Japanese バステト
Romanization basuteto
Race Tousho
Sex Male
Class Warrior
World The Continent
Affiliation Holy Magic Sect, Helman
Appeared in Rance IV(OP), Rance IX


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Bastet in the Rance IV opening.

Bastet was created inside Toushin Toshi Alpha. He famously and single-handedly slaughtered a 2,000-strong Monster Army made up of large and small beasts, this earned him the respect, awe and admiration of his peers.

Standing proudly with a plumed helmet, word of his victory and his imposing figure awash with monster blood began to spread across the Continent like wildfire. Even those who had previously shown no interest in the exploits of the Holy Magic Sect and its army could no longer turn a blind eye to the force that had now been unleashed upon the world.

Recruits for the Tousho program skyrocketed, people desperate for glory and power comparable to Bastet clamored to the Holy Magic Sect, the morale of humanity itself was bolstered by his very presence.

Though Dio Calmis became known as the strongest Tousho, it would seem that even he could not hold a candle to the might of Bastet.

In LP0003, Stessel recruits him as his bodyguard while searching for ancients relics in the bowels of Helman.