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Barro Roan
Japanese バーロ・ロアン
Romanization bāro roan
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Alive
Class Zero Knight
World World of Eve
Affiliation Eden
Appeared in Evenicle


Barro Roan is a Zero Knight of Eden, descendant of the Baroroan who cleared much of southern Eden of monsters, leading to the creation of Fort Baroroan. Barro himself ascended to the rank of Zero Knight during the Arthur Tragedy, and has since gone on to manage Eden's knights on a day-to-day basis, with the help of his assistant, Sufy. In this capacity, he tested Aster and Yarase as knights-applicant, accepting the former and rejecting the latter.

During the Battle of Fort Baroran, Barro joined Aster, his wives, and Acheval Dreissen as part of a counterattack, but left after he deduced the attack might be a ruse to drive attention away from Eden Port, to the north. Thanks to his intervention, the people of Eden Port were evacuated without a single casualty.

Later Barro was appointed bodyguard to Princess Croix Eden during her wedding voyage, and it was in this capacity that he crossed swords with the famed ranger Bolonius. The two fought to a draw, with Barro only being defeated by the intervention of the Black Knight. While Barro's injuries prevented his direct involvement in much of the later war to recover the Central Empire, he was able to lead a force to capture the Battleship Digamma after Aster and his family had defeated the vessel's commanders. Barro presumably continues to lead Eden's military force into the days of peace that followed.

Personality and Appearance[]

Barro is a calm and charismatic man, especially popular with his subordinates. He appears to be a skilled commander and trainer, and is well-respected by his king and by foreign officials. This admiration extends to his assistant, Sufy, who has a strong crush on him. Despite his martial focus on anticipating attacks from any direction, he is surprisingly ignorant of Sufy's attraction. Perhaps this is because Barro is a lolicon, a fact that appears to be either incredibly obvious to some (Riche Eden, Kathryn Lapucelle) but somehow opaque to others (Sufy, Aster). Riche Eden later tried to hook him up with his assistant Sufy and her younger sister, with initial success.

Sufy seems to be under the impression that Barro is fond of cooking, but she appears to have misinterpreted his comments. His actual interests are largely unknown.


Barro is a Zero Knight, marking him as one of the strongest warriors in the World of Eve. His specialty is in iaido, a martial art focused on drawing a blade from its sheath in response to an attack, and he also appears to have mastered dual-weilding. Bolonius, perhaps the greatest ranger who ever lived, went so far as to address Barro as "the ultimate knight." Unfortunately, Barro's style was better suited to duels than surprise attacks, and he was defeated by an ambush by the Black Knight.

As a Zero Knight, Barro is immune from Mother Eve's prohibition against killing members of species under her blessing, and could marry up to ten people, though he has not married any at present. Barro is also a relatively talented administrator and strategist.