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Baphamoon is a former AL priest. One day, after receiving what he claimed was divine intervention, he was convinced of the beauty of nudity, and declared himself the leader of the "nudity religion". With the help of the devil Bonopeta, he was able to spread a magic which would make all equipment within its radius invisible and thus render everybody nude. He based himself in a cave near Zeth, in the former Monster's Realm. The magic was slowly spreading out by expanding its radius of effect, and, if left unchecked, would eventually make everybody in the world nude.

When collecting one of the five orbs, El Mofus came with Rance's Children to face him in the cave. He was eventually defeated in the battle, and the nudity magic was stopped. After encouragement from Sushinu, he decided to go on and try to persuade people to accept his ideal instead of forcing it upon the others via the magic.

Later, Baphamoon entered the Toushin Tournament. He did surprisingly well, reaching the quarter final before being defeated by Hojo Souun. He grew his follower count from 2 to 10 with the help of the publicity he gained during the tournament.