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The Giant Battleship Digamma (戦艦ディガンマ) is a massive ship from the World of Eve. The ship was originally commissioned by the Central Empire from the poppins of the Kingdom of Humpty, the ship saw its first and only service for the empire during the Arthur Tragedy, when it shipped troops from Central to the Kingdom of Arthur. The ship was later sunk in unexplained circumstances, possibly decommissioned during the period of disarmament that followed.

The battleship was gargantuan by any relative standards, comparable in size to the entirety of Eden Castle. The ship bore a slight resemblance to a turtle, and was covered in metal, was able to submerge while keeping a supply of air for its occupants.

Construction of the ship was a major controversy at the time, and the government and people of Humpty put much of the blame on the poppins, who became heavily ostracized.

Spoiler Warning: The following section contains spoilers.

The Battleship was originally constructed to help evacuate the people of Arthur as part of Kings Tram, Louin, and Emperor Viaries' plan to thwart the efforts of the first Snake Crest to drive them to war. After the Tragedy, Prince Felton seized control of Central in secret, and presumably handed over the ship to the new Snake Crest at that time. The Snake Crest then made the ship their secondary base of operations, using it to transport rank-and-file Outlaws around the world.

During the Snake Crest's occupation of Central, the Battleship was surfaced as part of an attempt to gather "miracle energy" to the captured Princess Croix Eden. To do this, Snake Crest constructed a replica of Humanity's Tower (actually on Sky Island) atop the ship, and arranged for a series of mass births to mirror the birth of humanity from Mother Eve.

Aster and his family were able to invade the Battleship via the teleportation circle set up in the Ruins of Arthur. Once aboard the ship, they defeated two of Snake Crest's chief lieutenants, Millet and the Black Knight.

Later, the Battleship was used to carry explosives to the Archfiend's Right Arm, which were detonated to allow access inside the massive, severed limb. This process destroyed the battleship for good.

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