all.

Escalayer wins the battle if the enemy HP reduces to zero. Peace points will be restored when you win. If the enemy she fights is a Frust, she'll gain one Love Degree if she defeat it on the first try.

Escalayer loses the battle if her shield reaches zero. If she lose to a Frust, the Frust will create an alternate dimensional cell in which Escalayer gets H-ed until you and Madoka get to rescue her (automatic). Escalayer will gain 100 D^2 energy if she gets H-ed, and Kichiku degree will increase by 1.

Note that, if Escalayer gets H-ed 7 times by Frusts, then the Frust particle will get to her, and she'll crave for sexual pleasure and surrender herself to the enemy, resulting in a Game Over.

Night Phase[]

At night you get a status report on the enemy activities. If there were enemies on the map that you didn't defeat, peace points will decrease (cuz enemies are disturbing the peace). Sometimes there may be special events at night.

After the status report and possibly some events, you get to the save screen (can only save at the end of the day).

If peacepoints decrease to 2 or less, Escalayer will decide that working with you isn't good enough to protect the city, and will place herself under the command of the National Guard, hoping things might improve. However, the National Guard isn't able to defend Japan from the enemies either. Several months later, you are on a ship escaping the Japan that's now in flames. -GAME OVER-

Beat Angel Escalayer R Differences[]

  • There is only one difficulty, but there is an equippable skill called Easy Mode which doubles damage and cuts the costs of stat upgrades by half. The catch is that you cannot access any of the post credit exclusive to R's True Love Ending during that playthrough.
  • The difficulty of an H-event is constant regardless of your Love or Brutality levels. Higher Love and Brutality levels are needed to unlock new H-scenes however and having a maxed out or not maxed out level affects which ending you get.
  • Libido is defined by the number of maximum die you have in order to roll for sex scene difficulty. The number of die can increase by equipping the skill Libido up or by defeating Female Frusts.
    • Due to the change in how Libido works, eroge are no longer an option. A Haniwa still appears as an optional enemy in new game plus regardless.
  • Sometimes, Frusts can be fought without being searched out if their image is black and white in the Map screen while all Fuu-man (or Dis-grunts in the Mangagamer translation) are always able to be fought without first using the Search option. Frusts who are represented as a blacked out Dis-grunt silhouette must be searched out first. Whether or not a Frust must be searched out first seems to be random. However, it is recommended to use always the search option for Frusts, so you know what their stats are and their HP is revealed during the fight.
  • Escalayer does not attack automatically even if she has no usable skills.
  • Saving can be done at any time except in the middle of battle.