At that same time as The Hell Gate appeared. Black crystals known as "B Crystals" started appearing in various places, and their B Power began to awaken strange powers in humans. People with abilities were referred to as Special Students

B-Crystals and B-Stones

  • Mysterious stones that appeared around Japan due to the appearance of the Hell Gate. B stands for Black. Crystals that contain B Power, they are always radiating this power. Students in each region process the crystals into easily transportable sizes. No matter how much energy is used, it regenerates in a month. However, there are places where it is easy to cultivate and hard to cultivate them. There is a maximum amount each district is allowed to have.
  • A B-Crystal that has been refined to a size that can be easily carried around. Also the currency of this world, general business is conducted using B Stones as money. (calculated by the gram. Bartering is the main form of business)

- They can be exchanged for other forms of energy

  • B-Power - Mysterious energy emitted by B Crystals. Humans that are exposed to this power gain special powers and become Special Beings. (People that become Special Beings are mainly in their teens or early 20s)
  • The origin of the special powers of Special Beings, and should it run out they lose their powers (ie become normal people). Basically, it flows out from B Crystals. However, to compensate for the power one draws from a B Crystal, one must keep them with them at all times. Seeing as it's unrealistic to hold a B Crystal at all times, they were refined and processed to create B Stones.
  • B-Power can also be found in the air. However, the power isn't enough for a Special Being to use their powers. So, they must always carry crystals containing B Power, B Stones.
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